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Last Chapter:

Blue eyes met green.

Tamani didn't hear the question she said, he felt so dizzy all of a sudden, his head was swimming with memories, and thoughts from the past.

He took a sharp intake, and walked a couple of steps until his feet were in the shallow beach.

"What's wrong?" She asked, her dark blue eyes tinted with curiosity.

Tamani was still deaf to everything she said, all he saw and heard was the memory of that day. The one picture just replayed over and over in his head.

"Hey, are you okay?" She stepped closer.

Those eyes. Those dark blue eyes…

Tamani took another step back.

He remembered them, that day, that moment, when time and his heart had stopped.

Those blue sapphire eyes… they belonged to her…

Tamani's heart beat loudly until their beats was all he could hear.

Thump thump, thump thump…

They belonged to that girl… the one who died…

Thump thump, thump thump


The one who I had loved…

before Laurel...

Chapter 7 - Wrecked Souls

David contently watched the cloud of smoke that puffed out of his mouth every time he took a breath. He was waiting against the trunk of his van, searching the dark road for the familiar silver car that carried his girlfriend.


The name whispered in his mind, and David thought carefully about her and their relationship. He was in a trance-like position, having all sorts of thoughts running through his head, when a strong gust of wind knocked his hat off and pushed him off the trunk.

"Woah, ahh!" David yelled, as he clumsily tried to regain his footing. He froze for some time trying to remember how and why he came to fall down, when he felt a cold breeze make its amorphous fingers through his hair and brush against his ears. He involuntarily shivered as he pawed his head several times before wondering the location of his hat.

His pale blue eyes roamed the dark parking lot when he saw an odd clump of fur a few feet away. He quickly strode over, and snatched his fur hat from the ground. He firmly pulled it over his ruffled brown head and managed to stagger through the wind to the car. He swung open his door, which was a mistake he realized too late; and it swiftly smacked him across the face. David cursed very loudly( which was something he didn't usually do), and got in his van.

With a sigh, he cleared up some books that were laying around when a something flashed between the pages. A frown made its way between his brows, as he reached down until he felt a cold circular object. David brought it to a dim light from a nearby streetlamp, and chuckled at the familiarity.

"Chelsea, you just had to forget this in my car."

Without realizing, a smile made its way onto his face. He firmly put the key in, and turned up the radio. A soft, melodious song was airing, and David, sleepy, leaned back, and promptly fell asleep.

Moments later, he dreamt of a few hours ago.

He was tying the laces of his skates together, when someone pushed him.

"Daavid! What's taking you so long? Everyone's waiting for you!" An excited voice called at him.

David looked up to see the smiling face of Chelsea, her brown curls barely contained in her fuzzy blue hat.

"Come on you slow poke, it doesn't take a sane person twenty minutes to tie two knots." Chelsea said as she giggled, softly nudging him with her foot.

David's face broke out into an easy smile, "A sane person doesn't somehow make five minutes turn to twenty missy."

David laughed as Chelsea rolled her eyes, and mumbled, "Touché. Now hurry up, I really want to show this awesome new trick my sister taught me." She grabbed his mitted hand, and pulled him as she ran to their group of friends waiting on the bench.

As soon as they came, everyone ran over to the entrance and bounded on the ice. The cold winter air was soon filled with laughterand clouds of smoke as people huffed for breaths. David calmly watched his friends dance on the ice, giggling and helping those who fell down.

He really wished Laurel was there.

Someone skidded beside him, causing some snow to hit his skates. "So, aren't you going to join us?" A breathless Chelsea asked him.

David looked over, and felt a small increase in his heart beat as he stared at Chelsea. She looked beautiful. He took in the golden brown curls that framed her tanned face. Her flushed cheeks from the cold, her bright eyes filled with mirth and excitement, and her mouth opened in a smile.

"You look…"David faltered as loud warning bells went off in his head.

'Laurel is your girlfriend remember? You shouldn't find another girl beautiful, nor should you tell another girl she's beautiful which you were about to do!'

David could almost see a smug "I-told-you-so" look from his reprimanding conscience.

A hopeful look came on to her face. "I look..?" Chelsea asked, looking expectantly at him.

"Uhh…you look like a Chelsdav..icerink…aian koala? Yea! Chelsdavicerinkaian koala! It's a..very rare species of koala, and it has brown curls like you, and a fuzzy blue patch on its head, like your hat. And…"

"Okay, okay. That's enough science talk for me David. Chesdav… uh icerin.. something something koala right? Cool. Ummmm… I think I'm going to join the others, see you there."

David watched as Chelsea skated over to the huddled group, which looked like they were voting for some game.

Was that disappointment I just saw? But why one earth would Chelsea be disappointed?

He shook his head, and skated over to the others.

"Alright, everyone's here?" Tommy asked, looking around. "Good, so we decided on Octopus, but to make it more exciting, let's do it in pairs. So everyone find yourself a partner!" He yelled, and everyone scrambled around asking each other.

Chelsea turned toward him, and silently asked him with her eyes.

Trying to forget their awkward stare down from before, David ignored it and decided to voice out the question. "Chelsea, want to…"

"Sure!" Chelsea interrupted, with a cheerful tone. David wasn't sure whether she interrupted because she was happy to avoid another awkward contact with their eyes, or that she was happy he answered her silent plea.

"Alright guys!" Tommy yelled, "The rule about being in pairs is you have to be together at all times, hold your partner's hand and if you let go, your both out!"

"Tommy! You should have told this sooner!" "Can we play something else?"

Complaints rose around them, but all was soon shushed when a girl with glasses gave a look. "You guys are acting like a bunch of jerks, we agreed as a class to come on this trip and Tommy's trying his best. So stop acting like whining babies, or else we won't be able to come to these kind of trips again!"

Silence answered her, and she huffed in a satisfied state in return.

"Last one to touch the end of the rink is it!" Someone yelled, dispelling the awkward silence that had settled in the rink.

"Come on David!" Chelsea shouted, and grabbed his hand. They both pushed through the ice, and were glad to find they weren't the last ones.

The games went for a while, and David was glad he decided to join the class for this trip. At last, when Chelsea and David got caught, they fell over with laughter their breaths coming out in puffs.

Finally when their laughter resided, they turned to each other, oblivious to the others still skating by.

Their eyes met again,blue eyes filled with mirth, and brown eyes sparkling with joy. Her eyes deeply looked into David's, and for the first time in many months, David felt the familiar twist in his heart.

The magical moment was quickly dispelled as someone shouted, "It's 5:15! We have to get out in 5 minutes or we're going to have to charge extra!"

David quickly got up, silently hammering himself in why the world he was keep meeting eyes with Chelsea. He decided to completely ignore that strange twist he had felt, moments ago.

Everyone was laughing, and all scrambled out of the small gate. They joyfully changed their skaters to their shoes, and everyone said their goodbyes until it was only David and Chelsea who were left.

"Ahh, so what are you gonna do now?" David asked, watching the dark sky.

"Uhh… I have to get ready for work. My shift's in two hours, and I'm new there, so I want to make a good impression. "

A quiet silence settled between them.

"So…want to walk me to my car?" Chelsea asked, batting her eyes dramatically.

David laughed and replied, "Sure thing."

The walk to her car was quick, and since there was not much to say, both went in silence. Chelsea didn't go in her car, and instead stood outside her car, beside the door. As if she was expecting something from him.

"Umm…bye?" David questioned as he raised his eyebrows. A tint of a sly smile made its way on his face.

"Yea…" Chelsea trailed off, when a very strong gust of wind blew, and pushed David, causing him to bump into her. David's strong hands automatically pressed against the metallic wall the car provided for him, and looked up to ask Chelsea if she was okay. When he did, he saw a her face coming towards him, her eyes closing, and felt her soft lips on his. He…

Knock knock knock.

The sharp knocking brought David to his senses. Still drowsy with sleep, the noise had frightened the poor boy, and caused him to bang his head on the front wheel.

"Ow!" David scowled as he furiously rubbed his hand across his forehead, and looked around to see a familiar face pressed up on the window.

A small smile seeped into his mouth as he looked into the pale grey eyes of the girl he so much adored. He instantly forgot about what he was dreaming of, only moments before, and he opened the door with haste, as the cold spring air met him indolently.

"Laurel! " David greeted jovially, "You should have called me when you arrived!" He moved forward and embraced her in a bear-like hug. David breathed in her familiar scent. Though her bloom was long gone, the sweet honey-like scent she always had wrapped him in a comforting embrace. He loved feeling her in his arms, he just wanted to protect her…forever.

David was in a comforting trance when he felt Laurel's small hands push him away. He sighed inwardly, and reluctantly unwrapped his arms around her.

"Is something the matter?" David asked lightly, as he watched Laurel with a little confusion.

Laurel looked up, and rapidly shook her head. "No, no, of course not! I'm just…hungry. Yeah. I was just too carried away with cleaning, I forgot to eat something for lunch." Laurel smiled, and pointed at her stomach. "Hear all that rumbling? Let's go eat somewhere!"

Something distant told David there was something off and told him to ask her what was wrong, but he dismissed it, and instead, grabbed her hand.

"I heard that diner over there is really good. I could use a little bit of warm food. Let's walk!" David said, as he pulled her along.

They quickly walked to the entrance, and swung open the door. A warm toasty draft met them, and they both sighed as it comfortably eased the frost of the wind.

"Hello there! Welcome to Gabe's Diner!" A pretty young woman greeted them buoyantly. Her hair was tied into a clean sharp bun, her makeup done precisely, and her gray uniform pressed and squeaky clean. David hardly noticed when her smile dimmed when she saw him holding hands with Laurel.

"For two, I'm guessing?" She inquired. David nodded briefly.

"Follow me then." They followed her through many full tables and chairs, the conversations and laughter from each filling the whole diner. She led them to a secluded seat near a window.

"Enjoy." The young woman smiled, and left abruptly.

She looked a little familiar… David thought, but quickly dismissed it, as the hunger in his stomach demanded for food. He flipped open the ragged menu, and systematically scanned the contents before him.

"So Laurel, which dish…instigates your stomach and tongue? The Gabe Specialty Barbecue Rib, or the Grilled Sausages…they come with French fries and chicken soup. Oh, and tell me the definition of to instigate. We need to review your SATs…"

David glanced up when silence answered his questions. Laurel was staring outside the window, a vacant expression in her eyes. Outside with all the cold wind and the dark sky, David couldn't tell anything wrong, he just thought she was cold. But now under the dim yellow light, he noticed her usual humorous and sparkling eyes were now vapid, a bleak haggard look was evident in her face, and despite how much she tried to cover up with makeup, he could hint the puffiness around her eyes. David's heart clenched as he watcher Laurel's morose face.

"Laurel, are you alright?" David asked, as he reached out and grasped her hand.

"Huh?" Laurel flinched, and shied her hand away from his. "Did you say something?"

A worrisome frown marred David's face as he looked at Laurel with concern.

"I asked if you were alight. I can't help but…"

"I'm totally fine, what makes you say that?" Laurel interrupted, and smiled. She vigorously waved her arm back and forth and hollered, "Waiter, here please!"

"Would you like to order now?" A middle-aged waitress asked. She pulled out a ragged notepad, and a hotel pen.

"Yes, of course. Umm… David you go first."

David wasn't convinced at all, but he decided to let it go, for now.

"I'd like, uh… the Grilled Sausages, with the chicken soup and French fries."

"Okay, and how bout you miss?" The waitress asked, as she quickly jot down the order.

David just wanted the waitress to leave. It hurt him to know that something was wrong with Laurel, but she didn't open up to him. He watched with concern, as Laurel stared at her ring finger, and traced her finger around it.

"Miss?" The waiter looked at her curiously. She tapped the table lightly. "Your order? What would you like?"

"Oh!" Laurel flinched again, "Umm.. the same thing as him." She went back to looking despondently at her finger.

David frowned. "Laurel, you're a vegetarian remember? You only eat green things." He turned to the waiter, "She made a mistake. Scratch that…"

"Uh, what? Umm. Right. Green. I'll, uh… have a salad, and maybe a baked potato."

The waitress finished jotting down her notes, and glanced up. "So the Grilled Sausages Set for you, and a salad with a baked potato. Am I right?"

David nodded briskly, and turned to Laurel.

"Laurel, if something's wrong, you can tell me. It's not like I'm blind. I know you enough to know you're not well. Tell me what's wrong!"

Laurel dropped her hand on the table. She gripped the edges, and looked up into David's eyes.

"Nothing's wrong," She grounded, "I'm fine, I'm just hungry."

David groaned in frustration, and he didn't bother to keep in inwards. "Laurel, c'mon. You're treating me like I'm some stranger! I thought by now, you would have thought of us as a couple. I mean…"

"David, we're not a couple. We're friends remember? We never really decided to go out with each other remember?" Laurel said loudly. She huffed loudly, and groaned. "I don't feel like eating. Um. I'll see you on Monday."

"Laurel…" David helplessly watched as she grabbed her coat and made her way out of the restaurant. He quickly grabbed his coat, and ran out after her. "Laurel wait…" he called.

He pushed the door with force, and searched outside. "Laurel!" He yelled, seeing the door to her silver car slam close. He ran to her, and pounded on her window.

"Laurel! Just calm down! I'm sorry if I said anything, but…"

She sped past him and drove out onto the road. The car turned the curve, and disappeared into the night.

"Laurel…" David repeated, as he looked forlornly after the cloud Laurel's car left behind. He stood there under the parking lot lantern, the cold night air weaving its way through ruffled brown hair. The night reflected off his pale blue eyes, making them look almost pitch black.

"Auuhh." David groaned in frustration. He kicked the wall of the restaurant several times before he slid down. His head rested on his hand.

What am I doing wrong? He silently asked himself, frustration and grievance racking throughout his soul.

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