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I really wanted to write a Doctor Who fanfiction but I wanted to write my own plot. So this revolves around a young girl Nora. Can't tell you too much about her otherwise it will spoil it. You don't want foreknowledge.

The Doctor, River, Amy and Rory will be in it and it will be before they find out who River is. I will try not to make the characters OC so they should keep to there personalities however please tell me if you feel the characters are out of character. Thank you and Enjoy!

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The orphanage was good but not great. It was shabby looking, with wallpaper peeling off the walls, creaky floorboards here and there, lights flickered and taps were for ever dripping.

The woman that ran the orphanage had become ill, too ill to do any repairs, too ill too look after the kids properly and sometimes too ill to care.

One girl did care thought=, she looked after the kids in the orphanage and she did her best to fix up the house. It was a constant battle nad the house was defiantly winning. This very Girl was now creeping through the dark, dank halls that lived in the house.

Nora had been in this place for as long as she could remember. OakTree Orphanage.

"Hmm," Nora sighed as she tried to navigate the halls in silence so not to wake up any one else. Nora had just been to tend to the lady of the house, Miss Nettles. Nora was worried, Miss Nettles condition was worse, if it kept up there would be little hope for her.

Reaching her own room Nora pulled the door open just enough to slip in, any further and the door would whine under the strain.

Inside the room matched the rest of the house, dark, damp, with little furniture and even small er amount of belongings. The large window that should have let loads of light into the room was much the same, Useless. It was facing the brick wall of the neighbours house.

Nora made her way over to the rickety old bed that was sitting under the window. Looking around her Nora saw the same thing she always saw, the old chest of drawers that were placed in the corner of the room. Perched on top was a three part wardrobe, not enough room for more than 10 clothes to hang up. At the end of her bed Nora could see another bed, this one being a bunk bed. Lying on the bottom bed, as if tossed aside like a rag doll was a little figure of a girl. The covers wrapped so tightly around her they looked like a part of her. Little Ginny had obviously been having her nightmares again.

The top bunk was vacant at the moment but was sure to be filled soon. It previous owner was Jess. She had become 16 and chosen to leave the orphanage to make a life for herself.

Jess and Nora were the first children at the orphanage, although it wasn't actually an orphanage back then. Miss Nettles had lived here with her partner, and they had longed for children but were unable to have them themselves. So when one Christmas morning when two babies had appeared on the doorstep, the couple were delighted And took them in without asking a single question.

Soon after that her partner was sadly involved in a car crash and was killed instantly. Miss Nettles was distraught with grief but then took it in her stride. She filled the big lonely house up with children who needed shelter and too had lost loved ones. 15 years later Miss Nettles was still trying to help all the children but soon she would succumb to her malevolent illness.

Nora laid her head down on the thin cotton pillow, her head still whirring about. She hoped that what she felt coming would not come to pass, however the sense of foreboding loomed over the whole house and soon became reality.

Somewhere Far Far away…

"So, where are we going? Any ideas?" the Doctor jumped around the Tardis console pressing random buttons and turning random knobs.

"Oh Sweetie, Please calm down." River was following the Doctor, Unpressing and unturning everything he had touched.

The Doctor stopped circling and lent back so he could look at River. "Did you just touch something?" he questioned.

"No, or course not Sweetie" River said innocently before turning to the couple sitting on the chair, who were watching the scene before them a bemused expression on their faces. "If I don't help him we will end up in a bush, somewhere where we don't want to be, stuck as he will have overheated her" she whispered while patting the railing affectionately.

Just then there was a great lurch and everyone was thrown to the floor in a heap.

"Sorry Amy, Rory and River. That was my fault" The Doctor popped out form nowhere looking down at the heap of bodies on the floor.

"Why do you always so that?" Amy's Scottish accent emanated from the tangle of which the Doctor couldn't tell what part belonged to what person.

"Do what? That was a perfect landing" he smiled down at them, then decided to help them untangle themselves.

Yeah, perfect if you want to be thrown about and hurt yourself.," this time it was Rory who had spoken while he was helping Amy to her feet.

"Well" the Doctor stammered trying to find a good comeback.

"He left the clutch down while trying to land. Also he forgot to break and had to slam them on, hence the lurch" River was now brushing herself down.

"I didn't forget to brake at the right time, and I like the way she lurches" he said defensively before going off and pressing some more buttons.

River tutted and then pulled the screen towards her. "Whatever Sweetie, But next time let me drive" River smiled at him before flicking a switch. The screen jumped to life showing them what was apparently just outside the Tardis.

"How did you?" the Doctor began gesturing to the screen but River silenced him with a playful wink.

"Is that…Leaves and branches… Are we… Are we in a bush?" Amy asked peering at the screen over Rivers shoulder. Just at that moment a bang and loads of smoke emitted from where the Doctor had been standing. River turned to Amy and Rory.

"We better get out of here, as I said, we would end up in a bush, where we have no idea where we are and the Tardis is over heated meaing she won't be able to fly for a while." River, Amy and Rory made their way over to the door. River stopped and turned to look at the Doctor who was still not visable through all the smoke. "Come on lover boy, you can't fix it"

"Yes I can" the Doctors voice came from the centre of the smoke, he was cut short by another bang and even more smoke joined the large amount spreading through the Tardis. "Ok I'm coming"

Stepping out of the Tardis comfirmed Amy's question about them being in a bush. It was all around them. after a few minutes of fighting their way out, snagging themselves oin the branches they finally made it out on to a deserted street, only to be greeted by a down pour of rain.

"Oh, this is just great" Amy's voice was full of sarcasm.

"Come on Pond, Lighten up" the Doctor was rubbing his hands together, looking around with an excited look in his eyes.

"Lighten up! Why should i? we are stuck in a place we don't know, my hair is a mess, we all have cuts from that bush all over us and we are now stuck in the rain." Amy was about to carry on but the Doctor, ingnoring her, was now walking away down the road. "Hey I'm not done with you yet!" Amy called after him. She turned to get support from Rory and River. Rory went behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Amy lent her head back on his shoulder.

"I think we better follow him before he gets lost and in to trouble" River started after the Doctor.

Amy still annoyed with the Doctor murmured an almost inaudible "Let him get in trouble, it may teach him a lesson." But she still followed River with Rory walking next to her holding her hand in the torrential rain.

After a few minutes of walking a tall building loomed closer in the horizon. It stood out from all the rest but still looked like it fit there.

"Well this placed looks fun" the Doctor said hopefully, no one agreed with him. As they neared the building they saw a lone figure slumped on the steps out side the front of the building.


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