E/O Drabble Challenge

WoW "Coast" Word Count 100

A.N. Sorry about inflicting this on you. Couldn't help myself.


Potential completely nausea inducing cute warning!

Dean hunkered down, smiling at the toddler gazing out from behind her mother's legs, "Hey Daisy. Those pink wellies are totally cool!"

Inspecting her own feet, Daisy stated "Mummy buyed 'em."

"Really? Would she buy me some?"

Daisy giggled, shaking her head.

" Your Mummy says there's something bad in your house. Have

you ever seen it?"

Tears blossoming Daisy nodded, whispering, "Is a coast."

"Well….see my brother Sammy up there?"

Tilting back her head, Daisy stared up at Sam.

"Him and me? I promise you, we'll frighten that silly ghost


Daisy nestled herself into Dean's chest, hugging him.