Summary: Post ROTF. The Decepticons are stranded in Earth. They lost the war. The Allspark was destroyed and the Fallen is gone. There is nothing left to fight for. What will be their next priority?

Disclaimer: Transformers characters are © to Hasbro. The story is mine.

Hi everyone! Before reading this fanfic, you must know a couple of things:

This fanfic will be situated after the second movie. So, this could be labeled as a movie related AU. So, forget about the 3rd film. I will also be using movie references for the appearance of the bots (I loved the movie designs!)

Oh, and one last thing. English is not my mother language. I speak Spanish. But I am writing this in English because all the transformers related terminology sounds way better in English. So, this is hard. Be gentle if I make mistakes. Just tell me in the comments and I will fix them as soon as possible. You can tell me everything, from typos, grammatical errors to odd-looking expressions (by the way, I love reviews).

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"Regular speech"

"Cybertronian speech"

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Chapter 1: Fuel

"Far be it from me to call you a coward, my Lord, but sometimes those who flee... survive to fight another day..." Starscream suggested and, without waiting for confirmation, he transformed into his jet mode, and discreetly took off.

Megatron snarled, clenching his fists in anger. He had been so close. And now he had lost again. He could not believe it. Reluctantly, he also transformed and announced retreat. He hated to admit it, but his Second in Command was right. A strategic retreat was in order.

[Three months later.]

Megatron stared absently at the control panels in the bridge of the Nemesis. Shockwave had brought the Decepticon warship from Cybertron two months ago. The plan was to use it in the last battle against the Autobots, but he had not arrived in time. The departure had been delayed due to the Autobot rebel forces left in their home planet. Megatron had wished to wait for the warship, but The Fallen had not listened. So confident in his own power. So confident in Optimus' death. So confident in the sun harvester.

All that confidence had been his undoing.

Now The Fallen, his mentor, was dead. Well, at least that came with some positive extras. He will not have to listen again to his maddening whispers and promises of power. His mind was again his own. He was again the maximum authority among the Decepticons. He was no longer dead, buried in sediment in that abyssal trench because his loyal servants had revived him using residual energy from the last fragment of the Allspark. And he was not going to waste this second chance.

He sighed, recalling the Allspark. The Autobots had been so stubborn about the Cube. In the end, they have preferred to launch it into the space, lost to the stars, before letting him put his servos on it. Even more, Optimus had preferred to destroy the Cube before surrendering it.

What an incompetent fool Optimus had been. Of course Megatron wanted power. But he was no stupid! With the destruction of the Allspark his home planet was now slowly dying, and they could not create new life. Yes, his race was capable of living many millions of years, but without a source of new life it was only a matter of time that his race extinguished.

"Blasted Autobots." He murmured to himself. But not low enough to be unheard.

Soundwave, the only other mech in the bridge at the time, paused briefly from his work and glanced at his Leader. Soundwave was Megatron's Third in Command and Communications Officer. Besides that, he was also a telepath. His sensors were so cunning and advanced that he could pick up the faintest changes in the superficial electrical currents in the processors of nearby mechs. He could read minds. A very useful skill at gathering information. But of course, he wouldn't dare reading the mind of his Leader.

"And basted humans." Megatron added a bit louder, now aware that his Third in Command was paying attention. "Especially that puny maggot, that... Sam Witwicky..." He almost choked on the hated name. "If I ever put my servos on him again I'm going to tear him apart, limb by limb." He hissed venomously. How could that inferior being be so persistent? He wondered.

Megatron expelled a gust of air through his vents, trying to cool down. He glanced at the firmament visible from the bridge's windows. The Nemesis was currently on the dark side of the Earth's moon, safely hidden from the Earth's telescopes and satellites. He frowned.

"Well, enough of licking our wounds!" He burst out, turning around. Soundwave stood to attention, slightly startled by his Leader's sudden change in mood. "Cybertron is dying and the Allspark is gone. What is our next priority?" It was a rhetorical question. He already knew very well.

Soundwave paused for a nanosecond, running different scenarios through his processors. Knowing his Leader, he was sure it could have something to do with revenge.

"Revenge: pointless. Allspark: lost." Soundwave stated, matter-of-factly, with his monotone voice. Of course he hated the Autobots too, but he was also a very logical and practical mech. He didn't wish to waste resources in a pointless fight. That was one of the reasons that his Leader liked to keep him around. His cool and logical processing helped to balance his Leader's anger.

"Tragically, I agree." Megatron nodded, suppressing a growl.

"Next priority: energon."

"Indeed." The Warlord tapped his chin-plates thoughtfully. "Until we wait for another opportunity to wipe out those despicable Autobots, we must think first of our survival."

Cybertronians consumed refined energon for nourishment. The refined energon was made from raw energon crystals, a rare mineral. A rare mineral that was not present in this solar system. But it was also possible to synthesize refined energon with energon generators. Everymech had them built-in, making them capable of subsisting on indigenous fuels. Even the Nemesis had some industrial-sized energon generators. The process, however, required an external source of energy to power up the generators. They were currently using the Earth's fossil fuels, but they were rather inefficient.

"The Autobots have their pesky human friends happily providing them with oil. We, instead, have to steal it from their refineries, and the security is better everyday. We are not easily killed, but every time Starscream and his trinemates come back from one of their fuel raids they have to spend one day in the med-bay. Not that I care much for my treacherous Second in Command, but he is more useful to me alive than dead, and I cannot afford losing more soldiers to our cause."

Soundwave pondered his Leader's words for a brief moment.

"Facts: human race is greedy. Their money accounts are easily hacked. Suggestion: trade request?"

"No, I will not lower myself. Besides, that could lead to an ambush." Megatron was now pacing slowly through the bridge, deep in thought.

"Energon generators work with electric current." The telepath pointed out.

"But it takes oil to move the electric current generators."

"Lord Megatron's assumption: incorrect."

The Warlord stared at his Third in Command. Soundwave typed something quickly in his terminal, and the main monitor came to life, showing diverse information. Megatron studied it for some minutes.

"So, these 'renewable sources' could be used to produce electric current, and then use it to power the energon generators? Why didn't we have anything like that on Cybertron?"

"Cybertron's winds: negligible. Cybertron's sun: small, not efficient."

Megatron pondered all the new information quietly, tapping his chin-plates in a thoughtful gesture. Their energy-converting technology was superior, but they knew nothing about the behaviour of the Earth's sun, the dynamics of its climate or its organisms. And that was the first essential stage of the process of converting a renewable source of power into electric current.

"We need a human." Megatron concluded suddenly.

Soundwave abruptly stopped typing. He double checked his audio receivers, but they were working with optimal efficiency.

"The Autobots live among those meat bags everyday and don't get rusted. I think we can afford having one little... 'slave', to do our dirty job. And when the job is finished, we can simply dispose of it. One single fleshling will not arise many suspicions." Megatron chuckled darkly. This could be fun.

Soundwave nodded. It could work.

"Look for a safe place to land the Nemesis and keep it discretely hidden. Then search for a worthy candidate for our... little job."

"Yes, Lord Megatron."