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Chapter 5: True Keyblade Master King Mickey

Meanwhile, in Traverse Town…

"Do you think Cid will be okay with us going to pick up his stuff for his shop?" A young man around 10 years old wearing glasses said. "I mean, we're still trying to figure out our way around here."

"Well, he told us exactly where to go in Second District," said a 16 year old girl that was walking with him, "and we've been through there several times before. I think we'll be just fine, Max."

"True, but why is he sending me with you and not May, Misty?" Max asked.

"Well, probably because the two of you are usually fighting." The red-haired teen said to him.

Max smiled sheepishly, "I guess you're right about that."

"Besides, he's got May working with Dawn to set things up in the shop, while Brock is helping him with the heavier work." Misty continued.

They were about to go through the door into Second District when Max thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. When he turned he saw the small alleyway behind the Gear Shop that the "Moogles," as Cid called them, ran. Curious he started walking that way. Misty noticed this.

"Max? Where are you going?" Misty asked.

Without turning around Max answered, "I thought I saw something."

"Well, we're busy so it'll have to wait. Don't forget, Cid said we need to be ready for when this Sora kid shows up. Anyway, it's probably just those "Moogle" things, or whatever they're called." Misty reasoned.

Taking that for what he saw, Max shrugged it off and followed Misty into Second District.

What Max thought he saw was really a flash of light leaving behind an unconscious Ash. Ash wasn't seen because he was up against the wall nearest to them.

Just then a small, puffy, light-colored creature with bat like wings and a red ball attached to its head came out through a door out of the back of the Gear Shop. It noticed Ash laying there and came up to him.

"Are you alright, kupo?" It asked Ash who was still unconscious. Getting no response from him it started to prod him to get him to wake up. After being poked several times Ash began stirring and slowly opened his eyes.

"Ugh, what happened?" Ash asked himself, groggily.

After his eyes had fully adjusted, Ash found himself staring at the strange creature's face.

"You okay, kupo?" It asked.

Ash continued to stare until…


Ash ran out of the alleyway and into the town square. Ash looked at the place and saw that he was no longer on Destiny Island.

'Well that hooded guy said I would be taken to another world.' Ash said in his mind. 'Wait a minute, if he knew that he might know something about what's going on with those Pokémon Heartless. I should try to find him.'

Ash looked around and saw a small flight of stairs that led up to a shop that read "Traverse Town Gummi Shop."

"Gummi? As in Gummi Ship?" Ash asked himself. "Well if I'm going to find him, I guess I'll need to learn about where I am. That should be good place to start."

Ash walked up the stairs towards the shop. When he reached the door he a saw a "Closed" sign. Assuming it might be locked, Ash knocked on the door. "Hello? Is anybody here?"

He heard footsteps coming toward the door and a girl saying, "I'm sorry, but we're not open y…" The girl that opened the door had blue hair and eyes and started staring wide eyed. "Ash!?"

"Dawn!?" Ash responded

"Dawn, did you just say Ash?" Another female voice said.

"May, is that you?!" Ash said swinging the door to the shop open. Sure enough the brown-haired girl was standing right next to a box as though she was putting its contents on the shelf. Both girls were staring at him in a mixture of shock and joy.

"You're alive!" Both girls screamed overjoyed as they embraced him so tightly they were squeezing the life out of him.

"Dawn! May! It's great to see you guys are alright too, but seriously, I can't breathe!" Ash said almost choking.

"Oh! Sorry Ash." May said.

Ash looked at both of them. Both looked like they hadn't been happier for a long time.

"Where have you been all this time?" Dawn asked.

"Well, uh…"

"We'll get to that later." May said, cutting him off. "BROCK, GET DOWN HERE NOW AND I'M NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER!" May shouted up ladder that went past the ceiling.

Soon enough, someone could be heard coming down.

"Ugh, what is so important that I have to come down right this sec…?"

The brown-haired, dark-skinned Pokémon Doctor stopped short of completing his sentence in surprise upon seeing who had arrived.

"Brock!" Ash said.

"Ash?!" The two did a brotherly embrace. "Where've you been?"

"What's going on down here?"

Down the ladder came a much older man with blonde hair dressed in dark-blue cargo pants, a white t-shirt, and had goggles on his head and around his waist was a rather large, light-brown belt.

"And who might this be?" The man asked.

"Cid, this is our friend, Ash." Dawn answered, "He's from our world too."

"Really? And he's just now showing up?" Cid questioned.

"Uh, you see…"

"Cid, maybe we should go and get Misty and Max so he doesn't have tell his story over and over again." May suggested.

"Misty and Max are here too?!" Ash said.

"I sent them on a small job to pick something up in Second District." Cid answered. "Brock, you've been there before. Try and catch up to them and get them back here."

"Okay Cid." Brock said going back up the ladder.

"Hang on I'll go with you." Ash said.

"Do you really want to see Misty that badly?" Brock asked teasingly.

"What so bad about wanting to see a friend that I've been worried about for so long?" Ash asked with a noticeable blush.

"A 'Friend,' huh?"

"Shut-up Brock!"

The trip to Second District was short, but once through the doors out of First District, there was a question Ash wanted to ask.

"Brock, have you guys been working there all this time?"

"Yeah, we have." Brock said. "Cid let us stay and work around his shop so it be ready for when this Sora kid comes."

"Sora? Did you just say Sora?" Ash asked.

Brock looked at his friend with a confused look. "Ash, does that name mean something too you?"

"Well, the thing is…"

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" A familiar scream rang out cutting Ash off.

"Max!" Brock said worriedly.

They ran to the railing up ahead to see Max on the ground cowering away from three creatures with red claws dressed in blue with an oddly shaped Heart symbol on their chest with a medieval knight's helmet on their heads. If the helmets weren't open showing their round yellow eyes, Ash wouldn't have figured out what they were so quickly.

"Heartless!" Ash exclaimed.

Immediately Ash jumped straight up over the railing towards the Heartless. Needless to say, Brock was staring with a dropped jaw at how high he had jumped.

'How did he…?'

But Brock's train of thought was interrupted when Ash brought out Trainer's Gear.

Nearing the Heartless Ash brought down his Keyblade, striking the middle Heartless head first, taking it out. With a side swing Ash took out the Heartless to his left, then turned doing an uppercut with his weapon, finishing off the last one.

Max sat there gawking in astonishment at what he had seen.

"Ash?" Max asked in disbelief.

"You okay, Max?" Ash asked.

"Ash! Max!" Brock said running over to them. "Max, are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"That's good." Brock said relieved. He then turned to look at Ash's Keyblade. "How did…?"

"It's a long story." Ash answered. Then he noticed something and started looking around. "Wait a minute. Max, where's Misty?"

Max's eyes widened at that question. "She…"

"Ash, behind you!" Brock shouted.

Ash turned around to see a black mist turn into a rather large Heartless. This Heartless had a round body with a purple vest that went below its abdomen and had yellow rope tide around its stomach area. On its wrists were purple shackles with large chains hanging from them. On its head it wore a medieval helmet, but this one was shaped differently than the others, giving full view of its face and head.

"Guys stay back." Ash said getting into his battle stance. He charged at the giant Heartless and swung his weapon, only to have it bounce off of the front of it. Distracted by confusion of what just happened it didn't notice the Heartless swing its arms at him until it was too late. It struck Ash send him flying with one powerful blow. Taking that much damage from that hit put Ash in a lot of pain. The Heartless then pounded its abdomen with its palms and charged at him.

"Ash!" Both Brock and Max screamed.

It was about to strike him until…

"LOOK OUT!" Someone shouted.

A large round disk hit the Heartless in the head causing it to stop and stagger.

"FIRE!" A scratchy voice rang out.

A medium-sized fireball came out and struck the Heartless in its stomach knocking it on its back.

Just then two strange looking creatures landed in front of Ash. One looked like a dog and it caught the small disk, which Ash now realized was a shield. It was standing on two legs and wore a green shirt with a blackish-grey vest. It had on Yellow pants with a black belt and wore brown clown-like shoes. On its hands were two white gloves and on its head was a gold cap with goggles. The other resembled a duck. It wore a blue vest with a blue cap that looked like it had zippers on it. In its right hand it held a black handled staff with a bent purple end that had a small wizard's hat on it.

"You're Majesty, now!" The dog said.

Just then a small creature jumped from a rooftop and landed on its feet as it brought out a…

'A Keyblade?!' Ash wondered.

The Keyblade it held had a starry design on it. The creature itself looked like a mouse with two large black ears and a thin black tail. Its outfit was mostly read with black sleeves and it wore yellow shoes with a single black stripe.

The mouse jumped at the Heartless striking its head with his Keyblade, destroying it.

"Wow!" Ash said. "Thanks."

The two standing in front turned around to look at him while the Mouse walked towards them.

"A-hyuk, happy to help." The dog said.

Ash then gritted his teeth from the pain he was still feeling from being hit by that Heartless.

"Donald, help him." The mouse said.

"HEAL!" The duck, now known as Donald, said.

A green light engulfed Ash and he soon felt a hundred percent better.

"Thanks again." Ash said. "Who are you guys?"

"Donald Duck. The King's most trusted magician."

"Name's Goofy. Captain of the King's Royal Knights."

"And I'm Mickey. King of Disney Castle and a True Keyblade Master."

"Wow." Ash said in awe.

"You must be Ash." Mickey said. "By the way, try to hit a Large Body from behind or on the head it you want to take it out next time."

"Thanks, but how do you my name?" Ash asked.

"We'll explain everything later, but we need a safer place to talk." Mickey said.

"Ash!" Brock said running over with Max.

"What is it?"

"Ash…" Max started, "…Misty and I were almost to the place Cid sent us to when those things showed out of nowhere. We tried to run but they kept popping up everywhere. Soon they separated Misty and me forcing her towards a dead end, then this black portal appeared and she got pushed in. Ash, Misty's gone."

To be continued…