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Title: Hard Facts

Summary: Pam shows Sookie something that changes everything about her feelings for a Viking vampire, post 2x01

Rated: M (lang, sex. sit)
Genre: Romance/Angst
Fandom: True Blood
Setting: Season 4
Pairing: E/S


Sookie Stackhouse wiped her brow as the last customer exited the bar. It'd been a busy night, something to keep her mind off of things that'd been revealed to her. She'd been gone a year, a whole dang year, and though everything looked the same, it really wasn't. After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend, Bill Compton, she'd run to be with who she thought to be her people. Boy was she ever wrong. The fairies ended up being a bunch of crazy, goblin looking creatures looking to kill her. She'd managed to escape, with the help of her grandfather, who had thought he'd been gone only hours instead of twenty years. Then again, Sookie had only been in the fae for barely twenty minutes, and a whole year had passed in her world.

In the year that passed, Jason had become a deputy and Sam had come in contact with some of his own kind. Sam was a shifter, and Sookie was happy for her boss that he found others to be around and to run with in the night under the moon and stars. Tara even came back for a reunion and the real shock had been finding out that her ex was now King of Louisiana. She wondered how long that would last, especially with Eric running Area 5. They didn't like one another, not one bit, and Sookie worried that Eric might do something to hurt Bill to gain that power.

Not that she cared. Bill had lied to her. Manipulated her and betrayed her in ways she never thought possible. He had been an errand boy for the ex-Queen, Sophie Anne, and got close to Sookie to find out what it was her secret was. He made her drink his blood so that he could keep track of her, and then drank hers not due to passion but to see if the hunch was right and if she was different. Bill insisted that in the end he loved her, but if he had loved her he'd of told her instead of keeping it a secret. He'd have done something to protect her.

Wiping furiously at watering eyes she pushed all those thoughts away as she helped Terry clean up. While he cleaned the grill she refilled any empty napkins, sugars, or ketchup bottles. Salt and pepper shakers were fine. Sam had manned the bar that night so Sookie did him the favor of cleaning the glasses and checking to see what bottles of alcohol needed to be replaced or ordered. He was now shut in his office, counting the money.

Together, Sookie and Terry stacked chairs and while she swept the floor he took out the trash. She waved him off when he asked her if she needed any more help.

"I'm fine. Go home to Arlene and your family," said Sookie. Though her whole body ached and her feet felt like a thousand pounds each, she could tell Terry was stressing over Arlene and sent him on his way. After mopping, Sookie hit all the lights save for the back one so that Sam could see his way around after leaving the office. Fishing for her keys, she'd almost made it to her yellow Honda before a breeze made her whip around. There, standing in a sheik pink suit, was Pam.


"Sookie." Pam looked irritated, but underneath it all she also looked a little worried. Sookie wondered what could cause the deadly vampire to worry, but didn't have to wonder long. The only thing Pam really cared about was herself… as well as her maker. "I need to talk to you."

"About Eric?" asked Sookie, leaning against her car.

"He doesn't know I'm here," she said before pulling out a slim USB drive. "Take this."

"What is it?" asked Sookie.

"Something you should see," said Pam. "Look, I don't like you. You're causing him pain and though you've proven yourself useful in the past he won't follow my advice and leave you be. If it were up to me I'd get rid of you myself."

"Gee, Pam, really feeling the love here," said Sookie, calmly reaching into her pocket where a silver necklace resided. Ever since being backstabbed by a vampire she loved, she kept it in her pocket, just to be safe.

"Then again," said Pam with a smirk. "I've never seen someone affect him in the way that you do. It's kind of fun, but lately… it hasn't been fun."

"What am I missing?" asked Sookie.

"Just look at the file," said Pam. "You DO have a computer, right?"

"No, but-"

Pam huffed. "Wait here."

"Wait-" But she was already gone. "Damn vampires, always expectin' me to wait on them."

But Sookie did wait, and five minutes later, Pam was back with a thin, silver laptop.

"Where did you get this?" asked Sookie suspiciously.

"Eric keeps many backups," said Pam. "You can have it. It's brand new."

"I don't want anything from Eric-"

"It's from ME," said Pam, eyes flashing. "And you WILL accept it."


They stood there in an awkward silence before Pam straightened. "Eric is summoning me. Make sure to watch it TONIGHT and… choose your next course of action wisely."

Then Pam was gone, for good Sookie hoped, and before Pam could come back Sookie got into her car and left. Upon arriving at her newly renovated home, Sookie was beat. She drug her feet to the door, her new computer under her arm. After locking her door she flipped off the porch light and turned on the small entry one. Using that light she took off her shoes, tossed her purse on a chair, then went upstairs to her room. Stripping she took a fast shower to wash the smell of grease from her hair. Slipping on only a thin robe, she went to her bed and lay upon it.

She wanted to watch it in the morning, but her curiosity got the best of her. Slipping from the bed she got the USB drive. She flicked off the entry light and jogged up the stairs. Sliding onto her bed she turned on her new computer. After setting up the options like the computer user name and password, as well as accepting or declining some offers, she was able to plug in the USB drive. She opened the folder and double clicking on the only file available, Windows Media Player opened and shortly after started playing the file.

Pam and Eric were in Eric's office, the date and time on the bottom of the screen was familiar but she didn't connect the dots until Eric suddenly stood up, panting.

"NO!" he shouted, fangs elongating as he looked as Pam. "Sookie…"

"What is it?" asked Pam, sounding bored.

"I can't FEEL her, Pam," he said. "I… I must go."

It was the night she went into the fae. That's what this was. Why would Pam want her to see this?

A new clip appeared, the date showed the next night. Eric was pacing, barking orders into the phone.

"Check her home. AGAIN. See if that shifter Sam or that wolf Alcide knows anything. The humans are looking into it now that it's been twenty-four hours. The fat one, Officer Bellefluer thinks she got killed by vampires because of the company she kept…yes it took all of my power now to snap his neck…" He hung up and closed his eyes. "Sookie… where are you?"

It changed again. Eric was sitting at his desk. Sookie could see the bloodied tears he'd cried. Pam came in, carting a brunette female behind her.

"Master, you must feed."



"I'M NOT HUNGRY!" he roared, making the brunette scream then faint. He snarled, curling his lip at Pam. "Get this trash out of my office."

"Eric," said Pam softly. "She isn't worth it-"

Eric cut Pam off, entrapping her throat with his hand, and if she had to breathe she'd have surely been suffocating. Instead, she stood there stock still, eyes wide.

"She is worth EVERYTHING."

"You love her," croaked Pam, making him let her go and turn away from her. Sookie couldn't see his face, but could see the tense set of his shoulders.

"I do not know."

"You need your strength," said Pam. "If she is in danger, you'll need to be strong to save her."

"Then get me a True Blood for I do not feel like catering to another woman right now."

"Yes Master."

Sookie looked down at the time bar and saw that the video was half way done. She bit her bottom lip, worried about what she might see next. A thundering crash made her jump and her wide eyes focused on the screen once more to see Eric trashing his office. He threw a computer at the wall, sparks flying from it. His desk was next, it was split in two by one kick. The roar that came from his lips was heart wrenching, but what was worse than that was seeing the old, Viking vampire fall to his knees and cry like he had the day Godric met the sun. Sookie brought her hands up to her mouth and gasped when seeing the raw pain on his face. Never would she have thought to see him crumble like this because of her.

"I shall find you… Until I know you are truly gone, I will look for you," he whispered.

It faded to black and Sookie brushed tears that had fallen off of her cheeks. Another image came forth, but this was Pam. Not Eric.

"Since you've returned he's gotten some of himself back. Unfortunately your inability to let him be anything to you other than a monster has him tormented. Sookie, I beg you…" Pam huffed, as if upset she had to ask a human for help. "Get off your high horse and give him a chance. At least be civil, for he's mourned your loss for quite some time. He is withdrawing, becoming reckless because of your constant denial of his request to be his."

That was the end. The screen was black and Sookie was shrouded in darkness. Sniffling she closed the laptop and placed it beside her bed before laying upon her side, contemplating what to do next. She'd seen his pain, saw how lost he'd been, how angry. He'd told her about Bill but… he'd also tricked her, many times. He'd lied to her and kept her clueless to his plans when it came to Russell. After that passionate kiss that'd awakened her desire to him, she had thought to have made a connection…

"If I meet the true death without even having kissed you Sookie Stackhouse, it would be my biggest regret."

Then came the chaining, and later letting Russell have a taste of her…Then again he's had her blood and he hasn't revealed her secret to anyone. Pam knew as well and even she didn't tell anyone about seeing what she could do. Sookie was certain it was because of Eric's orders that Pam didn't snitch on her.

"You're blood…it tastes like freedom Sookie. Like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle."

That is what she worried about. She had thought he only wanted her because of her blood and now? Now she wasn't so sure.

"Ugh!" She lay flat on her back, looking up at the ceiling. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

All this proved was that he missed her when she was gone, but could she ever trust him wholly? She'd, technically, just broke up with Bill a while ago, how could she just go from one vampire to another? Did she still love Bill? Yes, but never will she feel for him like she did before his betrayal. Did she love Eric? No, but there were feelings there. Mostly ones of lust, but at times she'd seen sides of him that usually remained hidden. If she took this step, would he be able to trust her and treat her as an equal? It was something she'd definitely demand of him.

All these thoughts started to weigh heavily on her and that along with the tiredness she'd felt before after shift had her closing her eyes and falling asleep…



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