me: hello again guys. this is my new fanfic called The Feared Umbreon. as you can see this is the prolouge.

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An Umbreon stands over a small grave with the names of 2 Pokémon. These Pokémon were the Umbreon's parent's.

They were killed by a Mightyena when the Umbreon was only an eevee. That was when the eevee swore that it would eliminate all of the Mightyena evolution line.

A Pikachu appears next to the Umbreon. The Pikachu says to the Umbreon, "Come on, we got Mighyena to hunt down."

The Umbreon nodded and said, "Your right, we should get going." They walked away from the grave.

The Umbreon had become the most dangerous to Poochyena and Mightyena every. When ever they heard that it was coming they fled like mice. As the Umbreon and Pikachu walked away, the Umbreon was thinking about its past.

The Umbreon's name is Em, but everyone but the pikachu calls her Scar, because she has a 3 claw marks on her cheek and a deep claw mark at the base of her tail. Her left ear is also missing its tip. Her left paw is white with a little blood stain on it.

Her rings don't glow yellow, they glow a angry red. Em thinks back to the day she was born.

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