It was a typical day on the TARDIS lots
of crashing and spinning and the occasional explosion. Rorery was
still asleep in one of the bedrooms but Amy was up front with the
Doctor just as Amy was about to ask where they were going she
vanished "AAAAAMMYYYY" the Doctor managed to yell before
she vanished completely.

She woke up somewhere familiar she was
in the Silurian city the city of those weird reptile people put she
was in a room she didn't recognize it was cold even more because
strangely enough she was wearing her police officer outfit she tried
standing but as she started to come to our scenes she realized she
couldn't her hands were shackled together above her head and her
ankles were shackled together as well there was also bands of metal
at her thighs and at her waste holding her to the strange alien
chair. Examining the chair more closely in an attempt to escape she
realized it was more like a table shaped like a right angle she
looked to her left and was shocked, about a foot and a half from her
shackled in the same position was Martha Jones she was wearing her
normal outfit except the leather jacket which left her light red
spaghetti strap top her form fitting bluejeans and her black leather
boots she then looked to her right and was even more surprised to see
Rose Tyler (she knew her because the Doctor keeps a picture of her in
his room) she was wearing her outfit from the new earth episode which
consisted of a blue blouse tight black pants and dark brown leather

About an hour later Rose and Martha
woke up "hello sleepy heads" Amy said "uuuuhh where
are we" Martha said "how did we get here" Rose
asked At that moment the lights in the room got slightly brighter and
3 female reptiles walked in "You three are all companions of
the doctor. The vile doctor who sent our race into another thousand
year hibernation OH but we escaped that fate, and since the the
doctor was not able to be summoned here we shall punish you for his
crimes. Oh but we will not kill you far worse you will be tortured in
the worst way you human females could imagine". "Oi
before we get into the torture can we at least know each other on a
first name basis" Rose and Martha giggled slightly at this.
"You young one are bold just as the Doctor but you shall know
our names if that is your wish. I am the leader of this small group
we only managed to get 30 of our race below the main city when the
gas was released my name is Sasha These are my generals Jasmine and
Laylah." "Why have you brought us here and why are we
tied up?" Rose said "Are you some weird breed of kinky
lizard people?" Amy and Martha both couldn't help but burst
into laughter. "Oh you think your so clever but you shall
regret your jokes soon enough" "Begin the torture Jasmine
you take the dark one Laylah you take the blond and I get miss sassy
here" "What are you going to do to us" Rose asked
"oh you'll see Laylah said". Sasha snapped her fingers
and 6 female guards came in each set of two was carrying a large
stone chair. A chair was set at the foot of the table in-front of
each girl another guard came in carrying a box and set it down on a
table about 5 feet behind the chairs. The strange lizard people sat
in the chairs "You may think we are all hard scales with no
soft spots" Laylah said "But we have certain "soft"
areas in common with humans that is how we managed to convert this
into a form of torture" "There is a special fluid that
runs through the most ancient and deepest running roots it can only
be gathered here, it is called Talakis it is very valuable on the
surface and occasionally we trade it to a very select few"
"What does it do" Martha asked "Well a small bit of
knowledge is the least we can offer to the ones we will soon torture"
Sasha said. "Talakis put simple amplifies the tickling nerves
in the applied area" "YOUR GOING TO TICKLE US?"
Rose said sceptically "Oi the fierce alien creatures are going
to tickle us" all three of them laughed at this "Don t
forget child it is you who is truly the alien here "It does
seem a bit anti climatic that this torture is tickling" Martha
said "Oh but you've never even imagined tickling like this"
Sasha said "BEGIN" at the command the lizard women
started one at a time slowly removing the shoes of there captives.
Jasmine was slowly removing Maratha's black leather boots almost as
if she enjoyed it. After she got the zipper undone on the first one
she slowly slid it off and said "We lizard people know the
value of our feet we could not walk without them and so we give the
feet a place of value in both our society and our "personal"
lives "Ha I knew it these are kinky lizards" Rose said.
With a look of pure pleasure on her face took a big sniff of Martha's
foot , I have been in love with the smell human feet produce after
being in boots for extended periods, ever since we first capture
Amy". Once Martha's boots were off they moved on to Amy slowly
taking off her black dress shoes that went with her costume. Last
Laylah lovingly gripped Roses boot pulled it off slowly and then she
just sniffed for a few seconds at last she couldn't restrain herself
any more and viciously started sniffing and licking Roses socked feet
"HEY get your lizard dog off me that's disgusting" Rose
said "LAYLAH regain yourself" Sasha barked "Forgive
me mistress it will not happen again" "good remove the
socks now" Rose and Martha's rocks where removed reviling soft
nurtured feet But Amy was wearing stocking's "ha ha you stupid
lizard how are you gonna apply you stupid gunk now" "fret
not child its special properties will allow it to go right through
your stockings" "crap" they all grabbed fine
bristled brushes and started applying a clear goo that was
immediately absorbed by there feet "Any last words girls"
Sasha said "We'll get you for this" Rose said "I
think not" Sasha said "begin" they all said
started scraping there long nails across the feet of there captives
the room erupted with giggles and laughter "Oohohohohoi
yohohohou think this is gonna stohohohop us well you're dead wrong
HAHAHAHAHA!" "You'll nehehehehvr get awahahay with this"
Martha said "Oh but you're all tied up you can do nothing to
stop us" Jasmine said about an hour of endless tickling they
stopped and Sasha walked over to the box and pulled out three short
thick feathers. "These feathers belong to the Talakorin a
special cave bird who survives on nothing but Talakis, These feathers
greatly amplify the effect of the Talakis" "you'll never
win" rose said "we don't aim to win child just to
survive" Sasha handed the feathers to her generals and the
torture resumed they ran the feathers up and down the feet of there
captives the feathers made them scream all the louder and trash about
violently after about half an hour Laylah said "mistress I can
not take there wild shrieks any more can we please use those devices
we got from the surface" "what devices" Martha
asked "A special gag that we got from a rather strange man that
said it would help silence captives" Sasha said and she went to
the box and pulled out three glossy red ball-gags they imminently put
in Amy's and Martha's both of them tried to voice there displeasure
but all that came out was Mmmmmmmppphhh "What the hell are you
doing don't you dare ball-gag me I had a boyfriend who tried to
ball-gag me once and I kicked him so hard he couldn't walk for 3 days
no get that thing away from me I swear to god ill mmmpppphhh".
They immediately started tickling again there captives screaming
Mmmmmmmppphhh the hole time 5 hours of nonstop vicious tickling the
captives were brought water "The next part of torture is feared
among our people so prepare yourself s" Mmmmmmmppphhh? Rose
said and they pushed the chairs away and started licking there
captives feet with there impossibly rough yet strangely soft tongues
The captives started thrashing and flailing about as hard as they
could and after about an hour they all passed out.