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When all the hero's got back from Paris, the alarm went off. Most of them went but a few of them stayed. Kole and gnark stayed in the hallway, because gnark was afraid of all the electronics.

Jericho was on the roof playing his guitar. He got a slight chill and decided to go in to warm up some. He was walking through the hall when he saw a shadow up against the wall.

It looked like someone or something was rocking in worry. He slowly rounded the corner and saw a young girl with pink hair and antenna's. She was soothing a cowering caveman with long black hair.

She looked up at him and gave a weak smile before going back to trying to sooth the caveman's fear. Jericho slightly froze. Something hit him when she first looked at him revealing her delicate face.

He soon snapped out of it. He wanted to help. He pulled out his guitar and picked at a string. The caveman jumped and started to whimper at first but then Jericho began to strum a soft lullaby.

He began to sway with the melody and soon drifted off to sleep.

When he was sure the caveman was asleep he stopped playing. He smiled at the girl. She stood up and motioned with her hand for him to fallow her.

She led him a couple feet from Gnark so she could talk and not wake her friend.

She sat on the floor and waited for Jericho to sit as well.

"Thank you for helping. I didn't think the titans had so much technology. He's afraid of electronics." Kole said glancing at the sleeping mass on the other side of the hall.

Jericho gave her a smile. She smiled back. She got slightly light headed as she examined him. He was a decently hansom boy with blond hair and green eyes.

"So what's your name? Mine is Kole." Kole said with her smile growing.

Jericho pulled out his pen and paper that he started to use since not all the heroes knew sign language. He quickly, but neatly, wrote down his name.

He handed his note pad to her. She looked at him confused for a moment. When she read it, she seemed to have a light bulb go off above her head.

"Can you not speak?" She asked handing him his note pad.

Jericho took the paper and wrote on it and handed it back.

It read: No I'm dumb. I can sign though. Can you?

As soon as she read it she looked at him and said "you are not dumb just because you can't talk."

Jericho smiled and took the note pad from her. After he scribbled something down he handed it back for her to read.

When I say I'm dumb I mean that I cannot speak. That's what it is called, being dumb.

Kole nodded her making an O shape with her mouth showing that she understood now.

"Oh sorry, no I can't sign but if you want can you teach me?" She asked clasping her hands together in excitement.

Jericho smiled and nodded.

The next couple of hours Kole sat there learning to sign and Jericho taught her to have small conversations.

After a while Gnark woke up. He looked around and saw the boy with the guitar doing something, then he saw Kole and heard her squeal slightly.

He stood up and jumped up and towards Jericho. He pinned Jericho to the floor.

Gnark was proud of his accomplishment and growled at Jericho. He was surprised when he heard Kole's sweet voice call his name in anger.

"Gnark! Let Jericho up. He wasn't hurting me." She said pointing her finger at Gnark.

Gnark was confused but he got up and let Jericho up as well.

"Are you alright Jericho? I'm sorry, Gnark doesn't get use to strangers easily and is very protective of me." She explained frantically.

Jericho held up his hand to stop the apologies and smiled at her indicating it was alright.

She smiled in relief. Jericho signed to her. "What is his name?"

It took Kole a few seconds to figure out what he said but after a while she figured it out and answered.

"His name is Gnark." She said smiling to herself. She was proud for being able to understand what he said.

Jericho smiled and extended his hand for Gnark to shake it.

Gnark just stared at him. Jericho slowly took his hand back and soon the strange silent began to lessen his smile.

Kole was the one to finally break the silent. "so who wants something to eat? I'm starved."

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