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Prince Of The Underworld

The Epilogue

Edwards Point Of View

It's been nine years since we took down the mutt and his pups. Nine years since my wife came back into my life and nine years since I got the best give ever, my son Masen. Life's pretty damn good at the moment. My kids... yes, kids plural are excelling in school and my wife is as beautiful and round as ever. We're expecting our fourth child in around four months time. Our brood started expanding after the wedding. Prince was born first followed by Angel, my mini Princess. Two years later, she's every bit Bella's mini me, even down to the stubborn attitude. Prince is a mixture of both of us but a little on the quiet side. He'd rather read a book than socialise but Bella assures me he'll get more out going as he gets older.

Business is booming and we're very much still on top. Bella is as feared if not more feared than me which is quite brilliant in my opinion. She's very much the Queen of this empire and she won't be going anywhere any time soon, even if she has a bump to contend with. She refuses to be wrapped up in cotton wool and still demands to be kept up to date on business and attends as many business deals as she can. She has had the weirdest cravings this time around. We have no idea whether we're having a boy or a girl. I hope it's another girl, one more Bella. Then maybe we can try for another boy... we have a big house, may as well fill it. Bella is a fantastic mother. She refuses to have a nanny and she handles the kids so well.

They're well behaved, well Angel is. The boys are too much like me. I know Prince is quiet but he can handle himself. Even at six years old, I know he's going to be a force to be reconded with when he hits his teens. He loves sitting at the computer with Ben and pulling things a part and rebuilding them. Yes, we have a lot of Lego in this house. We're almost over flowing. Masen is a carbon copy of me even down to his personality. He won't be messed with and won't let anyone mess with his sibling or cousins either. I'm trying to calm him down a little but like I said, he's too much like me. He's hot headed although he can turn it on and off as well as I can, maybe even better.

All the family are happy. The Chief finally got up the courage and proposed to Esme after an eight year relationship. They've now been engaged for one and are getting married in the summer during the kids vacation. Rose and Emmett are happy. They have twin boys and Alice and Jasper have a boy and a girl. Neither couple wants any more just yet, so myself and Bella are way out in front on that count. Bella keeps telling me it's not a competition but I know my kids are the most awesome kids out there anyway so we win hands down, no matter what.

''EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN!'' Oh shit, Bella's either craving sex or she's pissed off about something. Storming through my door, she thrust the house phone at me. ''Take this. I can't deal with this dick any more. He's trying to... urrrggh, just talk to him.''

''Who exactly am I supposed to be talking to Princess?''

''It's Masen's school.'' Not good.

''This is Edward Cullen. You have five minutes... Go.''

''Mr Cullen, this is Mr Banner, Masen's principal. I need you to come down to the school at once and collect your son. He's thrown a chair at a teacher.''

''And why exactly did he do that?''

''Well... I don't...''

''Don't you think you should ask him?''

''I have. He's lying. The teacher said so.''

''Well one of your teachers wouldn't lie would they.'' I hate this prick. I donate a lot of money to this fucked up establishment and he's nothing but a wanker.

''No, my teachers are honourable.''

''Are you saying my son isn't?''


''I suggest you answer me before you really piss me off.''

''Could you come and collect your son please Mr Cullen. I don't want to see him on school property until after the weekend.''

''I suggest you learn some respect before I get there. We wouldn't want something bad to happen, would we?''

''Um...I well no...''

''I'll be there soon.'' Hanging up the phone, I threw it down on my desk and ran my fingers through my hair.

''Let's go Princess. Bring your gun.''

''Yes! I really want to kick this guy's ass.''

''You have to be calm. I will not have you upsetting the baby.''

''But kicking this guy's ass will make me happy. I know my son and he wouldn't have done that unless he had good reason and the baby wants to stand up for his or her brother.'' She's pulled out the pout. No, no, no, not the pout. The pout is lethal and has been inherited by my daughter. She uses it on me almost every day to get what she wants. Only with Bella, I know what that pout can do to my cock and she gets her way a lot quicker and she knows exactly why.

''Okay, call the Chief. We'll need him to drive us in and pick up the Prince and Angel. If this all goes wrong which in the mood I'm in right now, no doubt it will.''

''You got it baby. I'll be right back.'' She walked out of the room giving her backside an extra sway as she went causing me to harden to the point of having a brick in my pants. Yeah my wife still has it. I swear I get hard every time I see her. I'm like a school boy on prom night half the time.

Adjusting myself, I walk through the house to the kitchen and grab a bottle of water. Now, my son would not throw a chair at a teacher without good reason. I know this. I raised him better than that. I also raised him to stand up for himself, no matter how big or tough the opponent. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Just ask Emmett. All my kids will know how to protect themselves as soon as they hit the right age and my mini Princess will have extra protection as soon as the first boy in her pre-K class looks at her wrong. Yes I'm protective, sue me. She won't be dating until she's forty five if I have my way.

''Esme and the Chief are on their way over.'' Way over? They live out back in the flat above the garage. All they have to do is walk around to the drive way.

''Excellent. Let's lock up shall we?'' Taking her by the hand, I led her out to the front of the house. She locks up like always whilst I kept an eye on the surrounding area. I still don't take any chances when it comes to her. I will not loose her again, EVER.

''What's happened? Why is my grandson in trouble?'' Esme started talking before I even got the car door fully open. ''I swear those teachers have a vendetta against my grandchildren. I ought to teach them fuckers a lesson.''

''Calm down Esme. I'm sure Edward can sort this without you going all mad grandmother on them... and don't raise your bitch brow at me either. You know I'm right.''

''What ever Charles... so what exactly did he do?''

''My son, the chip off the old block, threw a chair at his teacher.'' The Chief's laugh boomed through the car as we made our way towards the highway.

''Why exactly did he do that?''

''We have no idea. He's ten and my son. Something must have pissed him off.''

''Well before you kill the teacher, hear the boy out. I don't think Masen would do something without being provoked though. This is very strange.'' Esme looked back at me with an exasperated look on her face. ''You're forgetting he's Bella's son too. She has the worst temper when she looses it.''

''I am here you know... talking about me like I'm not here. I can't help it if he got the best of me and Edward... he's our son, what do people expect?'' Yeah she's mumbling to herself. ''And I'll bet he has a damn good reason too... he better have anyway because if he doesn't, I'll take his Xbox away.''

''Calm down Princess. Remember what we said about stress.''

''I'm. Not. Stressed.''


''We've been through every time I've been pregnant. The baby will be fine. I won't let anything bad happen.''

''Okay, okay, I'll back off.''

''It's about time. I mean, three times we've been through this now Edward and you still worry about me as much as you did when I was pregnant with Prince.''

''Oh Bella, do shut up. He is your husband. He's allowed to worry about you.'' Only Esme can talk to Bella like that and get away with it. No one else would dare talk to her like that or they'd end up ten feet under.

''It's just... urrrggh you guys are so overbearing sometimes.''... Leaning towards me, she wrapped her arms around me. ''Baby, it'd really make me feel better if you let me kick this guy's ass.''

''Stop with the pout. We have to talk to Mase before we make any decisions.''

''But if he's being mean to my baby, I can right?''

''We'll see.''

''That means yes. Thank you baby.'' Kissing my cheek, she leans right over me and grabs my jean covered dick. Leaning down to her ear, I make it look as if I'm nuzzling her.

''You're playing with fire Princess. If I have to, I'll take you here and now. I don't care if we have an audience.'' She looked up at me with reddened cheeks and pulled her hand away from my hardened cock. Burying her face deeper into the crook of my neck, she sighed and rubbed her belly. She will be sorting that shit out later. That's the second time today she's left me hard, it won't be happening again.

''So... boss, how would you like to enter the school premises? Will it be quiet and under the radar or in typical Cullen style, loud and over the top?''

''Fuck under the radar! Let these fuckers see what's coming.'' Just before we pulled into the lot at the school, the Chief picked up his speed to such an extent that when he pulled to a stop in a space by the side walk, the tires screeched loudly. Don't worry, the kids are all inside. I'm not much of a fucker. I just want to send the teachers as message.

''You ready for this Princess?'' She looked up at me with a shit eating grin on her face and nodded.

''Lets go have some fun, shall we?'' I took her hand as we excited the car and we began the walk around to the school's reception. I hate this fucking place. It's so posh and everyone here seems to be up themselves. We only choose it because it's close to home and it gets amazing results in all inspections. Sometimes I wished we'd homes schooled the kids.

''Looks like we might see Angel a little sooner than expected.'' Bella nudged me and pointed over to the pre K play ground where all the kids were out playing. Looking down at my watch, I realised it's a bit late for recess. They must have earned a treat or something. That happens when your Angel's age. Prince and Masen are forever moaning about this place and the fact its not fun any more. As we got closer, the decibel level increased. Bella automatically started looking for mini Princess in the crowd. Neither of us could see her in the sea of small people so we carried on past.

''DADDY ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN! DON'TS GO WITHOUT MY KISS!'' See, just like her mother. I spun around on my heel and walked back towards my Angel who is currently trying to climb the fence behind a small play house where she must have been playing. ''MOMMY! DADDY!'' She squealed when I lifted her over the fence and gave me the sloppiest kiss I've ever had.

''What about me Angel? Don't forget me.'' After another sloppy kiss, Angel started playing with the top of my t-shirt.

''Why you here? We not finished yet.''

''We have to talk to the principal about Masen.'' We have never baby talked mini and her speech is amazing. She's been holding conversations for ages and never stops talking.

''Did the teacher be mean to Mase gain?'' What? When did this start?

''What do you mean mini?'' Oh Momma's mad. I can tell, her whole posture has changed.

''The teacher is mean to Mase all the times.''

''How do you know?''

''He gets set sometimes so I give him cuddles.''

''Well, you're a very good girl.''

''I know.'' So modest. Not.

''We'll be back out to pick you up soon, okay? Go play.''

''Okay daddy. Bye mommy, bye daddy. See you in a minute.'' She didn't give us a second glance once she was back playing with her friends. She's growing up too quickly. I don't like it. Bella started to pull me away from Angel and as soon as we were out of each shot, I was ready to let rip.

''Lets go sort this out, once and for all. This guy has just pissed me off even more. He's bullying our son?''

''I'm glad you're finally seeing my side of things baby. I didn't want to have to kick ass by myself. It wouldn't have been any fun. As for the bullying, he better fucking not be.''

''Well you better believe we're going to get to the bottom of this, one way or another. We can't shot him here though so don't even think about it Princess. No matter how much of a dick he is.''

''We can scare him though right?... I mean, we can really shit him up?''

''Hell yeah we can. We're the Cullen's, even the name should have him shitting himself. He's probably sat in his office planning his escape route.''

''I hope there isn't one. It's been ages since we've had an proper fun.''

''We have fun, it just usually happens in the bedroom.''

''Don't start that Edward. We have something to sort out. Now is not the time to think about sex!'' She's right. I need to get my mind out of the gutter and quickly otherwise I'll be hard again within minutes which I don't need to be dealing with again today. Unless Bella's hot mouth is around it... okay, this is not helping. Stop.

''Mr and Mrs Cullen, how can I help you today?'' The receptionist spoke as soon as we entered the building, not even giving us enough time to get to her desk.

''We're here to see Mr Banner regarding our son Masen Cullen.''

''Okay, let me just call through to him and then I'll take you through.'' I zoned out whilst she made her call and glanced around the building we'd just entered. I really fucking hate this place. It's so preppy and posh which the Cullens are not. I'm pulling the kids out of this place and soon.

''Okay Mr and Mrs Cullen, if you'd like to follow me.'' She led us through a maze of corridors and up some stairs before we finally reached a row of offices. ''It's this one.'' She knocked on the door and waited for permission to enter. Fuck this.

''I suggest you leave now.'' She jumped out of the way of the door just before I pushed it open and stormed through.

''Dad. Mom.'' Both my boys stood from their seats which are positioned outside another small office. Why the fuck are both my boys here? I thought this was about Masen?

''Prince? I thought this was about Masen. Why are you out of class?''

''Well I told the teacher she got the wrong answer and she kept telling me I was wrong so... I kind of told her to shut up and she got a little annoyed and set me out... Dad, I swear she was wrong. I'm just better at math than she is and she doesn't like it.''

''Prince.'' Bella got down to his level and looked him straight in the eye. ''We both know there's more to it than that so how about you tell me the truth?''

''Okay... okay I may have told her she wasn't qualified to do her job too.'' That's my boy. Bella turned to me and silenced the laugh that left my lips. She definitely does the disciplining in this relationship. The kids know I'm a soft touch unless they're really bad then they know I take no shit.

''Prince, I know you swallowed a dictionary but you're not as smart as your teacher. She has a degree. You have to work really hard to get one of those.''

''Mom, she's a trainee teacher. She doesn't have a degree yet.''

''Wait a fucking minute. Someone who isn't qualified is teaching my son? I told you this place is getting worse Bella. Ever since this guy took over, it's gone down the shitter.''

''Edward! Do not fucking swear in front of the children. You know it pisses me off!''

''You just swore yourself Princess.'' I'm going to pay for that later. I can feel it.

''Do as I say, not as I do. Got it?''

''What ever you say Princess.'' The boys laughing behind her diverted Bella's attention away from me and back to them.

''Enough! Both of you! This is serious. I need to know exactly what happened with you now Masen. I don't want to kick this guy's ass without a good reason.'' Masen automatically looked down to the floor and flushed red.

''You should tell them Mase. They can help you. It doesn't matter, they won't tell you off, they'll help.'' Prince tapped his knee encouragingly.

''He's right Masen. We won't tell you off, will we dad?''

''No, we just want to know what happened, that's all.''

''They call me thick and stupid.'' It was barely a whisper but it was loud enough for us both to hear. Bella automatically stood and pulled Masen up with her cupping his face in her hands.

''Masen, you listen to me. You are not thick.''

''Mom, I'm not as smart as Prince and he's younger than me. The work they give me is too hard and when I ask for help, they say no.''

''THEY SAID NO TO MY KID ... I'm going to kill him! Where is he?''

''We'll get to that baby. Patients.'' Bella kept talking to Masen as I began to pace around the small space.

''Dad, stop.'' Prince stopped in front of me so I picked him up and paced with him in my arms. He pushed up his glasses and sighed, looking at me with his version on the pout. ''Dad, do we have to still come here cause I don't like it. I am smarter than that teacher. I swear. Test us both, I'll win.''

''I know you will mate and don't worry, you're not coming back. I'll transfer you to Oak Hill.''

''YES! That's awesome.'' He just fist pumped? I blame Emmett and Jasper for teaching him how to be 'hip'. They wouldn't know the first thing about being hip. I'm hipper than they are, it's a proven fact, just ask Bella.

''Okay so, where did the...''

''Edward, language.''

''I didn't even say anything.''

''You didn't have to. You have a potty mouth. Every other word out of your trap is naughty.''

''Where did the lovely Mr Banner go?''

''He went to get coffee. Dad? You're not mad because I'm stupid, are you?'' Placing Prince down on the floor, I walked over to my eldest son. Kneeling down, I looked in to his eyes.

''Masen Anthony Cullen, you are not stupid. You just need a little extra help like I did at school, that's all. I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind tutoring you and I can help too.''

''Really and we can go to Oak Hill?''


''Awesome... Dad? As I stood up for myself, can I have that new game for my Xbox please?''

''We'll see.''

''Yes.'' My kids know 'we'll see' means yes... when it comes to me, anyway. ''So how long ago did he leave you?''

''Ages ago.''

''HA! He's done a runner. He really did shit himself... Edward, this is classic. What do we do to teach him a lesson now.'' Masen looked between me and the door to the dick head's office a few times and smiled.

''What's the plan Mase?''

''Well you guys can't hurt him with us here anyway cause that would be sick...So we could trash his office. Leave him a little reminder of us. I helped Uncle Emmett trash this guy's car before, it was fun.'' He did what with Emmett? Bella raised her eyebrow at me and shook her head.

''I'm going to put a cap in his ass for real this time.'' Ooh, he's in so much trouble.

''Come on then boys, it's time to show this fucked up establishment what the Cullen's are made of.''

''Yeah, no one messes with the Cullen's.''

My love, my life, my family. Fucking perfect or what.

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