"You two can stay here if you like, it isn't much but it's nice." I nodded to the old lady and walked to my room on the first floor of Hallow Hill lodge.

My friend, Megan, peered in, "Hey Sarah watch out for goblins!" I laugh and wave her off as she goes up the stairs. We'd heard a lot of goblin folk tales coming up here. About how they steal young girls to be their brides and such, it was crazy.

Around six Megan and I went on a walk into the forest, "It's nice to be on a break from traveling." We were doing just that visiting from America to travel all over Europe.

I nod, "Yeah it is." As we walk I get the strange feeling someone's watching us and I unconsciously put my blond curls into a pony tail where as Megan with her dark hair leaves it down. She was real tall where I was just average height.

I had the strangest feeling we were being watched but I shrugged it off, I'd been feeling it ever since we'd arrived. We stop as it gets dark and start heading back; we hadn't brought a flash light. "Okay, I dare you to call out for the goblins to take you!" Megan says to me.

I laugh, "Alright then. Hey goblins com and get me!" I yell into the night and it was silent until we hear someone coming from behind. Megan and I look at each other before taking off running. We make it back to the lodge in a few seconds.

"Oh my god that was priceless!" Megan exclaims laughing, but I'm not laughing.

"Hey, let's get inside okay?" she shrugs as we head in. That night I lay in my bed staring out the window that over looks the forest. I see something move out there but when I blink it's gone. Come outside Sarah. I here a voice in my head and can't help but walk outside. It was a nice night.

Outside stood a figure in a dark cloak right inside the boundaries beckoning me with his hand it looked…silver. When I was close enough he grabbed me and I try to scream but when his finger goes to my lips I find I can't, "Quiet now, wouldn't want to wake your sleeping friends would you?" He laughs quietly his hood falling back and revealing his pure black hair.

No, that wasn't just it though. It had striped of colors through it. When he looked at me his eyes were black looking bottomless. His ears were in points and his lips were bright red looking even stranger compared to his silvery skin. I was a few heads taller then me, then Megan even and he was strong his grip hard like iron. I mouthed the word and he laughed darkly again speaking it.

"That's right Sarah, Goblin"