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I just can't stop smiling.

Because it feels like us again.

Todd and Viola against the world, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Boy colt, neighs Angharrad's Noise and Todd rubs her ears, saying her name in response. His Noise is calm as we ride through the forest, so far I've lead us around as much of the war damaged town as possible but I know that sooner or later we're going to pass something.

I wish he didn't have to see it though. I wish I could protect him from even more pain.

"Viola! I aint got a clue where I'm going so you better keep up a bit better." I look up to Todd, a few feet in front of me, and he frowns before brining Angharrad back around and towards me. "What're you thinking about?"

I sigh as I lead us left. "It isn't pretty down there."

"New Pressintown never was very pretty. I think it's best for all of us that it's gone."

"But Todd, all those people. Innocent people."

Almost immediately Todd's Noise clouds up with memories. I see a man floating upside-down. Another with a young child asking about electricity. A women clutching her arm while looking Todd straight in the eyes and asking-

"How can you live with yerself?" I jump as I realise it's Todd speaking now. His voice is slow and measured, each of is words are chosen carefully. "If, if you focus on the dead, then who's focused on the living? I think we have to make sure that no one died for nothing. This entire World's fallen, it's fallen pretty hard. But, now it's time to get back up. "He veers off a little to the side and looks down at some remains of what was once part of New Pressintown. "I mean, don't forget them, but don't let them haunt you neither. Make their sacrifice worthwhile. Live the life they died dreaming of."

He looks over at me, trying to find more words. I find some for him.

"And you're going to- to what?" I ask. A smile erupts on his face and he comes back to the same path as me.

"Make this the planet the settlers have been searching for. We're always saving each other Viola, now it's time to save everyone else."

After that we carry on in silence, there aren't any more words that need to be said. We travel like this until I catch a glimpse of two familiar faces.

"Lee!" I call out as we reach the top of the hill. He smiles as he sees me in Wilf's Noise and then takes in a breath as Todd appears behind me.

Wilf speaks first.

"Todd? Is at you Todd? Oh my." He turns to me and shakes his head. "No one tells Wilf nothing. You were as good as gone last I eard."

Todd gets down from Angharrada and walks towards Wilf, grinning. "Wilf, you didn't really think a gun would stop me did ya?" He looks over at Lee and his smile disappears. "No, I got off lightly."

Lee walks over to join Todd and Wilf. "None of that now Todd. You've got to be cheerful. There's an entire nation out there waiting to hear from you. And trust me, they've heard enough woe."

Todd looks over to the city of tents, and half built homes below. There're more people down there then I've ever seen in my life and I know that Todd is thinking the exact same thing because his Noise immediately turns bright yellow and all sorts of crazy things start spinning round his head. He quickly grabs onto a near by tree to keep himself up and smiles grimly. "Thousands. To hear from me. Thousands. Me."

"Todd?" I walk slowly towards him, a little bit concerned. "Todd, are you okay?" His Noise is too much of a mess to really make any sense of the situation.

"What do they want me to say?" He looks over at Lee, his eyes suddenly panicked. "I can't even read. I can't talk to… to thousands. And the entire city's been destroyed. I'd have no way for them to hear me."

"They just want to know that what Ben said is true. They want to be sure that you're the good guy, and that this place is safe, and that all the mistakes from the past are behind us now."

"Yeah. And as for them earin' ya, you don't need ta worry yerself withat. We've got a spaceship in the middle of the place down there, and that spaceship's got the biggest and best sound system ever. The whole World would be able to hear ya." At this Todd's Noise goes even more insane and Wilf just laughs. "Would ya look at at. The great Todd Hewitt has stage fright. I'll leave you and your, Viola to talk. Meet ya down at the ship in a few minutes. Come on Lee."

They both lead off down the hill laughing to themselves, I turn back to Todd who is now sat on the floor leaning against the tree. I smile as I sit down next to him and look around. His Noise has now calmed down a bit, but it's still panicked and frantic. Phrases and faces float around his head and I look over at him, and look straight into his eyes. I know exactly what he's thinking without having to search for it. Because he's my Todd and I always know what he's thinking.

"You can't let me down Todd. And you can't let Ben down, or your mother, or any of those people out there. It's impossible. As long as you're yourself, you'll be fine."

He nods and looks up at the sky. "I know. But, couldn't we just freeze time for a moment? Take it slow?"

"Sure we could." I say as I take his hand and pull him up. "But we've never gone slowly before, have we? I personally don't see the point in changing our habits now." He sighs but then nods again and looks straight forward down the hill.

"Okay. Let's go start the rest of our lives."