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The team were in their offices, it was a normal day, with the exception of Green Day blaring from one of the offices.

Until Gary found something on the security cameras.

"Guys!" he yelled, "There's a dead person right outside the office!"

Naturally, everyone ran at the same time. And Rachel started doing her thing.

"Dead for 7 seconds, he was still alive when Gary saw him. He was shot, as you can see, in the lungs…"

She went on making observations while Gary picked up the gun, which Bill promptly made him drop.

"Alright," Rachel went on, "His phone's out, someone obviously took it out of his pocket, but it's locked. No fingerprints anywhere... I couldn't be sure, but I think the killer was aiming for the heart… He doesn't have any I.D. on him… Gary, what's the phones' password?"

"0446." he said instantly.

"Okay, the phone's been wiped clean. But it was locked... How…? Anyways, how did we not hear the gunshot?" Rachel asked.

"Silencer." Hicks said, holding the gun up.

"But wouldn't I still have heard it? No, right! We were blasting music." Rachel said.

"So how long would the killer have?" Nina asked.

"About 5 minutes. Gary, how long have you been watching the cameras? "

"Going around the building for 3 minutes."

"And no one's been in the other parts?"


"I think it was one of us."

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