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Okay, for those of you who asked for a sequel to Set My Soul Alight, I'm still thinking about ideas for it, so I'm not sure if it will happen soon or not. Now about this story- This will be a Carlisle/Bella story! It begins, naturally, in New Moon. Edward and the Cullens have left Forks some months prior to the beginning below, leaving Bella alone. Victoria has returned taking advantage of thier absence and committing some unspeakable acts. Just a warning...this will be quite alot darker than SMSA.

***There is mention of potential suicide in the writing below, so if that bothers you please read no further! If your still here then I take it that you can handle it, I hope that you enjoy...

The song I'd recommend for this chapter (after the prologue)- Everything Burns by Anastacia feat. Ben Moody.



I touched his face and felt the coldness of his skin against my own, reveling in the feel of it. An involuntary shiver rippled down my spine as I looked into his golden eyes, there were so many emotions playing in their depths. Pain, lust, compassion, but most of all an undying, unyielding love. A warm spring shower misted down on us as we stood in the middle of the forest. I closed my eyes and turned my face upward to the skies, letting the rain wash away my pain, my indecision, all of the hurt that I had suffered. When I looked back at him, I found him staring intently at me. I smiled, stepped closer, ran my fingers through his soft blonde hair, and I kissed him. He wrapped his arms around my waist, gently crushing me against him, as our lips moved fervently against each other. Both of us poured our witheld emotions into that embrace. Neither of us wanted to let the other go, fearing that this was all just an illusion. Fearing that, if we let go, the other would simply disappear.


Chapter 1- Everything Burns


The dark shadows passed over my huddled form, as I watched the sun cross the sky. It came through the window and kissed my pale skin, but I never felt its warmth. I was too cold, too numb to feel it. I didn't move, I spoke to no one, I lived in a hallow world where nothing existed except my pain. A hole gaped in my chest where my heart had once been, before it was cruelly ripped from its cavity and torn to shreds by the very person I thought had loved me. 'Ed...', I couldn't even think his name without grimacing from the heartache. It wasn't enough for him to remove himself from my life but he had to take them away as well. Tears pooled in my eyes at the thought of he and his family. The family I had once thought I would join as an immortal. That dream was gone and I would never see any of them again.

It was, however, not only the loss of him, but the loss of my father, my mother, even my stepfather, that was driving me to such extremes. Victoria had took advantage of his absence and had destroyed all that I held dear. Leaving only me behind and I wasn't going to give her the pleasure of killing me.

I reached for the knife, turning it toward my bare wrist. Death was my only escape now, the only way I could truly forget about him, the only way I could truly be at peace, and perhaps see my family again. "Goodbye, Edward, wherever you are." I whispered, as the blade sliced through my skin. The blood flowed freely down my arm as I let it hang loosely over the side of my chair. Ever so slowly, I became weaker and weaker until my vision blurred. Suddenly something cold grasped my hand, but before I could realize what it was I fell into the abyss of what I hoped was my death. My life, for the past several months, flashed before my eyes...


I walked out the school building in a daze, it had been another day since I had last seen him. Time marched forward, even when I didn't want it to, even when each passing second stung with the disillusion of love. I made my way over to my old beat up truck and sat down inside, breathing a tired sigh I started it up and pulled out of the lot. I drove home in my usual hazy daze, only snapping out of it long enough to realize that Charlie's cruiser was in the drive, which was an odd occurance at that time of day. It was then that I realized that it was sitting in the exact position it had been in that morning, it hadn't been moved all day long.

My brow scrunched in confusion as I walked toward the front door. I stepped inside laying my backpack down on the table in the front hall and hanging my coat on one of the hooks.

"Dad, I'm home." I said, thinking that by speaking I could startle him into greeting me. I looked in the living room- no one there. "Dad?" I called up the stairs- no answer. I walked toward the kitchen thinking that he must have left a note in his usual spot on the kitchen table. I pushed open the door and the sight I was met with will forever be burned into my memory. My father lay face down on the floor, gun in hand, not moving or breathing.

"Dad!" I called, rushing to his side and pushing him onto his back, simultaneously grabbing the wireless telephone and dialing 911.

While I hurriedly spoke with the operator, I noticed something on Charlie's neck- a bite mark.


I had just stepped through the door to the house, I refused to call it mine though Charlie had left it to me at the event of his...death, I still couldn't think of him being dead. It seemed that any minute he'd step through the door, hang his gun belt and jacket up, and head for the living room to watch 'the game.' Tears gathered in my eyes at that thought, I was close to breaking down when the telephone rang. I went to answer.

"Am I speaking to Miss Isabella Swan?" a voice on the other end of the telephone asked.

"Yes, this is she." I replied, quietly, miserably.

"Miss Swan, this is Doctor Davis, at Jacksonville Medical Hospital, I was calling because I have a patient by the name of Renee Dwyer here. Is she your mother?"

"Yes." I choked. "What happened?"

"I am very sorry, Miss Swan, but your mother and her husband were found severely beaten in their home. Phillip was dead on arrival, having suffered severe trama to the head. Your mother is in a coma and we've had to place her on a ventilator. She has a broken spine, if she were to recover, she would more than likely be parlyzed..." The doctor continued but I simply heard snippets of what he said, a sob broke from my throat, as I sank to the floor in utter dispair and grief.

Victoria had sucessfully taken everything away from me.


Then finally the event that had started all of my suffering...

"And I'll make you a promise in return, I promise that this will be the last time you'll see me. I won't come back. I won't put you through anything like this again. You can go on with your life without any more interference from me. It will be as if I'd never existed."

My knees must have started to shake, because the trees were suddenly wobbling. I could hear the blood pounding faster than normal behind my ears. His voice sounded farther away. I tried to breathe normally. I needed to concentrate, to find a way out of this nightmare.

"Goodbye, Bella. Take care of yourself."

There was a light, unnatural breeze. My eyes flashed open. The leaves on a small vine maple shuddered with the gentle wind of his passage.

He was gone...

Everything that I held dear was gone...

Love, life, and meaning were over.


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