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Sookie was awakened by the glare of the sun through her window. Groaning, she turned to her side, back to the sun as she burrowed her head further into the pillow. Usually she was ready to hop out of bed to start her day but now? She just wanted to hide under the covers and avoid the predicament she was currently in. Even during sleep she dreamt of Eric. It wasn't the lusty, blood boiling, want to get with the sex kind of dream that the blood bond usually created. This time? She dreamed of a tormented Eric, trashing his office, blood tears in his eyes as he cried out her name.

"Fuck," she cursed, hitting her pillow. She wasn't a curser, unless the situation was right, and the situation was totally right. "What am I gunna do?"

It was times like this she missed her Gran. She wished she could go downstairs, pour a mug of coffee, and pour her problems out to her grandmother. Closing her eyes it didn't take much to force her body to return to slumber. She didn't dream and was truly oblivious to the world around her until waking later. She yawned deeply and stretched her body while rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Glancing at the clock, it read a little after one in the afternoon and she groaned. She'd practically slept her whole day off away!

Rolling out of bed she padded her way to the bathroom. When done she pulled her hair up into a ponytail, too lazy to change from her sleeping attire, and headed down the stairs. Her hand trailed down the new railing while her feet slid comfortably over the new floor. She had to admit, the work Eric did on the house was great. He managed to keep her favorite things and add others that matched. The kitchen was updated, including the coffeemaker, and she quickly added the grounds into the machine and just turned it on when there was a knock on her door.

Curious, Sookie walked quickly to answer, and standing on the other side was Arlene holding her son. Opening the door, Sookie gave her a bright smile.


"Don't you know how to answer a phone?" snapped Arlene, making Sookie balk slightly.

"I'm sorry. I was tired and I must've slept through it."

"Well I'm happy some of us have the luxury to sleep in," said Arlene, bounding her baby and patting his bottom. Then thinking: "Damn kids waking me up at the butt-crack of dawn to watch cartoons."

"Is everything okay?" asked Sookie, making Arlene deflate.

"I'm sorry, Sookie," she said. "With the baby and the kids and Terry acting a little nuttier than usual its been stressful. I was on my way out to Andy's when Sam called asking for me to check on you because you weren't answering your phone. He'd of come but he had deliverymen coming. Holly called in and he wanted to know if it'd be okay to work the evening shift again?"

"Oh! Yeah I'll call him right away and tell him I can do it," said Sookie. "I need the hours."

"Okay then," said Arlene. "See you tonight." "What a wasted trip, he could've just called again…"

Sookie was more than happy to work. Work meant that she was going to keep herself busy blocking out thoughts of others, therefore not having time to mill over hers. So she poured her coffee, made herself some breakfast, then grabbed a book and headed outside after calling Sam. It wasn't too chilly, but she still kept her pajama shorts and t-shirt on instead of oiling up and putting on a bikini. She did her best to read, but instead all she could think about was Eric.

Closing her eyes she rested her back against one of the many large trees in her yard and sighed. She felt comforted by the feel of the sun on her skin, her inner fairy thanking her for it.

"I can't trust him. That's what's holding me back. It's too soon after Bill and… he's done nothing that has made me even remotely comfortable around him. I'm attracted to him but that… isn't enough…"

Making a sound of frustration in the back of her throat, Sookie got up from her spot, and headed into the house to get ready for her shift. Perhaps later, she'd be able to think about someone other than Eric.


"Oh for the love of-really?"

There, standing by her car after a horrendous shift, was Eric. He looked at ease leaning against the yellow hunk of junk, arms and ankles crossed, but Sookie could tell something was bothering him. Perhaps it was the blood bond that they had that enabled her to pick up on the underlying irritation, anger, and… fear?

"Sookie," he said, his voice silky smooth. "Rough night?"

"You have no idea," she said, running a tired hand through her hair. She saw him inhale deeply though his nose then make a face.

"You smell of pickles."

"Well that's because I got a whole jar dumped on me," she said. "That was the LEAST of my problems tonight. We had a couple skimp out on their tab, my tips were horrible, and a group of men thought that my butt was public property and couldn't keep their hands off of it."

"Who are these men," growled Eric, fangs dropping. "I will teach them to keep their hands off of what's mine."

"Eric! I'm not…" Sookie deflated. "Whatever. I'm tired and want to go home."

"We need to talk," said Eric.

"Eric… Not now. Please? I can barely stand and-HEY!" He had her purse and was currently digging in it. Soon she heard the metallic jingle of her keys and he handed her back her purse. "Give me my keys!"

"I will drive you home," he said.



"NO," she said with finality.

"Yes," he said simply, opening her driver side door and climbing in. She stamped her foot and made a sound of irritation in the back of her throat before stomping around the hood of her car and entering the passenger side, closing the door with enough force to slightly rock the vehicle. "I do not know how you manage to drive this death trap."

"It's not like I have the money to buy a new one."

"I will-"

"NO. Eric! You can't just BUY me things!"

"Most women wouldn't say no to a man who offered to buy them something."

"Well I'm not MOST women," countered Sookie, making Eric smirk before starting the car.

"That I know," he said, putting the car into gear, frowning when the vehicle made a sputtering noise before it went forward.

Sookie snuck a glance in his direction. His jaw was set and she knew he was doing his best to not white-knuckle her steering wheel and bend it. Though she was tired, a part of her was curious as to what was bothering him so much. Soon, they were parked in her yard but neither of them moved as he cut the engine, sitting in silence as the cicadas buzzed in her yard.

"I know Pam gave you that video footage."

Sookie's large eyes met his deep blue.


"I wish for you to forget what was on that tape. I… wasn't in my right mind." He cleared his throat, uncomfortable with the situation, and moved his gaze to the windshield instead of her. "Pam has been reprimanded for interfering. I will let you know I had no intention of you EVER seeing that."


"I will leave you be," he said, quickly exiting the car, and Sookie scrambled for the handle on her door.

"Dang it Eric Northman, hold on a second!" she yelled, opening her door and hurrying out. She jogged around her car to stand by him. "You can't keep doing this!"

"Whatever do you mean?" he asked, towering over her. "I was just informing you that I was aware of Pam's schemes and that I had no dealing with it-"

"I knew you had no part of it. I knew you wouldn't want me to see this side of you, and that is what irks me!"

"I… do not understand."

"Why do you hide yourself away from me?" she asked softly and once again his gaze was caught in hers. "Its because of that, that I find myself unable to trust you, because I feel like I don't know the REAL you."

"You know the real me," he said, towering over her, making her take a small step back. His eyes flashed before his large hands gripped her hips, fingertips slightly digging into her flesh. "I'm dangerous, untrustworthy, and could kill you in an instant…"

"THIS is why I can't stand you!" she shouted, trying to push him away, but he only pulled her in closer. His nose trailed in her hair and she did her best to ignore the fact that her body was softening and that a single nose brush could have her feel needy.

"This is why you can't stand to be away from me," he purred, hands transitioning from her hips up her shirt so that his bare hands were touching the skin of her back. "You revel the fact that you have a monster like me ready to bow down to your every wish and command."

"No," Sookie whispered. "I don't."

"Then stop me from kissing you," he whispered.

Sookie struggled slightly but Eric wasn't fooled. He and she both knew that if she really felt the need to, she could scream at him to leave her alone or even blast him with her fairy powers. She didn't. She let him cage her in his arms and she tilted her head up slightly as he bent down and captured her lips with his own. His flesh was cool against her heated lips and he moaned at the contact. Tongues met, dueling as his palms slid over the skin of her back while her hands bunched the fabric at the front of his shirt. All too soon the kiss was broken and Sookie was gasping for air while Eric studied her.

"I do want you to be mine," he said calmly, fingertips now brushing over her flushed cheeks. "The day you agree will be the happiest I've had in hundreds of years."

He took a step back and Sookie instantly missed his touch.

"Until that day comes… I will be waiting."

Then he was gone, leaving and very confused and horny Sookie behind, wondering just what the hell Eric Northman was planning.




Two days later, she is driving home for work, pondering a trip to Fangtasia to confront him, when she finds him running down the side of the road…