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Chapter 1: "Heartless?"

'I hear something.'

"Are you alright?"

'Where's it coming from?'

"Come on, wake up!"

Ash slowly opened his eyes to see a girl with darkish-red hair looking down at him before falling unconscious again. He woke up to find he was in a wooden frame bed inside a shack. He sat up and looked around to find his backpack on a small wooden table. He got up and walked toward the door and was blinded by the bright light he took to be the sun. After a small moment he was able to see he was on a beach somewhere.


Ash looked to his side to see a white volleyball hit him smack in the face knocking him to the ground.

"Youch!" Ash said put his face to his hand.

"Sorry 'bout that mon. So you're finally awake eh?"

Ash looked to see a man dressed in a light-yellow tank top with bright yellow pants. He had bandana around his head with the front of his hair up in a backwards curve.

"Don't worry about it. I've been hit by worse."

"Welcome to Destiny Islands. The name's Wakka." The guy said.

"I'm Ash. Ash Ketchum. Hey have you seen a Pikachu around here?" Ask asked noticing his Pokémon was nowhere to be seen.

"Eh, bless you. Or did you mean something else?" Wakka asked confused.

"I mean a Pi-ka-chu." Ash said pronouncing Pikachu's name slowly.

"Sorry I don't know what a Pikachu is." Wakka told him.

"He's a little yellow Pokémon that looks like a mouse." Ash explained.

Wakka made a look that showed he was even more confused, "What's a Pokémon, I've never heard of such a thing?"

Ash was surprised at this. "What region am I in?"

Wakka was getting a concerned look on his face. "Ash, was it, do you have everything you had before you came here." He asked.

Ash checked his belt and pockets and found that his Pokédex and all his Pokémon were gone.

'What's going on?'

Wakka could tell Ash was as just as confused as he was. "Ash, what was the last thing you remember?"

'The last thing I remember?' Ash started to recall his last memory before waking up here. "I was walking down Route 3 in Kanto with Pikachu to go and pay a visit to an old friend and then these pitch-black creatures with round yellow eyes showed up out of nowhere and..."

Wakka eyes widened as he heard that last bit and said "Hold that thought for a minute. Hey Tidus, tell Sora, Riku, and Kairi to come over here pronto." Wakka shouted to a kid holding a red stick, who seemed to be practicing fighting skills with it.

"Sure thing, Wakka." Tidus shouted back running off.

"Who are they?" Ash asked Wakka

"Some friends of mine that can clear some things up for ya." Wakka replied.

Soon Tidus came back with three people following him. One had spiky brown hair who was wearing a black coat with grey shorts and a white t-shirt wearing a necklace with a crown emblem around his neck. Another had long white hair that went down past his shoulders wearing a white tank top that was similar to Wakka's with black shorts. The third was a girl with darkish-red hair wearing a red dress. Ash recognized her as the girl who found him.

"I can see you're awake and alright. I'm glad." The girl said.

"Guys, this is Ash Ketchum." Wakka told them.

"I'm Sora." The brown hair kid said.

"Riku." The white hair kid said.

"Kairi." The girl said.

"Guys, Ash needs some help." Wakka said.

"Does he need a ride to the mainland?" Sora asked

"Actually he needs help with something bigger." Wakka explained. "Ash, I'm gonna leave them to explain what happened." Wakka told him while walking towards Sora. He stopped next to him and whispered something in his ear. Sora then made a face like he was stunned.

"Are you sure?" Sora asked.

Wakka nodded then walked off.

"Ash," Sora said looking at him, "we better go inside. We have a lot to talk about." They walked into the shack. "Tell us what you told Wakka."

"Well um, I was walking down Route 3 in Kanto with my Pokémon Pikachu to go see an old friend when these pitch-black creatures with round yellow eyes showed up out of nowhere and whatever they were I somehow could tell they weren't Pokémon. So I told my Pikachu to attack them with thunderbolt but that just pushed them back rather than knock them out. The next thing I know this black sludge comes from the ground and then I'm falling through it like it's a hole and I just kept falling until I just somehow fell asleep. The next thing I see when I opened my eyes is Kairi, and I guess you know the rest." Ash said to them.

"Ash, you were right when you figured those black creatures weren't Pokémon, whatever they are." Riku said.

"What were they then?" Ash asked

"Heartless." Sora said.

"Heartless?" Ash said with a confused face

"Creatures of darkness that literally are what they're called. There are many different kinds of Heartless and they steal other people's hearts." Kairi explained.

"Ash I'm sorry to tell you this but if you were attacked by Heartless it's most likely everyone in your world was attacked by them." Sora told him.

"What do you mean 'my world'?" Ash asked confused.

"Ash, you're in a world where Pokémon don't exist." Riku said. "What's more, your world was most likely consumed by darkness."

To be continued...