I haven't written a story for fanfiction for a long time, because I've been busy. But I got some time now, so I'm trying out this Harry Potter fanfic.

This story is about the seventh year and the important stuff at the end of book 6 didn't happen, Malfoy didn't get the task to murder Dumbledore and Snape didn't kill Dumbledore. Just imagine that Voldemort got a bit lazy in the sixth year and he hasn't gotten very far with his plans yet lol. Anyway, on with the story now!

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Chapter 1 There is no delight in owning anything unshared


No answer. Obviously.


It all had sounded so beautiful in her mind. She, Hermione Granger, had the honor to be the Head Girl. She even had let out a little, high-pitched shriek, when she had gotten the letter which had stated the news. What a foolish girl she had been then.

Yes, the role of Head Girl did please her. She especially enjoyed being responsible and in control. One of her first tasks had been to order the prefects to control the cabins in the Hogwarts Express for any abnormalities and she had been extremely satisfied, when the train journey had been smooth without any problems. The privileges certainly were nice as well. Her bedroom was twice as big as the one she had in her previous school years. Not to mention her private book case she could stuff with every book she could think of. There actually was only one little disadvantage of being a Head Girl, which sneakily hadn't been mentioned in the letter.

The blonde Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, had to be the Head Boy. She was forced to work together with the guy, who had been insulting and harassing her for the last years. And that wasn't even the worst part. They had to share a common room and a bathroom, which meant she couldn't even avoid his presence if she wanted to. As a small consolation, she kept telling herself that they at least had separate bedrooms.

"It's my turn!" She yelled impatiently. She had been standing in front of the bathroom for so long that she was getting beyond annoyed.

She stared ashamed at the self-made sign hanging on the door, that said occupied. The lock of the bathroom door already had been broken for some days. Three days ago she and Draco had been pulling so harshly at the heck of the bathroom door, both trying to be the first to get in the bathroom, that the poor heck had fallen off and the lock had broken down.

"I'll be done in a minute," she heard him scream at the other side of the door.

Of course he wouldn't be done in a minute. It was just his automatic reaction to her, whenever she asked him to hurry up. And the bathroom time was the worst, because he could stay in there for hours. Bathing, doing his hair, brushing his teeth and doing whatever it was what he did in there. She didn't even want to know.

"Pansy's coming over tomorrow evening, so you have to be gone then," he stated. Like always he ordered her. He didn't even bother to friendly ask if she would be okay with it.

"Again?" she sighed, " But I already invited Ron and Harry."

"I told you not to invite those two to come here. The last time Weasley was here, it took a week before all the lice were gone. Like it already isn't bad enough living with that thing in here."

"Crookshanks is an animal, not a thing."

"Yes, just like the Weasel and Potter. You shouldn't invite them anymore."

"We've already been through this. If I'm not allowed to invite Ron and Harry, then you can't invite Crabbe or Goyle or that Blaise guy."

Although the Italian kid certainly was the smartest of Malfoys friends, she would always feel uncomfortable when he stopped by. He had this strange way of looking at her, like he was checking her out. Maybe if it had been another guy who had been looking at her like that, she would have been flattered. But she knew very well that his gaze wasn't specially reserved for her. He stared at every girl in that manner and that fact just made his stare creepy.

Bored of waiting, she glanced at the common room. The room had been another main topic of her many discussions with Malfoy. They couldn't agree about anything. Finally they decided to divide the room in half. Yes, it had even come to the pathetic point they had to put down an actual line to make sure which side of the room was hers and which was his.

There was something off about the common room. A few drawers of her closet had been opened, like someone had been wildly searching through her things.

"Did you come to my side of the room?" she asked Malfoy suspiciously.

At that moment Malfoy walked out of the bathroom and to her horror she immediately saw which one of her possessions had been taken away from her cabinet. It wasn't hard to notice since it was the only thing that he was wearing. A towel. To be precise her pink, soft towel.

"Merlin, don't look at me like I've committed a crime. I just needed a towel or would you rather have me here walking naked?"

"Yes! No…" she blushed, " I mean you should have asked first."

He simply shrugged and grabbed a tube of hair gel. Irritated by his nonchalance she headed to the bathroom to finally have her chance to shower.

Stupid ferret. He really didn't have one clue about having respect for the belongings of others. He just walked around in their room, acting like he was a king who could do whatever what he wanted whenever he wanted.

"Don't go in there, I still have to do my hair," he pushed her aside and before she knew it, she was again standing in front of a closed bathroom door.

Don't get mad. Don't get mad and do something you will regret, she thought to herself. She still had to live with him for seven more months. Only seven more months and it all would be over. Oh! It was going to be seven very long months.


"He's the worst roommate you've could ever imagine," Hermione complained to her friends in the Gryffindor common room.

"If you want, I could ask Fred and George whether they have some new magic prank from their joke shop to annoy Malfoy," Ron tried to help, while a sheepishly grin appeared on his face. He was probably already imagining all of the unfortunate things that magically could happen to Malfoy.

"Thanks, but I think I should handle this myself. I will talk to him."

Hermione couldn't help but notice how Harry rolled his eyes and how Ron stared at her silently.

"What?" She asked, wondering what she had said that was so wrong.

"You've already tried to talk to him last time," Harry explained.

"And the time before that and the time before that and the time before that…" Ron added.

"I just don't understand why he has to be this annoying. We agreed to be as civilized as possible, while we had to share the room."

"He's Malfoy. It's in his blood to be annoying."

Unsatisfied with the answer she had be given, she buried her head again in a book about mythical creatures. The report wasn't due in three weeks, but she wanted to make sure every word was precisely perfect. She tried really hard to concentrate on her text book, but she couldn't help her thoughts wandering back to Malfoy. The horrible, arrogant Slytherin. Unbelievable, now he even was disturbing her learning process, while he wasn't here.

If he just hadn't been the Head Boy, her seventh year would have been perfect. Why did the Head Boy an Head Girl have to share a room? Stupid rules of that agreement for Heads…

"That must be it! Why haven't I thought of that before," she suddenly exclaimed.

Harry and Ron looked dumbfounded at her, not knowing what she was talking about.

"There was a rule in the agreement for Heads, that Malfoy and I had to sign in the Hogwarts Express. The only way for a Head to be excluded from the Head room is if a Head voluntarily gives up his or her Head room . Malfoy's been harassing me, so that I will give up my room," Hermione smiled proudly for cracking the code for Malfoy's behavior, " So I will have to annoy him more, so that he will gives up his room."

"You sure he's not just being annoying, because he is annoying?" Her red-haired friend asked unimpressed.

'' 'Mione, you do know it's Malfoy we're talking about. Do you really want to make him mad on purpose, when you don't have to?"

"So you don't think I can outsmart him?" she asked offended.

"No it's not like that at all. But he plays dirty and you… you're just not like that. You play by the rules and he doesn't. He has his evil Slytherin ways, being sneaky and deceiving. It could be dangerous."

Hermione sighed miserably. Maybe she did have to be the mature one and stand above it. They already had enough problems with the rise of Voldemort as it was without her making problems with Malfoy.

Again, she focused her attention on her many paged book. Unintentionally her eyes gazed at the pile of other books she had brought with her. Out one of the books hung a strange kind of green fabric she hadn't seen before. Curiously she pulled the fabric out to find out what it was. To her surprise it was a sock, in which was imprinted a great, silver M.

Disgusted she threw away the sock. This was it! The final straw! She had enough. Malfoy had disgraced her precious book by leaving a disgusting a sock of his in it and she wasn't letting him get away with it. She had been the smartest of all of her classes every year and there was no way she couldn't compete with some self-absorbed, big-headed blonde. She was going to sink to his level and beyond it if she had to. The common room was going to be hers. Only hers.

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