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The team wound up sitting in the hall, staring at each other nervously. Finally, Hicks came to the rescue.

"Alright, so what we know is that the phone was hacked (everyone stared at Gary), the killer didn't have great aim (the stare wandered to Rachel, Nina and still Gary), they thought to use a silencer (the stare went to Hicks and Bill)… Hey, wasn't me." Hicks said.

"This won't get anywhere if we randomly accuse people." Nina said, "Let's figure this out calmly, like, no powers or outbursts or anything. Rache, anything else?"

"Yeah," Rachel said, "I think the reason the killer missed his heart is because their hand was shaking."

"Can I go yet?" Hicks yawned.

Rachel sighed. "Of course, it could be an act, to lead people away."

"Listen. My hands don't shake. Got it?"

"Fine, go." Rachel said. Hicks got up, shaking his head, and left.

"I don't know how to shoot a gun." Gary said, "I wish I did. I do. That would be cool. But I can't."

"Okay, so the simple answer is if it were Gary, someone else could shoot." Nina said.

"No, the simple answer is who wasn't in the offices." Rachel said.

"Practically none of us." Nina said, "Anyways, they could be really fast about it."

"This isn't getting anywhere. Really not getting us anywhere. Gary, did you kill him?" Rachel said.

Gary shook his head.

"No. No. I didn't. Stop staring at me! I didn't do anything!"he yelled.

"Bit of guilt there?" Nina asked.

"I don't like being stared at, okay?"

"He's not lying." Rachel said, "Nina, you?"

Nina looked her in the eyes. "Rachel, this is madness. We won't get anywhere like this."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"We have to figure something out!" Bill yelled.

"Guys, this is like Binghamton. You know, where they put us in the room and tried to get us to 'fess up? But this is willing. It's mad. We should give it up, and go home for the day." Nina said.

And as they left, someone smiled to themselves.

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