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"Oh dear Azar, no! Please Kole anything but that!" Kole giggled as Raven dramatically pleaded with her against the pink congratulations party that Star had suggested. Raven rolled her eyes as Star gave her a pouty face. "That won't work with me Starfire, I refuse to allow you to torture everyone's sight with that disgraceful color."

Star turned quickly on the balls of her feet, tossing a pink cloth over her shoulder to land across Raven's face. Kole clapped her hand over her mouth to keep in the laughter. She sighed when her two best friends immediately went into a color scheme war and before she could completely release her breath they had moved on to another topic to fuss about.

"Star, you do realize we aren't supposed to tell her we are throwing a party let alone bring her with us when we shop for everything." Kole Shook her head and smiled as she made her way from the store. She could really use a breath of fresh air.

Once she had took a step from the store she had almost wished she hadn't, it was starting to get colder out. She smiled though when she saw a little girl wrapped in warm clothing dancing around her busy mothers legs. She took a deep breath and felt the sharpness of the cold air fill her lungs. Fall was beautiful, and the smell was absolutely enticing. She did enjoy the warmth of summer more than any other season, but she does enjoy the other seasons quite a bit.

She pulled the green scarf up to cover her nose that had become frigid and she breathed in the soft scent that made her smile even brighter with happiness. Kole and Jericho had just recently taken a huge step with their relationship. He had proposed almost three months ago but they just revealed it to their friends a week ago. Ever since then they haven't really seen each other, their friends are almost more excited than they are.

A small frown formed on her face under the warmth of the scarf. It has been an extremely interesting journey with them. Quite a few things had happened since their little adventure with doctor Light and GH52, not to mention their new alien friends. Not all of them were good, some of them hurt to remember. Every once in a while she would remember some of the cruel things she had said to him and flinch.

"How can you say that this is okay? Jericho, your becoming worse than he is!" Kole yelled trying to hold back her tears. Jericho glared at the ground with his arms across his chest. "I thought you said this wouldn't happen again, you said you would stop going to visit him if this continued."

Kole looked worriedly at the surveillance video that Robin had uncovered. There Jericho was, barely noticeable in the corner of the screen with a taller figure leading him down the corridors of a high tech facility. As of lately Jericho had started to reconnect with his father, in all the wrong ways. It had started with them just running around in abandoned buildings, but one day Slade had tricked him into breaking into an actual factory. They wouldn't steal anything but, ever since that day they would break into a number of places almost every other night.

However this night was far worse, Jericho had actually entered the body of a security guard and stolen an electronic. It was a simple electronic, only about 400 dollars that could easily be paid for by the super heroes. The fact was that he had actually stolen something, and not only that but he had tried to give it to Kole while he was drunk. Needless to say, Kole wasn't pleased and she was extremely worried for him.

"Jericho please say something, tell me this isn't going to keep happening." Jericho barely glanced up at her before sighing heavily. "If you can't, then I'm done." Jericho looked up feeling a mixture of shock and numbness.

Tears were flowing uncontrollable down her cheeks. He could feel his heart almost come to a complete stop. What do you mean you're done? He had to sign this a few times seeing as Kole hadn't perfected sign language and her tears were making it difficult to see anything.

"I refuse to sit back and watch you do this to yourself. I thought you were against all of this, you stole something! Not to mention the liquor on your breath." Kole crinkled her nose at him. She had started to shake at this point. "I don't want you to become like him!"

Something in Jericho had snapped, he had never been angry with his love before. I would rather be like my father than spend the rest of my life being tied down. Kole looked hurt and Jericho had realized she took that the wrong way. He was just trying to defend his father, even though Kole was right, he didn't need to end up like his father.

"By all means, don't let me hold you down. Next time you want to go on some wild adventure with your father, don't even worry about me," Jericho took a step forward with his hand outstretched to her. Somewhere in his head he had realized where she was going with this. "because I won't be here!" She turned quickly and slammed the door.

Jericho didn't bother to go after her; he thought she was too far gone. He had been acting up lately. In his fuzzy mind he could only hear the echoes of her words. I won't be here. He felt that he deserved this, and that she deserved better. What he didn't know was that she had collapsed against the door with her hand over her mouth to repress the sobs that threatened to escape her. Her shoulders shook with her silent crying and her breathing became difficult.

Everything during that month had gone down hill

Kole was startled when she opened her eyes to be taken in by bright green eyes filled with worry when her own eyes spilled tears. What's wrong? Jericho signed quickly hugging Kole into his jacket. She snuggled into the welcomed warmth and allowed him to run his hands threw her hair. She wrapped her hands around his waist loving that his jacket was big enough for the both of them.

"Nothing, I was just remembering something sort of sad. I'm done with it though." She smiled and gave him a reassuring squeezed. She felt him nod and then a shiver ran through his body. Giggling she squirmed from his grasp. "Let's go somewhere warm, not the store, just me and you." Kole took his hand, and although he seemed confused by the sudden request, he understood her urgency to get away from everyone.

He had taken her to a café that only held one other couple tucked away into a shadowed corner. It was warm and cozy in there and Jericho knew this was her favorite place to go when she needed some peace and time to think. He didn't really like to admit why he knew this. He tried to shake the bad memory from his head as he followed the pink haired girl to the counter where she would order their favorite flavors of tea. Although the bad memory was in a strange way a good one, it still hurt to think about. As they sat at their normal table the memory filled his head.

It was raining, heavily and with vengeance. It was raining so hard that it was nearly impossible to see where Jericho had been going, he only stepped foot into the shop to get away from being pelted to death by the water. However when he smelt the roasting beans and heard the light music coming from the speakers overhead, he had decided to take a seat. He was just getting comfortable when he heard someone approach him. It was Kole.

He quickly stood and pulled her into a hug. He could hear her sniffling but he didn't bother to pull away. It was her that pushed him away though, after all, she was mad at him. She looked soulless as he looked down at her, she only gawked at him. He swept his hands to the seat in front of him and she seemed hesitant before taking a seat. He sat down and just stared, he tried to take in everything about her. How long has it been since they last saw each other, almost three months?

He was brought from his own thoughts when he heard her soft voice. He expected her to sound perhaps a bit sad, or slightly upset. Instead he could tell by her face that she was neither, she was hurt, torn apart, and ready to kill him.

"DO you understand it has been six months? Why are you here anyways? Last time heard about you they said that you had gone off to join the war!" Everyone in the café had turned to either glare for her abrupt loudness, or stare in sympathy at Jericho. "Why did you leave me, I wasn't ready to say good bye." He voice trailed off as she bent her head over and cried onto the table top.

"I'll get your order later." Jericho hadn't even noticed the waitress that had been ready to take their orders. Jericho waited silently as Kole cried her tears; he really couldn't do anything else. He did wonder where the story of him going off to the war had come from. Honestly to think she would believe that. He extended his hand and touched her bangs, letting them slip through his fingers.

Kole slowly looked up and saw the tears threatening to spill over in his own eyes. I never went to war, you shouldn't listen to whoever told you that. You deserve better than me anyways, I've hurt you Kole, I can never fix that. Why don't we order something, I'll by anything you order. Kole took a few seconds to process and recognize everything that he had signed. She looked disappointedly at the menu he pushed towards her.

"You left because you hurt me? Now you think you can't fix it. Fine, Jericho, I'll take you up on your offer. Anything I order right?" Jericho had been taken back by her sudden determined look. He nodded and she snatched the menu from the table. That night they spent three hundred dollars on drinks and food. It was about five when they sat down together, and it was almost five in the morning when Kole finally gave up on her fiftieth cup of tea.

Jericho was so tired that not even twenty cups of coffee could keep him from having to force his eyes to stay open. Kole was in no better shape; normally she hated coffee but throughout this night she had drank about thirteen cups of coffee. Jericho looked at her now, she had just slipped her eyes close and her cheek rested on the cool surface of the table. He couldn't help the silent He looked out the window and smiled brighter as the sun shone through the clouds.

"Jericho, I hate you." Jericho flinched painfully when he heard Kole's sweet voice utter such poison to him through her sleep. "You made my head hurt, my heart shattered. Now I feel sick, take me home and stay with me. That's the only way to fix me." Jericho started to shake his head; he wasn't ready to hurt her again.

He felt something warm cover his hand and he realized she had placed her and over his. "You have to; I'll never forgive you if you don't." When Jericho still didn't answer she peeked her eye open and smiled. "I'll love you forever if you do."

That morning was the first in a long time they felt at peace, besides their stomachs that is.

Giggles filled the air and Jericho realized their orders had just showed up and he rolled his eyes. Since that night, the waitresses will bring them whatever new flavor's they have automatically. It was just their thing now; they hadn't kicked them out that night long ago because they had been spending money. In a way it was the café's joke, this new special was the all night tea and coffee cake.

Jericho and Kole looked up at each other and when they looked back at the waiters and waitresses behind them, they realized they named this after them. They all stood watching and waiting for their best customer's approval. Kole giggled and picked up her fork, she scooped up a decent bight and leaned forward holding it readily for Jericho to take a bite. When he leaned forward to take the food from the fork, she quickly stuck it in her mouth and hummed with delight.

Jericho smirked at her antics and looked back at the awaiting waiters and waitresses and signed, 'Perfect'. They all erupted in cheers and the second couple in the room looked startled. Kole giggled and got another amount of food on her fork and held it out for Jericho who gave her a skeptical look.

"I won't do it again, you really have to try this, it has strawberry flavor to it." She smiled brightly. Jericho could feel himself shinning from her smile. Her smile made him feel brighter than the sun, and he couldn't let go of her again, if he ever did, this time it really would kill him.

Only if you'll love me forever. He signed and Kole looked at him lovingly, he smirked as he leaned forward and took the bite. It was a great combination of flavors, he couldn't really name them all. But Kole was right, here definitely was strawberries mixed in with this.

"Forever and ever, as long as you keep me together." They intertwined their fingers together and let all of their memories, good and bad, come to them. It was a beautifully written love story that had its errors and miscalculations. But whose love story is perfect?

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while deeply loving someone gives you courage. ~Unknown Quote

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