Chapter 24: Epilogue

Two years had passed since the Decepticons left Earth.

Eleonor told Optimus everything from her capture to Megatron's plans to save Cybertron. And it seemed that the Decepticons had succeeded. They had revived their home planet. The Autobot rebels that were still on Cybertron were asked to choose: to join the Decepticons or to be bridged back to Earth with Optimus and the rest of his team. Almost everyone of them had chosen to continue being Autobots and be bridged back to Earth. The Decepticons had been rough, but had not intended to make unnecessary casualties.

So now, the Decepticons ruled in Cybertron, and the Autobots were living on Earth as planetary refugees in relative peace. It was not the perfect outcome of the war, but neither was the worst. And Optimus was actually happy that his brother had regained his sanity.

Eleonor, still resentful for the big fossil fuels companies' issue, had came out with the brightest and more twisted of her ideas. She had wanted to cause the biggest damage. And she did.

She published her schematics and blueprints for the electric power generator (without the energon part) on the Internet. Now, anyone with the necessary means or resources could built his own renewable power-source. And the Autobots had hired her to help them build them. In few weeks the Autobot base was self sufficient in energy matters. Optimus was very glad for that, because the U.S. government was taking advantage of their energy-dependency to blackmail them frequently.

The young woman usually spent her morning in the Autobot's laboratory. Checking on the algae, thinking in new projects or helping Ratchet with something. So, life was usually peaceful at the base. That was, until the weekend arrived, with Sam and Mikaela wreaking havoc amongst them.

"Those two will never grow up." Eleonor thought, shaking her head. She was alone in the dining hall in her favourite spot; comfortably sitting at a table that was next to a window. It was raining outside, the water dripping down the glass in tiny rivulets. She was reviewing her latest work. Once finished, she thought of shutting down the laptop, but stopped. With a sad smile crossing her features, she clicked on the image folder.

Starscream had given her that laptop. He had said that it contained the schematics of her first project. It was true. But that was not the only thing it contained.

The image folder was full of pictures. All the pictures that Soundwave had erased from her smartphone were there, along with many new ones. The new pictures were unmistakably taken from Cybertronian point of view. Who had taken them, she could only guess.

Skywarp with Starscream and Thundercracker pulled into an awkward hug.

Eleonor with a scared expression (probably through Skywarp's optics).

Shockwave in a cool pose holding his enormous arm-gun menacingly.

Eleonor giving Ravage a belly-rub (probably taken through Soundwave's optics that time in the main bridge).

Frenzy and Barricade playing with the dancing video-game.

Eleonor curled sleeping in Starscream's servos.

Soundwave working at his usual terminal in the bridge, with Ravage sleeping on the desk.

Eleonor looking to the sea from the Nemesis' deck.

And so on. Hundreds of pictures of her time with the Decepticons.

"I still find really hard to believe some of them." Mikaela said suddenly, appearing from nowhere and startling Eleonor out of her thoughts.

"Oh, Mikaela. I am sorry, I didn't hear you coming."

"Don't worry, I was been sneaky to surprise you." She smiled evilly.

"Where are Sam and Bumblebee?" Eleonor asked. It was strange not seen them together.

"Sam is giving Bumblebee a bath. It is raining hard, and he got all covered in mud on our way here. He hates been dirty." The girl explained.

"Oh, I see." She chuckled.

Mikaela took another quick glance at the laptop screen and smiled.

"You had quite a crush on him, uh?" Mikaela said with complicity, taking a seat next to her.

"Wh-what do you mean?" She asked, half-offended.

"You liked him." Mikaela insisted, pointing to the current picture in the laptop's screen. On it, Eleonor was wearing her lab coat, and was proudly standing on Starscream servo. He was smirking smugly, and she was smiling shyly.

"Don't be ridiculous, girl." She scolded her. "We are not even the same species."

"As if that mattered." Mikaela replied with a shrug. "Love knows no bounds!"

"Mikaela, stop. You read too much romantic novels." Eleonor said, frowning, starting to lose her patience.

"Ah, but I am good at guessing things!" She beamed teasingly.

"You are still a silly teenager." Eleonor huffed.

"And you an embittered woman!" Mikaela snapped back, offended by the insult.

Eleonor tried to speak, but no word came out. She felt a pang in her heart.

"Do you know how old is Bumblebee?" Eleonor finally spoke in a hiss, biting back her tears.

Now it was Mikaela's turn to be speechless, a lump in her throat.

"How many years do you plan to live?" Eleonor insisted, hurting herself and Mikaela with her own words.

They were in silence for some minutes. Both gazes locked, holding back the tears.

"I am sorry, Eleonor..." Mikaela finally said with regret.

"Me too..." Eleonor admitted.

They remained in silence for a while more, Eleonor absently navigating through the pictures.

"He is a dear friend. Nothing more." Eleonor said, her voice barely above a whisper. "And I don't even expect him to come back here in time to pay me a visit."

"He will." Mikaela gave her a weak smile, as she stood up and left.

Eleonor turned to glance out the window. It was still raining heavy. She wiped away her tears with the back of her hand and shut down her laptop.

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