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Harvey was beginning to regret bringing his associate along on his latest case. He thought that Mike could be useful; maybe try and - he shuddered to even think it - connect with their client. The poor woman had terrible luck, Harvey had to give her that. Her science firm was being sued, and Jessica wanted Harvey to handle it personally. They wanted her to settle, and although Harvey had tried before to get her to agree she refused. So Jessica stepped in.

"Harvey, Anna Green is a brilliant mind, but troubled. She feels she's being attacked from all sides; her son just died and she feels threatened and lonely. Take the kid," she had told him, a smirk on her face. "See if he can get through to her. People like him."

Harvey snorted but had to hand it to Mike, who was at that moment charming the woman by pouring her some tea and talking animatedly with a smile on his face; he did know how to charm clients. Especially middle-aged women whose sons had died and had the same eyes as Mike.

"Dr Green, I can't even imagine what it's like for you - "

"Anna, please."

"Anna - I know it must be hard, but if you go to court, I don't think there's any way you can win this case. If you settle, you'll only lose some of the money your son worked so hard to gain. If you go to court, you'll maybe lose it all."

The woman leant over and squeezed his hand, smiling; albeit with tears in her eyes. "You're right," she told him, looking over at Harvey. "I'll settle," she said in a small voice. Harvey raised his eyebrows and looked at Mike, who looked as though he wanted to break out into a dance or at least jump up and pump his fist in the air in victory. The woman looked back at Mike. "I'm glad I have honest lawyers," she said to him, smiling fondly. "And you are doing this because it's in my best interest, isn't it?"

"Yes, Dr Gr - Anna. I don't want you to lose anything more than you have to," Mike told her, smiling back. He sat back as she signed the papers Harvey offered her. He felt flushed with his success - Louis had said just as they were leaving that he doubted 'the boy wonder could do it'. Well he'd show him.

"Before you go," Anna said, as Harvey carefully filed the paperwork back in his folder. "Would you like to see some of the work we do here?" Mike's eyes widened. He'd looked up what they did, of course he had, but he hadn't seen any evidence of what they claimed they could do. He looked at Harvey, pleading in his eyes.

The older man rolled his eyes back at him. "We'd love to," he told Anna. She beamed and ushered them into a lab, pointing out various experiments to them. Mike knew his eyes were huge, and he was no doubt gazing around in boyish delight, so he made sure he wasn't in Harvey's eyeline so he couldn't be teased about it afterwards.

"Well, Dr Green, this is all very interesting, but we have to be going," Harvey told her. "Come on, Mike," obediently, Mike nodded and looked back at the woman, who was staring at them as if she couldn't bare for them to leave.

"Wait!" She begged. "Just one more? It's only through here!" Harvey masked his sigh and nodded to Mike.

"I need to get the car ready," he told his associate. "Meet us outside in five minutes. Dr Green," he said as a goodbye, shaking her hand and nodding, before giving Mike a look and going to wait outside.

"Mr Specter!" Harvey heard someone shout him and looked up from where he had been leant against the car, looking over the papers Dr Green had signed. He saw the good doctor herself come towards him, clutching a small boy who was looking very pissed off for such a small child. "Don't forget your associate!" She chirped.

He stared at her. Jessica hadn't told him that Dr Green had gone mad from losing her son. "Where's Mike?" He asked slowly, pretending he hadn't heard the child in her arms huff impatiently.

"Right here, silly!" She laughed, holding the child out to him. He continued to stare at her. Whether she was mad or not, he didn't care, but he wasn't going to have a toddler clinging to his suit. They were sticky things, children.

"Take him!" She said shrilly, and Harvey had a fleeting worry that if he didn't take the boy then Dr Green would just drop him, and as much as he didn't care for children, he really didn't want to be around one that was crying. "Better," she smiled. "Don't worry - two weeks and it'll all be back to normal. Have fun!" With that she went back to her lab.

"I'm cold," Harvey looked down at the small blonde boy in his arms. Well, in his hands. He was holding him under the armpits, away from his suit.

"Well I'm not surprised, kid - you're only... wearing..." He tailed off, staring as he saw the child was wrapped in Mike's shirt. "Mike?"

"Yeah. And before you ask, no I don't know what she did, and you can put me down before you drop me," the child snapped at him, looking even more pissed off than he had when he was being held by Dr Green. Harvey hastily deposited him on the floor, feeling relief that he knew this kid wouldn't start to cry. He hoped. "Can we go now?"

"You want to go?" Harvey asked, trying to stay calm. "You've just been... magicked into a toddler and you just want to go?"

Mike shrugged. "She said it would wear off in two weeks. You can just drop me off at my place and I'll come back to work in two weeks. And for the record," he added, managing to pull the door of the car open, as Ray too was looking at him, his mouth wide open, "I'm not a toddler. Anna said I'm three."

"Because that makes all the difference," Harvey shot back. "And I'm not sending you to live in that crappy apartment for two weeks looking like that. You wouldn't even be able to reach the tap! And for the record - you are a toddler."

Mike fidgeted uncomfortably. "Can we argue later? I'd really appreciate it if you just took me home so I can try and find something to wear," the kid stamped his foot, and Harvey wanted to hit his head several times off the car to see if everything would be normal when he did. Unfortunately, by that point Mike had already crawled into the car.

Harvey got in too. "Ray, just drive to the office," he said, thankful when he heard the car start.

He spent the whole ride there staring at Mike. The small boy wriggled uncomfortably. "If you keep doing that you're going to give me a complex."

Harvey shook his head. "How did this even happen?" He asked, motioning at Mike's body.

"I told you I don't know!" Mike told him forcefully. "Anna showed me this puppy she had and said it used to be an elderly dog, and I laughed, and she said she could show me. So she did. She did... something. I kinda blacked out for a second."

"I'm going to sue her," Harvey growled.

"What jury in their right minds would convict?" Mike asked. "'No, your honour, it was non-consentual shrinking, she didn't even have a warrant!' I can see that going down well," he glared at Harvey.

"Someone's pissy today," Harvey remarked, texting Donna to buy kid's clothes and meet him in his office. Thank god she just texted back 'Will do' and didn't ask. He was blessed with her.

"Maybe it's because I have to be three for two weeks!" Mike suggested unhappily. "And I'm assuming I have the emotions of a three year old, seeing as if you're not careful, I'm about to burst into tears all over your upholstery!" His voice wobbled at this and Harvey stared at him, aghast.

"Make sure you catch any tears with your shirt," he said, wary that any liquid on his upholstery would take forever to get out. Mike glared at him but sniffed and rubbed at his eyes. "Do you, uh..." Harvey was completely at a loss. "You want a nap?"

Mike glared at him and refused to dignify that with an answer. In the short amount of time it took for Harvey to text Jessica that he had to talk to her as soon as he got back, he felt something brush against him.

The kid had fallen asleep, his head tucked quite nicely into Harvey's side.

"Harvey, I've got those - who's this?" Donna's tone changed to a delighted one as she saw Mike sat on the couch. Harvey had woken him up to go into the office, and he was now swinging his legs slightly. She had never been a maternal woman; only barely bringing that side out when she was faced with Mike sulking near her desk, but one look at the small boy's face and her heart melted.

"Donna - Mikey. Mikey - Donna," Harvey 'introduced', smirking.

"Don't be a dick, Harvey," Mike grumbled, angry at the whole world at that moment in time.

"Where did you learn that language?" Donna turned on him, her hands on her hips. Instantly intimidated, Mike scurried back on the couch, trying to get away from her.

"Donna, it's me, it's Mike!" He insisted.

"Is this what the clothes were for?" Donna asked. Harvey nodded wordlessly as she turned back to Mike. "I got you some basics; Harvey said you were three, so they should fit okay, depending on how small you are - were you never fed as a child?" She raved, taking clothes out of a bag and holding them up for a second before nodding and pulling some underwear out of the bag.

"Woah, woah - I can dress myself!" He insisted, grabbing them out of her hands and pulling them up, glad that his original shirt covered him. "How does this not bother you?" He asked, as he pulled the small pair of jeans on.

"I have two small nephews," she told him, beaming as he took the shirt off and pulled on the blue top she had bought.

"No, I mean - this. Me. Being... small."

"Donna's very practical," Harvey told him with a slight smirk.

"Thank you, Harvey," she said to him, smiling before turning. "Do you need help putting your shoes on? Harvey why didn't you tell me it was Mike? I could've bought some small suits! That would've been adorable. I'm doing that tonight," she promised, pretending she couldn't see Mike's terrified face at how much she seemed to be enjoying this.

It was made worse when Jessica walked into the room to see what Harvey had wanted. Like Donna, her face lit up at the sight of the small boy.

Mike groaned and put his head in his hands.

"You mean she's letting me stay?" Mike asked, after Jessica left. "And she's not telling anyone?" He had once more fallen asleep and was woken up by Donna trying to move him off the couch so she could place some files down that had spread onto the coffee table.

"Actually, I think she's telling everyone," Harvey told him, a sympathetic grimace on his face. "Our client claims to be able to revert someone back to their youth and we've defended them? She's telling everyone so that they know we have a very powerful client."

"Even the other associates?" Mike squeaked, clutching at his new velcro shoes in horror.

"Even Louis," Harvey told him in a grave tone.

"Harvey don't torture the kid," Donna told him, sitting beside Mike and trying to flatten his blonde hair.

"You mean he was lying?" Mike asked happily, subconsciously leaning into the touch.

"No, he was telling the truth," she told him, causing him to sigh and shuffle down in the seat. "But he doesn't have to keep going on about it," she glared at Harvey who smirked back. He sat in his chair, throwing a baseball up and down as he so often did when he needed to think.

"What do we do now?" Mike asked, looking at Harvey.

"Now, we just figure out how to keep you alive for two weeks until you can do it yourself again. Well, I say do it yourself, you need help keeping alive on most days..." Harvey mused.

"Keeping me alive?" Mike repeated. "What are you expecting will happen?" Harvey smirked again and this time it was Mike who wanted to hit his head off something numerous times to see if it was all just a dream. He jumped off the couch and headed for the door, only to have Donna's arm snake around his waist and pull him back. "What are you doing?" He asked, struggling to get free.

"Isn't what I should be asking?" Donna shot back. "Where are you going?"

"Sorry, Mom," he shot at her. "I didn't realise I needed your permission to go to the bathroom."

"Oh," Donna blinked, before cheerily taking his hand and walking to the door.

"What are you doing?" Mike repeated, although it was now more of a whine.

"I have two small nephews, Mike," Donna told him grimly. "They can barely reach the toilet."

Mike looked back to Harvey for support. "Harvey!" He pleaded, even as he was dragged out. He ground his teeth as he watched Harvey sit back in his chair and laugh.

"So, Harvey - this is actually Mike?" Louis sneered, looking down at the small boy who was once more sat at the couch, sipping on a carton of juice - courtesy of Donna - and looking through some files for Harvey. Since they figured out he could still read and write, the older man decided to make sure Mike was still earning his wage.

For some reason, Mike was now slightly scared of Louis. Over the months he'd been working at Pearson Hardman, Mike developed slightly thicker skin, and the constant threats of unemployment from Louis no longer affected him. Now though, as Louis stood over him - so much bigger than he used to be - Mike couldn't help but feel afraid. All of the jabs and the amount of times he had been screwed over by this man suddenly seemed to be of incredible importance, and he swore that he could feel both the adult side and the child sides of his mind vying for attention - the child side winning slightly as he could only feel distrust towards him.

"Yes, it is - and no, you can't have him, no matter how adorable you think he is," Harvey said absent mindedly looking through files. "How did you get in?"

"Donna's gone," Louis said simply getting slightly closer to Mike to see what he was doing. In response, Mike shuffled further away from him, keeping a tight grip on the file.

"Gone?" Harvey repeated, sitting up straight in his chair. He knew that the only time Donna wasn't there was when she went to the bathroom. And she'd gone with Mike. He knew the kid had been made to go in the ladies' room, as he had come back blushing scarlet. Harvey had wanted to ask if Mike had needed help off Donna, but he was wary of the wrath he may suffer from the seemingly innocent looking boy sat opposite him. That and if he upset Mike, he knew that Donna's wrath would be worse. He quickly texted her to find out where she was.

Louis was still edging closer to Mike. "What are you working on?" He asked. "Because I have some briefs you can look through when you're finished."

"Louis the kid's three, I'm making him look through one file for the whole day. You are not giving him work he can barely keep up with on a normal day."

"Hey!" Mike cried out, offended. He always kept up with the work he was given. Well - he'd had to pull some all-nighters but he'd finished the work.

"Harvey, if you'll recall, I'm in charge of the associates," Louis told him smugly.

"And I'm in charge of Mike," Harvey replied firmly, standing up to initiate a bizarre stand-off. "He's my associate."

"Uh, look, guys, I'm not really bothered with what work I get, I can - "

"Great," Louis said in a fake cheery tone. He went to take the file off Mike. Stubbornly, Mike held onto it, backing away. Even though he had been about to say he could do the work Louis wanted him to, he was again hit with the feelings of severe mistrust, and under no circumstance wanted to be too near Louis. "Michael," Louis said sternly. "Give me the file." Mike's face twisted into an uncomfortable, unhappy look. This was work he was doing for Harvey. He remembered previous times when Louis had stopped him when he was doing things for Harvey, and was now adamant that he wouldn't turn traitor and go against his boss.

"Louis, what are you - " Harvey was about to ask, before Louis made to lunge for the file. Before he could do anything, Harvey was aware of the small child quickly slipping away from Louis and looked down to see that Mike was stood behind him, firmly clutching onto his legs.

"If you won't do my work," Louis seethed, as Mike buried his face in Harvey's leg so he wouldn't have to face that much anger. "Then I'll make sure you don't get anyone's work," he stormed out, angry that he couldn't even get a child to do his bidding.

Harvey glanced down at his associate, who was managing to do a great job of looking very innocent as he looked up at Harvey, still keeping a tight hold of his leg. "What, are you scared of Louis now?" Harvey asked mildly. He wasn't really sure what to do. Mike was clinging to him and Harvey didn't know if he should just shake him off, push him off, leave him there, or - god forbid - pick him up.

"He's a lot more intimidating when he's about 5 feet taller than you," Mike mumbled. He didn't want to mention the fact that he thought Louis was mean, or that he much preferred staying near Harvey.

"Yeah well don't worry about it, alright?" Harvey said in a reassuring voice as he finally got a text back off Donna. "You can still do my work."

"Thanks," Mike said moodily, detatching from Harvey's leg and wandering back over to the file he had dropped after scrambling away from Louis. He heard Harvey give a chuckle and looked over. "What?"

"Donna," he answered, waving his phone slightly at Mike. "She's gone to buy you 'supplies'."

"Supplies?" Mike repeated looking incredibly wary. "What kind of 'supplies'?"

If Harvey showed his emotions more, he would probably have started to cry with laughter. Mike was being chased around his office by Donna, who was trying to persuade him to at least try the child harness that she had bought. Apparently, it was so he wouldn't wander off, and although Harvey secretly agreed with Mike that he probably wouldn't run off, it was still amusing to watch his associate finally tackled to the floor by his assistant as she fought to strap him in.

"There," Donna pushed back her hair and breathed out, standing back to view her handywork. Mike scowled at her and went about trying to take the harness off. However, his small fingers weren't exactly up for the challenge. He groaned in frustration and tried to edge around Donna, who simply put her foot on the harness, causing Mike to come to a stop.

"Didn't I say it would be useful?" She asked Harvey, a smile on her face. Harvey's shoulder were shaking with mirth as Mike gave up and fell onto his backside, crossing his arms and pouting.

"Please take this off me," he ground out, as if it pained him to even have to ask.

"At least if you're on the end of this, you'll be on time a lot more," Harvey told him, pretending to seriously examine the harness.

"I feel like a puppy on a leash," Mike commented, happily standing up as Harvey bent down to unclip the harness.

"You look like one," Harvey told him.

"You've been telling him that for months," Donna told him, looking put out that her hard work was now wasted. She did, however, brighten as she took other supplies out of the various shopping bags she had surrounding her. "I got you a car seat," she said, pulling out a large box. "Ray said he would install it."

"I don't think it'll fit on my bike, Donna - thanks anyway," Mike told her hastily. He really didn't like car seats. All his protesting earned him was a menacing glare from Donna and a head shake from Harvey.

"Mike, you always talk about 'safety first'," Donna reminded him, pulling him over to check and see if the seat was a good fit. He could sit in it snugly and have enough room to move his arms around, but he refused to sit in it long enough for her to strap it and see. "Mike - this isn't to embarass you, no matter what you might think," she told him, "if the car crashed - "

"Which it won't," Mike told her, jumping out of the seat as soon as she was even slightly distracted.

"But if it did," she emphasised, "then your little neck will snap in two because there wasn't enough support. Sure, part of it might be because I would be the one to snap your neck if you got into an accident, but think of Harvey," she told him, and they both looked over at the older man whose raised eyebrows showed exactly what he thought about Donna using him in such a conversation. "He'd be sad if you got hurt by something that could have been avoided if you'd trusted him and sat in the seat in the first place."

She was talking to him as if he really were three, but the words made sense to him, and to his horror he felt guilt welling inside him. He looked over at Harvey with round, dewey eyes. "Sorry," he mumbled, even though he knew full well that Harvey had had no part in their discussion.

He snorted in reply. "I think I'd be more worried about being fined if the cops saw that you weren't strapped down."

"'Strapped down'?" Mike repeated. "Thanks for that. Now I really feel like a puppy," Harvey grinned in reply, but tilted his head slightly as Mike yawned. Harvey looked at his watch. 7.30. He looked over at Donna with a face that seemed to say, 'he's already tired? What a wuss'.

Donna tutted in retaliation and scooped Mike up, who couldn't really be bothered complaining; just so long as they didn't put him in that car seat. "Maybe you two should go home now," Donna said.

Both males' heads shot up. "What?" They both asked at the same time.

"'Two'? As in, both of us? Together?" Mike asked.

"Now?" Harvey repeated. "I've barely gotten through any of the paperwork I wanted to, and - "

"I assumed when you wanted me to pick all of this stuff up that you were going to take Mike home with you," Donna observed, her eyes flashing dangerously. "And it's already half past seven - the kid should be in bed in about an hour!"

"'The kid' is right here," Mike waved at them from Donna's arms, resisting the urge to just give up and fall asleep there. Not surprisingly, they ignored him.

"I had every intention of taking him with me," Harvey told her. "But not now. You said he should be in bed in an hour - it doesn't take long to get back to my apartment."

"You realised he will need feeding, bathing and I don't care what you and he say about his 'adult mind' it'll take you longer than you think to get him settled for the night."

"Then why don't you take him?" Harvey offered. "You seem to know what you're doing."

"Guys!" Mike yelled out louder than he had expected to. They both looked at him. "Can we please not argue about who doesn't want Mike?" The kid looked so downtrodden as his lip wobbled that Harvey felt like he had been punched in the gut. He hadn't the first clue about how children worked, but seeing Mike of all people looking at him like that; he couldn't help but think, Screw it, I'll work it out as we go.

"Mike, look at the effort Ray put into fixing this car seat in," Harvey said, trying to copy Donna's tactic of adressing mostly the child and not the man. "Will you just sit down? You'll be in there for about ten minutes."

Mike shook his head, locking his knees so Harvey couldn't get him to sit down without exerting quite a lot of force.

"Mike, don't be difficult," Harvey snarled. "You think that just because you know what you're doing I can't put you in time out?"

Perhaps it was the threat of such a juvenile punishment, or that he was exhausted, or that he knew he was angering Harvey - whatever it was, Mike slowly lowered himself onto the chair. Harvey nodded in approval and felt that maybe his parenting skills were improving; or at least not as bad as he thought them to be. He didn't really get on with kids. However, as he was strapping the toddler, he felt Mike trembling slightly. He glanced up and saw Mike's face contorting as if he was trying to hold back tears.

Sighing, Harvey stood back, but crouched so that they were roughly on the same level. "Alright, Mike - whatever it is you're hiding, you had better tell me now. You give me a valid reason as to why you won't sit in this carseat, and I will get rid of it."

Mike stared at him. "No you won't," he said. "That would be breaking the law. I have to be in a carseat. Forget it; like you said, it's ten minutes," he still looked like the epitome of misery, and Harvey; ever the diligent lawyer, wouldn't give up that easily.

"Alright - if you tell me what the problem is, I promise I will try and break off any contact between you and Louis over the next two weeks," Harvey bribed, even though he knew that it would be next to impossible. But hey, he'd said he would promise to try.

It seemed to work though, as Mike looked up eagerly. "Seriously?" Harvey nodded and Mike nodded back, before looking down at his lap. "When my parents died, it was in a car accident," he said. This much, Harvey already knew. As well as having been told at some point, he had noticed Mike's hands squeeze the upholestry tightly if they had to break suddenly, or if they shot round a corner too fast he would see his associate turn slightly pale. "I was in the car. In a carseat," he rubbed at his head. "Apparently it saved my life. I was short for my age, and my Mom kept insisting I sat in it. But I guess I should put it behind me, huh?" Mike tried to smile as he said this, as Harvey attempted to keep his face neutral rather than show the pity he knew the kid wouldn't want.

"Mike," Harvey said, wondering what to say, "I'm sorry, kiddo, really, but I've got to make sure you stay safe - and that means the car seat. Donna will kill me if I let you sit out of it."

Mike nodded and brushed his eyes with his hands, realising he'd started crying. "Sorry," he said thickly. "Stupid toddler emotions. I'm just tired. Don't worry about it, I don't blame you, or Donna. I know I have to sit in it," he sniffed and rubbed at his eyes again. He suddenly felt the straps constricting him lifting, and found himself in Harvey's arms. He stayed silent as Harvey got into his side of the car and pulled the seatbelt around them both, so he was still strapped down, but now on Harvey's knee.

It made him feel a lot safer than the car seat had.

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