AN: This is set a short while after Under the Hood. I was scared of writing about Jason because he's my favorite Robin and I didn't know if I could do him justice. He has such complex feelings and conflicts and I hope I do well on this. Chapter two will be up next week. Enjoy.

Jason Todd's tombstone was beautiful. It was made from a piece of clean white marble, and on it was Jason's own name, carved carefully to stay forever more. An angel perched on top of the tomb. A few dead flowers lay scattered amidst the warm soil. The body of the dead boy must be lying beneath the ground. If a man looked at Jason Todd's grave, he would not see anything unusual nor a single clue of who was buried deep under there. After all, the grave served its' purpose to those who needed it: as proof that Jason had once lived, yet as a reminder that he had not anymore.

But when Jason stood over it, he saw nothing but a mound of dirt and a rock with his name on it. He thought of how he had ended up there, but never imagine how his partner had shed more precious tears that he was proud of. Jason noticed the flowers, and wondered who had laid it there. His mind came up with Alfred, or an old lady who felt sorry for Bruce Wayne's ward – the truth was far from that, as it was Dick Grayson who bought the roses months ago, guilt heaving on his shoulders. Jason knew nothing. He didn't understood that he was wanted, that he was loved. His grave was nothing more than an obligation of a guardian, not as a monument of pain and love and loss.

If Dick had died, would it have been different? Would Bruce killed his murderer, be so devastated that he refused to wear the cowl again, or at least never recruit another Robin in his place? Jason was sure of that. Dick was Bruce's first and favorite, everything that Bruce had hoped Jason would turned out to be. Jason remembered the first time he met him. Dick was helping him pass the test. Radiant, golden Dick. Perfect moves, perfect speed, perfect affections to everyone. Jason strived to be him one day, to be the flawless Robin and make Bruce proud, so he could say that he would never leave his post like Dick, and that would make Bruce loved him even more. Guess that was just a fantasy of some stupid, fatherless boy.


Speak of the devil. Dick Grayson was walking slowly to Jason and his grave, and dammit, Jason had a single tear at the edge of his eye. A single tear was still a tear. It showed weakness. Recklessly, he wiped it off.

"Dick." Jason smirked. His brain was racing as it tried to find a reason why Dick was here. Perhaps he had hit a sensor and the first bird came to see what did it, or Dick was here to visit another grave, or really Jason's predecessor was just taking a stroll. In the graveyard. That seemed a little odd, even for sentimental Dick.

"Jason, why –" Dick choked, then continued, "why are you here?"

Why was he here? He was curious, that was why. That was what any person would have done if they had been resurrected from the dead, right? They would visit their graves and made sure that they had really died. Of course, his first choice was to find his family, like any lost person would. But that was not an option – Bruce didn't care about him enough to truly take the life of the monster who had taken Jason away from him.

"I'm checking out Bruce's choice in tombstones," said Jason lightly, though he was thinking of all the possibilities of what would happen next. "The angel's a bit too much, don't you think? Who'd ever thought I could be a good little angel?"

"It was to guide you," Dick replied quietly. "The angel. It was supposed to guide you peacefully."

"Didn't work so well, huh?"

"What are you doing, Jason?" Dick wore a pained expression on his face, like it hurt him to look at Jason, like he was regretting something. In that moment, Jason hated Dick. Jason hated him so much, how he genuinely loved people and the impossible standard he had built. Jason wanted to punch him, he wanted to kick him and thrash him and smash him to the floor. He wanted to hurt Dick, for being better that him, for being Bruce's son.

"I think I'm here to kill you, Dickie-bird," Jason said.