Second sequel to Hetalia Academy, will I ever stop writing this? XD Focusing on Italy's pregnancy

Title: Love's Aftermath

Pairings: Italy/Germany, Spain/Romano, Spain/Italy, France/Canada, England/America

Italy's pregnant, Germany's gone missing and Romano just won't quit, have these kids STILL not got their act together?

Chapter 1 - Returning Home

"Yeah, Romano's really I don't know where he is...yeah, probably in Berlin...I don't know, I might just wait until he comes back, but I don't know why he had run away...I think so...okay, well congrats anyway...okay, goodbye France." Italy sighed, hanging up his phone, flopping face down onto his bed. France's news about the arrival of his daughter had been somewhat uplifting, but not quite enough to distract himself from his predicament. In some ways he was relieved that, as a country, he didn't have parents, so he didn't have to go through the trouble of giving them the news that he was pregnant. Unfortunately, he did have a very over-protective brother. A very angry, over-protective brother. Who at that moment in time was on a man hunt for Germany.

Italy frowned, burying his head in his pillow, he'd been confused when Germany told him not to tell Romano he was pregnant, he didn't understand why his brother shouldn't be allowed to know. He knew now of course, Romano had gone insane, he'd seen his brother have a tantrum before, most recently a few weeks back when he and Spain broke up, but this time was different. He'd never seen Romano this angry before, he was practically breathing fire, but that still didn't explain why Germany ran. Italy sighed, rolling over onto his back, 'Germany's never been scared of Romano before...'

"Italy?" a soft voice came from behind the bedroom door, slowly pushing it open a fraction, "...are you in here?"

Italy sat up, smiling slightly when he saw Japan, "Ciao Japan."

Japan smiled, stepping into the room, glancing around, "Still no Germany?"

Italy frowned, "No...he's still missing."

Japan looked at him sadly, carefully sitting beside him on the edge of the bed, "Italy...I've heard some rumours." he said cautiously, knowing what he was about to ask was almost definitely true, but as a formality felt the need to have it confirmed.

"Like what?"

"Well...someone told me...that you're pregnant." he seemed to blush slightly as he said this.

Italy nodded slowly, "Sì I am." he said sadly.

"Oh...well...congratulations." Japan patted him on the back awkwardly, noticing the way Italy didn't seem to take this as good news.

He sighed, leaning into Japan, "Grazie...I miss Germany."

Japan looked slightly perplexed, "Where has he gone? I thought he'd be here with you, what with you being pregnant...I haven't seen him in nearly a week."

Italy nodded, biting his lip, "It's my fault...I told Romano about the baby and he went crazy and chased him away."

Japan looked shocked, "Does Mr Danketsu know about this?"

"Sì...but there's nothing he can do because they're not in school...if they come back then maybe..." Italy sighed, slowly closing his eyes, "I don't know what to do Japan..."

"How far into the pregnancy are you?"

Italy thought for a moment, "When was valentines day?"

"Almost three weeks ago."

"That's when it happened..." Italy said softly, thinking back to the magical day at the academy when everyone was so full of love for their partners; he'd seen Japan and Greece having a picnic together outside, America wrote England another song and was serenading him from the window whilst he was in class (much to England's embarrassment) and even China and Russia were getting cosy by the fireplace that evening...but mostly it was him and Germany, they'd had a romantic meal outside in the gardens, they shared a bowl of spaghetti and Italy had made sure they did the old cliché from Lady and the Tramp, then once they were back in their room they'd made sweet, tender love all night...thankfully Japan and Greece had fallen asleep in each other's arms under a tree somewhere and didn't have to witness this. Everyone at the academy had had the most amazing valentines day...everyone that is, except for Spain and Romano who'd broken up the previous day over an argument about how to spend valentines day.

"I see..." Japan gently patted his back again, feeling deeply sorry, and slightly worried for Germany's sake, "Are you going to leave school like France and Canada did?"

Italy shrugged, "Maybe...but Japan..." he said softly, looking away from him.

Japan looked at him questioningly, "Hai?"

"I...I don't think I want to keep it." he whispered, placing a hand on his stomach.

"Oh..." Japan bit his lip, glancing down at Italy's hand, "...does Germany?"

"He said it was my choice, but he wasn't angry at me...he and said it was okay." Italy sighed, lifting his legs up against his chest, "...but he ran away..."

"...from Romano?"

"Sì...he has a gun, he got it from one of his mob bosses...he's very angry." Italy hugged his knees, chewing his nails slightly with worry.

Japan bit his lip, his concern for Germany's increasing, "I'm sure he's okay..."

"Italy? You in here amigo?" Spain burst into the room, smiling at his Italian friend, "Have you seen Romano?"

Italy looked confused, "I thought you two had broken up."

"Well...yeah...but I haven't seen him for a few days, I'm kind of worried." he looked at Italy carefully, furrowing his brows in confusion, he could spot a down heartened person a mile away, "...Italy are you okay?"

Italy looked at Japan, and then back to Spain, "...did you not hear the rumours?"

Spain shook his head, "I don't do listen to rumours Italy...why what is it?"

"Well...I'm pregnant-"

"OH MY GOD!" Spain squealed suddenly, causing Japan and Italy to cringe and cover their ears, "Italy...that's amazing! AHHH!" he lunged forwards and grabbed hold of the Italian, lifting him up off the bed and swinging him round, "That's so cute! Oh my God! You're going to have a cute little baby! I'm so happy for you amigo!" he beamed, eventually placing him down, but still keeping a tight hold of his hands, "Where's Germany? I need to congratulate him!"

"He's hiding from Romano." Italy said softly, pulling his hands away from Spain's own.

Spain's smile faltered, "Wait...what?"

Italy sighed softly, turning away, "Romano wants to kill him, that's why he's missing."

Spain stared at him, panic suddenly setting in, "Oh no, oh God no oh Romano!" Spain growled irritably, hands balled up into fists, not able to think of a word, "Oh God...don't worry, I'll put a stop to it." he quickly whipped out his phone and called Romano's number, listening to the rings, "Come on...come on...oh!" he frowned, snapping the phone shut, "No answer..."

"I'm sure Germany can handle himself." Japan said calmly, holding up his hands in a soothing manner, "He's strong and cunning."

Italy nodded, slowly sitting back down beside Japan, "Sì...I just wish he'd call me..." Italy said sadly, checking his phone.

Spain sat down on the other side of Italy, hugging him gently, "He's probably'll see him soon yeah?" Italy sighed, nodding against Spain's shoulder, "So what are going to do for now? Are you dropping out?"

"I don't know...I probably should." Italy slowly stood back up, "...I'll go and tell Mr Danketsu that's what I'm doing."

"Do you want me to come with you?" Spain asked, also getting up.

"You mean to his office?"

"No I mean back to Italy!"

Italy looked at Spain, "...really?"

"Sì! So you don't have to go on your own, and I'll stay until Germany gets back." he smiled cheerily, linking arms with his Italian friend.

Italy smiled slightly, starting to feel a bit better, "Oh wow, grazie Spain! Are you sure you don't mind missing school?"

Spain laughed slightly, "Yes I'm sure! Come on, I'll help you pack."


Spain pulled into the driveway of Italy's home that evening, casting a worried glance at the sleeping boy in the driver's seat next to him, he'd been incredibly quiet the whole long drive over, only answering with nods or soft grunts when Spain spoke to him. He smiled sympathetically, he'd been having a tough time. Spain slowly reached over and gently shook his shoulder, "Italy...time to wake up..."

Italy murmured, letting out a soft yawn as his eyes flickered open, "W-Where are we?"

Spain smiled softly, gently ruffling his hair, "We're at your place." he climbed out of the car and went around to Italy's side, holding open the door for him.

"Grazie..." Italy mumbled, reaching blindly for his seat belt buckle (which Spain had insisted he used during the journey), eyes half closed from tiredness, fiddling with the button, half asleep in his seat.

Spain chuckled slightly, unbuckling it for him, "Come here amigo." he gently lifted him out of the seat, letting Italy cling to him like a monkey as he carefully carried him up the front door. He fished the keys out of Italy's pocket and let them in, softly shutting the door behind them, "Now you want to go to bed or do you want something to eat?"

Italy snuggled into Spain's chest, yawning tiredly, "Ve...can I have both?"

Spain laughed slightly, "Anything you want Italy!" he hitched Italy up higher onto himself as he carefully carried the teen up the stairs to his bedroom, gently laying him down on the bed, "Do you want some gelato?" Italy nodded, smiling sweetly as he curled up under the sheets. "I'll go get you some." Spain ruffled his hair softly before he jogged back downstairs to the kitchen to get Italy his snack. Having spent much time at Italy's house whilst he was dating Romano he knew where everything was kept, especially when it comes to food. A few minutes later he carried the bowl back upstairs to Italy's room, surprised that the sweet Italian hadn't fallen back to sleep, but was sitting up in bed.

"Ve...grazie Spain!" Italy beamed, taking the bowl from him, shovelling some gelato into his mouth.

Spain smiled, gently ruffling his hair again, "It's no problem amigo."

Italy smiled at him, continuing to eat, a little less voraciously this time, "Spain..."


"When do you think Germany will be back?" he asked, leaning his head back against the head board.

Spain smiled reassuringly, gently running his fingers through the Italian's hair, "I'm sure it'll be very soon, he'll come right over once Romano gives up."

"But...what if he never gives up? Italy murmured quietly, gelato dribbling down his chin.

Spain smiled sadly, gently wiping it for him, "I know Romano, he'll get bored quickly...if you want I'll call Germany for you?"

"I tried that yesterday, he won't pick up." Italy said softly, handing Spain the empty bowl.

Spain placed it on the bedside table, gently tucking Italy into bed as he lay down, "Well I'll try today, I'll keep calling until he picks up, you have a little nap okay?" Spain smiled, gently stroking his hair.

Italy nodded tiredly, curling up under the sheets, "Grazie Spain...will you wake me if he answers?"

"Of course." Spain said smiling, hesitating slightly before he leant down, softly pressing a kiss to Italy's forehead, "Sleep tight amigo." Italy didn't respond, he had already dozed off. Spain smiled, slowly creeping out of the room, softly shutting the door behind him. "Right..." he said quietly, whipping out his phone, "...lets find out where Germany is..."

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