Byron's New Look Ch.14

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20 Years later…

At Thirty-six years old, I am still capable of turning into a weasel thanks to my quick-tempered wife, whom I have been married to for the past fourteen years. Around our friends, she claims that fourteen days was enough for her to see what fourteen years of marriage with me would be like. A quick kiss usually shuts her up about that.

Amazingly, it didn't take Wisty and Whit very long to defeat The One. I played a minor role, but what really took time was setting the world back to rights. There were several N.O. officials hiding out and most of the N.O. records were burned so it is doubtful that everyone involved was caught. Then again I hear it's that way in most cases.

For a while, it was like the Red Scare, everyone was pointing at someone else accusing them of supporting the N.O. and it became impossible to tell the liars from those who spoke the truth. Then again, the same thing happened at the Salem Witch Trials and more recently the N.O. takeover. History tends to repeat itself, and at regular intervals.

On the personal front, I can assure you that twenty years of wisdom and a loving marriage with me has mellowed my wife.

"Byron! Where the hell is my drumstick?" Okay maybe not so much.

"I think you left it on the back porch dear!" I smile as I hear Wisty stomp into the living room behind me.

"It's not there! I already checked outside. I know you know that you know I know you know where it is!"

"I am almost tempted to ask you to repeat that last bit." Over the years, Wisty gained more and more control over her powers, including the flames but at times like these, I was glad that we had chosen to install a sprinkler system. Steam was pouring out of her ears. Literally.

"Byron!" She stopped a few steps in front of where I was sitting on the couch.

"Yes dear?" I looked up from the book I had been pretending to read.

"Where is it?" I saw the gleam in her eye and gave up all pretenses.

"Olivia needed to borrow it for her performance tonight." Our oldest daughter had developed a good ear for music and like her grandmother loved to play the drums. It must skip a generation because Wisty loves a good electric and I'm more of a bass guitarist than anything else.

"Why?" You would think she'd be happy that I hadn't lost the piece of wood but no, it only made her temper flare up to previously undiagnosed levels. Well undiagnosed in the past five hours anyway.

"She could only find one of her drumsticks and there was no other way I could calm her down."

"So you gave her a drumstick that is actually a wand? We don't know who she'll take after yet! Those people expecting an amateur rock band could actually see a magic show!" Our thirteen-year-old daughter had started her own band with a few of her friends and early on Saturday nights she is allowed to play at the bowling alley down the street. They are for sure and certain not the rolling stones, but for a bunch of teenage girls, they can carry a tune. Not like her mother and me but I am a biased old man to be sure.

"Wisty, people have grown used to the idea of magic in the past few years. I'm sure everything will be fine." I was speaking the truth. After the downfall of the N.O., people were still frightened of most anything that had to do with magic.

Luckily, several people who grew into power revealed themselves for the witches and wizards they truly are. Surprisingly Whit never became a college football star; he was too busy penning his first novel, which became a bestseller in its first week off the press. Another magical person who became famous was Janine, and not just because she married Whit. She gained overnight stardom on her own, thanks to the stock market. Sasha became a fashion designer and married a wedding planner and as for all those times I thought him to be gay well…it turns out I was wrong. He married a woman and as many times, as we have to tell them to get a room I have to believe that they are a true couple. He still wears pink, almost every day in fact. But I guess some women like a man who wears pink. I know Wisty would call me gay and order me to change if I ever did, but that's Wisty.

"Dad!" Olivia's voice rang through the house.

"Shoot!" Wisty's anger had disappeared in a flash, now she just looked smug.

"It's your turn to be the bad guy." I do have a natural reflex to blame things on her. Like who ate the last chocolate chip cookie.

"Traitor." Her smile only grew at my mumbled comeback.

"Let me know how it goes." She turned to walk away and after all these years I still can't stand to let her have the last word.

"You'll be listening at the keyhole I'm sure." Rather than break me of my bad habits it seemed she had picked up a few herself.

"You're sure about a lot of things aren't you?" Despite the sarcasm in her tone, she turned to look back at me.

"Like the fact that you're tossing me to the sharks?" I raised my eyebrow. She is more like me than anyone could ever have thought possible.

"Only one shark dear, the other is at cheer camp." She smirked as she stepped forward.

"Clearly Olivia takes after you, but who does Cassie take after?" Her uncle that's who. Cassie has an unnatural love for football, even though she does enjoy music, she would much rather be sitting on a cold set of bleachers. Clearly I cannot understand her reasoning.

"Hard to say really, I mean her dad was such a square." She stopped in front of me, bent down to my eye level, and grinned.

"Thanks Love, I'll remember that one the next time you ask me to go somewhere." I tried to frown but found I could not keep a straight face and smiled.

"Come on, I used past tense," Wisty wheedled.

"Dad!" I looked up at Wisty with pleading eyes, begging her to save me. She smirked at my distress. She was never one to fall for the puppy dog eyes.

"I'll go anywhere! Just don't leave me alone with a raging teenager." Our children are famous for their drama at school and at home. Girls are supposed to be trouble but when they have a mother like Wisty and a father like me, they are bound to cause pandemonium.

"Fine but you'll have to take the blame. I'll be here for emotional support only." I could only nod as I heard Olivia call for me once again.

"Okay Liv, come on in sweetheart." I stood up in time to see my daughter waste no time bursting through the door with enough force for it to rebound from the wall and slam shut again behind her. What an entrance.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are officially the best dad in the entire world!" I may have squeaked as Olivia threw her arms around me and squeezed the breath from my lungs.

"Why is that?" I said as she stepped back from our hug.

"The crowd loved us! By the time, the sparks started flying they were already chanting along with our chorus! And we got an encore!" Her smile was wide and her eyes were wild with adrenaline.

"Did you hear that honey? They got an encore." I allowed a certain degree of smugness to invade my tone and I am sure Wisty heard it.

"I heard." Her words were clipped but Olivia took no notice as she handed me her mother's drumstick and raced up the stairs.

"Remember, I get all the credit for this one." I said as I handed Wisty her drumstick.

"I'll remember." Her pout was adorable but I couldn't help but needle her one more time.

"Good. Just don't forget." My smile grew when she waved her drumstick under my nose.

"Don't push your luck. I can still turn you into a weasel."

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