He picked me up and ran off while I struggled on his grasp stopping before the Hill. The goblin set me on my feet and I tried to get away but he pretty much pushed me forward. When I looked up I was an area with polished stone and looking back I saw him behind me. "Go on." He said and I slowly walked forward. We came to a big iron door that swung open on its own it seems. "Welcome to my Kingdom." Said the goblin making me think he was king. "Oh? Speechless I see?" he laughs at his own joke.

"I am Marak Elfears the Goblin King, and this Sarah is my kingdom. Go ahead, speak." Marak said indicating I would be able to talk.

"This is crazy." I whisper looking around; it was beautiful, but how?

"Oh I can assure you this isn't crazy, nor are you dreaming. Come now, its time for our wedding." He says gripping my shoulders and steering me.

"Wait wedding?" I screech trying to get away, but is grasp was to strong. Marak takes me to a room sitting me in a chair and locking the door behind him before turning to me.

"Yes, you are to be the next Goblin King's Wife." He says a grin on his face, "The ceremony is unpleasant but crucial, now hold still." He gets a gold bracelet like thing and clamps it around my wrist and then her other as I watch him frozen in fear. Then he begins to take off my shoes and I shiver and his touch tears threatening to spill. Then he put the other clasps on my bare ankles.

Marak takes a goblet with dark liquid and holds it out, "Drink." He orders but I shake my head at him. He sighs and is suddenly behind me before I can react. He takes my hair and yanks back forcing the drink down my throat and let's go. I hack and cough then turn to scream at me to find I have no voice.

"The women are going to help you get ready. You can't talk to them and they won't speak to you." He opens the door and gives me a gentle shove through where goblin women from all around grab at me. I was put into a large tub and scrubbed until my skin hurt. Then I was wrapped in towels and sat down.

I closed my eyes as they worked on me trying to get away from all of it. I felt a tear slip down my cheek and it was quickly wiped off by goblin hands. I felt coolness touch my arm but didn't open my eyes until I was being stepped into undergarments. I was thankful for them though they were short and skimpy. My hair was all done up and after my dress was on I looked in the mirror.

It wasn't something I would normally wear and my hair was up in tons of ribbons. Those would take a long time to remove since my hair was so frizzy. A lock of hair, the one I always detested that got in my face, now hung there still. I was walked to where goblin men in big armor stood with chains. They locked onto my bracelet and they started to drag me along. I hung back behind them and flinched when hundreds, no thousands, of goblins yelled and screamed.

I'd always imagined a big white wedding, but no, I get this! I was walked to the goblin King who had a stern look on his face. We went to a long and narrow table and my gaze fixed on three golden blades. The guards put my wrists into metal brackets then stepped away leaving my hands palms up. Marak took a paint brush and wrote with it on my forehead which left a sharp sting. He then took my clenched fists and traced the lines on my hands then turned grabbing the knives. I tried to clench my fists again but my hands wouldn't move.

I stared at him when Marak grabbed the two knives watching him. I cried out when the knives slashed across my wrists and began bleeding. Marak grabbed my hands holding them so the blood dripped into a bowl. When he was done he put my hands into water like substance.

No, not water! It stung and my hands felt like they were on fire. I shut my eyes tight close to fainting when he pulled them out and I felt my wrists, wrapped in a cloth, back in the brackets. I opened them again to see dark brown liquid drip into the bowl and see that it was Marak's blood.

He then threw powder into the bowl and I watched as a red vapor seemed to rise along with a trail of silver along the top. I glance at Marak's face as he took the pinkish cream left in the bowl and put it around my wrists. He looked likeā€¦like he wanted to laugh! He studied the silvery lines now left on my wrists and called something in goblin which made the crowd roar louder then they already were.

I was brought to another table where I was kneeled onto a cushion and my brackets were adjusted beside me. I glanced around the table my eyes resting a large sword and I swallowed hard. Marak came by and took my hand gently clipping my finger nails into a bowl with some difficulty. I tended to keep them incredibly short. He did the same then, seeing a needle I clenched my fists but soon after felt the sting of a needle in my finger blood dripping onto the plate. He then cut off the hair hanging that I had taken so long to grow out so it could be put in a pony tail.

Flames that I hadn't noticed before were fed the items on the plate including the blood and rested into ash. Next Marak grabbed the sword polishing it with the ash. A musical tone came from the sword and I closed my eyes tightly, waiting. I felt something curving around me and opened my eyes to see a snake. It coiled around my neck once, twice, three times before resting its head down where I couldn't see it. That's when I fainted.