The New God in Town

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: coast.

Set: At the end of season 6. Beware of spoilers.

Summary: Screw 'team free will', screw 'end of the world' – why must he always be betrayed from the ones he loves the most?

And he saw everything that he made, and it was very good.

The traitor was defeated, a feathery pile of ash.

There was reluctant respect in the dark eyes of his administrator of Hell.

And desperation in the green ones of he who had denied him.

He laughed, and from the far coast to the edges of the mountains children stirred in their sleep, trembling.

Somewhere Jimmy Novak's daughter awoke weeping.

Down in the cage Michael stopped fighting, howling in rage.

Lucifer smiled.

A tear rolled over freckled skin.

For a tiny moment the devastating flame of uncounted souls flickered.

A/N: The end is nigh, at least the end of hiatus … so what's it going to be, my friends? Hope? Redemption? Or a glorious demise.