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I could hear the gravel crunch under me as I pulled into the copse of trees surrounding my cabin.

Everything seems the same.

The same messy lawn with clumps of weeds and long overgrown grasses, the same cobwebs by the crooked porch stairs, the same sense of belonging that always washes over me every time I come here.

It's so hard to believe that this place almost slipped through my fingers; the only place with connections to my past.

A past that told me everything I knew and lived for was a lie.

Last year, if you told me that faeries live among us, and trolls were out to hunt them, I would ask the title of the book.

I wouldn't have believed any word of it.

But last year, no one came up to me and told me that faeries live among us; they told me I was one.

Memories of the events that happened over the last couple of months play in my mind, which reminds me of the reason I came here today.

I turn off the engine, and with a sigh, I open the door and step outside, bracing myself against the chilly winter air.

Everyday's the same. I wake up at dawn, and don my gear. I do the same rounds to patrol the land that guards the entryway. I eat the same moss, I greet the same sentries; I live the same life I've been living as a sentry, one I've been living for 22 years.

Every day I live by the hope to see the one girl I love, who more or less feels the same.

Everyday where I look out at the horizon to see some sign of that silver blond hair, those light gray eyes, those pink lips.

Any sign of Laurel Sewell.

Today's the day she promised to see me; after all those months without contact.

February 19th never seemed a brighter day.

Everyone says I'm stubborn and dense to keep waiting for a girl who'll never appreciate all I did for her. A girl who'll always put herself before mine.

I always defend her, but my protests are getting weak.

My heart always clenches when they tell me that, not because they're wrong, but because it's true.

A flash of silver catches my eye. A different colour from the same brown and green I see every day.

I don't need to go closer to see who it is. I close my eyes, trying to get rid of the picture burning in my mind.

The wind always caresses her face, always blows the silver strands gently away from her, her movements are always graceful, the angelic and innocent aura that's always there.

Everything about her is always there.

A rare tear squeezes itself out of the corner of my eyes, and make a small trail down my cheek, quickly freezing from the cold winter air.

Everything's an 'always' about her,

But when will she always be mine?

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