WOW Coast: Just because you love someone dearly doesn't mean you don't take them for granted sometimes. Dean learns an important lesson from a scorned 'woman'.

A/N time has not been my friend this week, and as I am heading back off to the Isle of Wight, (the land that broadband forgot) this weekend, I ran out of time to tweak and play with my idea so have had to submit a double drabble for this week's challenge! *pouts*

Disclaimer: I don't own them, but if I did, I'd make damn sure they never took me for granted. :D


Sam grimaced as Dean's mighty sneeze peppered the Impala's windshield with a fine mist of snotty spit.

"Dude, really?"

"She knows I'm sick, so she'll forgive me," Dean croaked with a sniff.

Sam looked away in disgust as Dean, out of tissues after his recent cold, snuffled wetly and wiped his nose with his hand, absent-mindedly spreading the resultant snail-trail across his baby's steering wheel.


The Impala was roaring effortlessly along a deserted highway when her problems began.

Hissing and backfiring, after a few moments of pained spluttering, she coasted to a shuddering halt as Dean pulled over onto the verge and leapt out of his poor crippled baby, eyes wide with concern.

After checking the engine, Dean crouched behind the car, peering intently into the tailpipe, convinced there was a blockage until a spontaneous blast of black smoke belched out of the pipe straight into his face.

Job done, her engine fired up smoothly like sweet music.

Standing up, Dean trudged grumpily round the car, coughing nauseously as he slammed the hood and climbed into the driver's side; soot blackened face throwing a sulky glare at Sam through watering green eyes.

Sam grinned broadly; "I think that's called payback dude!"