Chapter 10- Issues

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"What are you hiding from me?" I heard Bella breathe as I stepped into the living room. If only she knew what Alice had seen, she would be too frightened to leave my side. As it was, Victoria would return to Forks and Bella's future had disappeared. Alice was not entirely certain why but she feared the worst, so she had blatantly ordered me to get Bella out of town.

I pulled my cell from my pocket and called her back, "Hey, Carlisle, I take it that Bella agreed?"

"As if you even need to ask, Alice." I smirked, despite the circumstances.

"Actually, I do." she replied, frustrated.

My brow furrowed in confusion, "What do you mean?"

"Well, you know I said that Bella's future disappeared?"


"Even with this trip to Alaska, she still hasn't reappeared." she explained, this worried me immensely. "I don't know why this is happening!" she grumbled.

"Alice, I..." I began only to hear a knock at the front entrance. "Someone's here." I said, instead and listened as Bella approached the door and opened it.

"Jake? Hey, what are you doing here?" she asked, cautiously.

"Well, it's good to see you too, Bella." Jacob replied, as the scent of the neighboring shape shifters reached my nose. "Where are the Cullen's?" he demanded without missing a beat.

"What do you mean?" Bella asked, hesitatingly.

"I know they're back," Jacob began. "so you don't have to lie for them. Now, where are they?"

"I will call you back, Alice." I said, hanging up the phone and walking into the front hall. "Hello, Mr. Black. How are you?"

"Just can't stay away from them can you, Bella?" he breathed. "We need to have a talk." he snapped at me, stepping across the threshold.

"Very well." I replied, motioning him toward the living area. "What seems to be the problem?" I asked, mildly, after he was seated.

"I was sent here to talk to you. Though I don't know why, you're probably in league with our enemy anyway." he said, disgustedly.

"Enemy?" I questioned, ignoring his rudeness.

Jacob breathed an annoyed sigh, muttering his distaste for me under his breath. "There's a redheaded vampire that keeps trying to get through our line. She keeps coming back and we don't know why. Sam was wondering if you and your family knew her?" he explained.

"Victoria." Bella breathed.

"So you do know her?" Jacob demanded.

"No, not well, and we aren't on friendly terms with her." I explained.

"Here I thought you blood suckers stuck together." he muttered.

"She was the one that killed Charlie." Bella said, dazed, then shook her head as if to clear it. "Wait! How do you know about any of this, Jake?" she demanded.

"I know more than you think, Bella." he said, crossing his arms in a defensive manner.

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, "What do you mean?"

He glanced around uncomfortably, "Um...well, you remember the story I told you when you first moved back here?"

Bella glanced at me and then replied, "Yeah, about the 'cold ones.'" Ah, so it had been young Jacob who had supplied her with information.

"Oh, of course you'd only remember that part." Jacob replied, in a sarcastic tone. "Do you remember what I said about my ancestors?"

"Yeah, you said that they were supposedly decedent from wolves, I think." she said, uncertainly. "Look, why don't you just come right out and explain to me?"

"I literally can't, Bella." he explained, taking her hands in his own, sparking a surprising twinge of jealousy on my part.

"You are under a gag order then?" I supplied, interrupting the moment they were sharing.

He gave me an annoyed look, almost as if he had forgotten I was there, "Yes, the entire pack is."

"'Pack?' 'Wolves?' Jake, this isn't making much...sense." Bella began, then you could almost see the wheels turning in her mind as she figured out the answer. "No way! No! You''re a..." she stuttered in shock.

"Werewolf." I supplied, earning me another whithering look from Jacob. "Or shape shifter, as the case may be."

"You're a werewolf?!" Bella practically screamed.

"Bella, calm down." Jacob began, trying to placate her.

"No! You're a werewolf? Since when have you been a werewolf?" she screamed, her voice growing louder with each syllable.

"A few months." he shrugged, nonchalantly.

"'A few months?' And you didn't think that this was something I should know, you know since we were supposedly best friends?"

Jacob winced at the words 'best friends', "I couldn't tell you, Bella. I was ordered by our alpha not too, you cannot disobey an alpha's order."

"Oh really? And who is this 'alpha?'"

"Sam Uley." he replied, quietly, looking anywhere but toward her.

"Oh, so you ended up joining his little gang after all." Bella said, referencing what I guessed was a past conversation.

"Bella, I..."

"You know what, Jake? I'm sick of all the lies!" she said, yanked her hands from his, stomped out of the room, and up the stairs.

"Well, that went well." he said to himself, then decided to turn the subject back to the situation at hand. "So this Victoria...what does she want?"

"Most certainly Bella dead." I replied, without hesitation.


"I am sure you remember when Bella had her broken leg last year?"

"Yeah," he replied. "but what does that have to do with all of this?"

"Well, my family and I had decided to play a game of baseball." I began, deciding to explain the story in its entirety. "Edward decided to bring Bella up to watch. In the midst of the game three nomads came into the clearing, one was Victoria, another named Laurent, and the third was James, Victoria's mate. He was a gifted tracker. He would use his gift to play elaborate games with his prey before ultimately killing them. When we protected Bella from him, he decided that it would be a worthy challenge to defeat an entire coven and then kill her. So, Alice and Jasper drove her down to Phoenix, while the rest of us went on the hunt for James."

"Wait, so you're gonna tell me that James found and attacked Bella?" Jacob demanded.

"Yes. Victoria was able to break into Bella's school records and find her former address. James followed them to Phoenix and convinced Bella that he had captured her mother, in order to lure her to an old ballet studio there. Bella, thinking that she would be taking her mother's place, tricked Alice and Jasper, and arrived at the studio to find that James had lied. He attacked her, broke her leg, gave her a severe concussion, and finally bit her. Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Edward, and I arrived and killed James. Edward sucked James' venom out of Bella's system, preventing her from changing, and then we took her to the local hospital."

"So how does this Victoria play into this?" he asked angrily.

"She is out to avenge James' death. In fact, Alice has seen her returning some time this weekend. I am going to take Bella out of town so that she might be safe."

"'Safe?'" he said, derisively. "She could always come down and stay on the reservation." The 'where she would be safer' that I'm sure he wanted to say, was left unsaid.

'So this could be the reason Bella had disappeared from Alice's visions, she was presented with another option that involved the wolves.' I thought, my mind racing, then, "With all due respect, Jacob, I think that she might need some time to process everything you told her today...and time to let her temper to cool down. Of course, it is her decision, if you would like to ask her."

"I believe I will." he replied, smartly, heading for the stairs.

I tuned out all other noises and, to my chagrin, eavesdropped on their conversation.

"Bella?" Jacob said, knocking on her bed room door. I could hear her inside righting some of the mess that we had so far neglected to clean up.

"What, Jake?" she demanded, a bitter tone to her voice.

"Um...should I ask about all of this?" he asked, no doubt looking pointedly around the room.

"What do you want, Jake?" she asked, impatiently.

"Well, Dr. Cullen," he sneered my name. "explained to me that you were going out of town for the weekend to avoid this Victoria." he began, and I abruptly regretted telling him anything.

"Did he now?" Bella asked, her voice strangely calm.

"Yeah, and I was thinking that instead of going out of town with could come down and stay on the reservation with Dad and I."

All was silent for several moments, "Are you serious?" Bella asked.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Jacob replied.

"Oh, I don't know...maybe the fact that for the past several months you have been all but honest with me."

"Bella, I couldn't tell you..."

"Don't give me that crap, Jake. You managed to tell me just fine today."


"You neglected to tell me, your best friend, something that was of huge importance. You're a werewolf, for goodness sake!"

"Bells..." he began.

"Look, Jake, I just...I need time to process everything, okay? I'll talk to you when Carlisle and I get back." she told him, I was happy that she had decided not to go with him. I felt that she would be safer with me than she would have been around a pack of newly transforming shape shifters.

"Alright." he sighed, turning and stomping back down the stairs. In the next instant, he was standing in front of me, glaring. "If anything happens to her on this little trip of yours...I'll have so much fun hunting you down and turning you into a werewolf chew toy." he threatened, his body beginning to shake with anger.

"You have my word, Mr. Black, that no harm will come to her." I promised.

"It better not." he said, then finally turned to leave, slamming the door as he did so.

Bella slowly came back down the stairs and into the living area. "So...Victoria is the reason for this little spur of the moment trip?" she asked, coolly. She was angry.

"Bella," I began. "you have to understand that I did not wish to frighten you. That is the only reason I would with hold such an important piece of information."

"I'm not a child, Carlisle! I would've preferred that you told me out right rather than covering it up. I mean is it too much to ask for a bit of honestly around here..." She began to rant.

I interrupted her, "You disappeared from Alice's visions."

"What?" she asked, confused.

"That was she that called whilst we were in the kitchen. She was panicked and explained to me that you had vanished from her sight."

"What does that mean?"

"I think, perhaps, it had something to do with Mr. Black's interference. Alice is unfamiliar with the wolves, therefore she can't see them. But we cannot be sure."

She bit her lip, worried.

I decided to give her an option, "Bella, if you do not want to go to Alaska then..."

"No, I...I do want to go." she said, as a sweet blush flushed her cheeks. "But since Victoria is the reason behind it all, I'm not sure it's the right decision. I mean, if she found out that I wasn't here, there are others that I care about that she could harm." she explained the obvious.

"Jasper, Alice, Emmett, and even Rosalie, will not allow her to and I imagine, now that the wolves know the situation, that they will gladly deal with her as well." I explained, stepping in front of her and reaching for her hands, mirroring the stance Jacob had taken before. "Look, if it helps, perhaps you can consider this trip a vacation of sorts for the both of us."

"Well..." she began. "I could use a good vacation, I guess."

"I think we both could." I agreed. "So, if you still want to go, then let's get you packed and ready."

"Okay." she said, "Just one thing first."

"And what might that be?" I asked.

"I want you to promise me that you will be honest with me from here on out. Promise that you won't keep something like this from me again." she demanded.

"I can see now that it was a mistake to keep anything from you." I explained. "So I promise, Bella."

"Thank you." she replied, then pulled me with her toward the stairs.


A short while later, I was carrying Bella's luggage to the trunk of my car as she closed and locked the front door.

"Do you need to swing by your house to pack?" she asked, approaching the car.

"No. I already have everything I need at the cabin." I replied, opening the passenger door for her.

"Well, I guess we're good to go." she said, sitting down inside.

My cell rang as I walked around the car and I answered as I sat down inside.

"I can see Bella again!" Alice said happily. "She just came back clear as ever."

"I suspect that it was the werewolves' interference that had you blocked." I explained.

"Victoria is still coming around, so the trip might still be a good idea."

"Alright, Alice, thank you for the information."

"Call if you need us." she said, before hanging up.

"What was that about?" Bella asked.

"Alice can see your future again." I explained. "But Victoria is still making an appearance so she believes that this trip might be a good idea."

Bella nodded in agreement,"So, where in Alaska is this mysterious cabin anyway?" she asked.

"Just outside of Denali National Park." I explained, as I pulled onto the highway. "Which reminds me, some family friends may pay us a visit while we're there."

"'Family friends?'" Bella asked.

"Yes. The Denali coven- Tanya, Kate, Irina, Carmen, and Eleazar."

"Are they vegetarians?" she wondered, cautiously.

"Yes, they have been for quite some time, even longer than I."

"That's hard to believe." she smirked.

I smiled, "Tanya, Kate, and Irina, are nearly a thousand years old, but they've been vegetarians for the past four or five hundred years."

"So they used to drink from humans? What made them change their minds?"

"Guilt and frustration." I explained, simply. "They were the originators of the succubus legend."

"The 'succubus legend?' So they used to..." she struggled to find the correct words. "sleep with human men?"

"Yes." I smirked, at her choice of terms. "But they would get carried away and accidentally kill them. After a while, they grew tired of not being able to have a lasting relationship with the humans they seduced, they grew tired of killing. So they gave up that life in hopes of one day finding their mates. Because of this mutual agreement, they were able to discipline themselves into the vegetarians that they are now and they have great control."

"What about the other two, Carmen and Eleazar?"

"They are both originally from Spain. Eleazar, however, was once a member of theVolturi."

"Really? What made him leave?"

"The same reason the sisters took up vegetarianism, he grew tired of constantly killing humans and he had met Carmen, his true love. He was granted permission to leave the Volturi guard by Aro. He and Carmen eventually found the sisters and they formed their coven." I explained.

"Well, it will be nice to meet them, I suppose." Bella replied, turning to look out the car window, watching the trees fly by.

The rest of the drive was spent with easy conversations and a few historical stories on my part. We passed into Canada without any problem and after another several hours of driving we were finally in Alaska. Bella basically had her nose pasted to the window, taking in the stunning scenery.

We finally came to the forest road that led to the cabin and, within a few minutes, stopped outside the dwelling. I opened the passenger door for Bella, as she stepped out, jaw slack in amazement.

"It's...smaller than I expected." she smirked, joking.

"We only ever use it for a vacation home, usually." I explained, retrieving her luggage out of the trunk.

The cabin was small by my family's standard. It was a two story home, one large open room on the ground floor where the living area and kitchen could be found, separated only by a partition. A winding staircase was situated into the far corner of the living room that led up to the second floor. The top level held a bathroom, three small bedrooms and the master bed chamber with its own private bath. A small deck circled the entirety of the outside where one could sit undisturbed for hours on end. The land around the property was littered with tall pine trees and clear stream ran past the west side, running down from the mountains that could be seen in the distance.

"It's so beautiful here." Bella breathed, her breath fogging around her face in the cold temperature.

"Come. I will show you around the cabin." I said, taking her hand in mine and leading her toward the front door.


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