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Ron&Hermione Pairing 3

(The characters are roughly 16-18)

Walk with me

We were gathered in the massive Library. The group surrounding the fire. I was up on the leather quilted couch with Harry, Hermione on the armchair.
" Hey, d'you wanna go to Hogsmead for a Christmas mixer tonight? 7pm 'til 3am?" Harry said in a chirpy voice. I looked at him through peered brows.
" Are we not in school tomorrow ?" Hermione asked with such seriousness. He shook his head and played around with his tie.
" No. December break starts at the end of today. 2 weeks of Women, Dancing and drinking. Lots of drinking." He chuckled, his knee purposley hitting mine as a hint. I shook my head and held up my hands.
" No. I'm getting an early night, Harry. Snape's worked me to the bone this season. Got Quidditch match tomorrow afternoon. Hooch gave us morning training." I laughed, looking into the flames. "Playin' Hufflepuff. Gonna beat Hufflepuff. Gonna kick their arse!" I chuckled.
" Ah crap! I forgot about Quidditch !" Harry cursed. Hermione giggled that cheeky giggle. It gave me butterflies.
" Ron, Harry, Hermione, guess what ?" Neville said, rushing in from the large oak door. I looked over my shoulder and kneeled facing the back of the couch. " We-... Sorry..." He panted. Moments passed before he looked at me and Harry. "Since we're becoming Year 11's at the end of the day... Gryffindor Boys dorms are getting mixed with the Girls dorms." He almost squealed. My jaw dropped and Hermione scoffed. I turned to look at her.
" That's all we need. Boys interferring in our beauty sleep." Hermione smiled with her face still buried in the big encyclopedia. I rolled my eyes and sat back down, facing the fire once again.
" Guess I'm not getting an early night after all." I laughed to myself.
" The lists are one the notice board in the common room. And guess what Ron...?" Neville nudged. I sighed and looked at him behind me.
" What is it Nev ?" I asked, suddenly becoming tired.
" You, Harry, Luna and Hermione are in a room." He laughed.
" WHAT ?" Me and Hermione almost shouted in sync. I had to pretend I didn't want to be in the same room as her. Harry laughed and got up. HE grabbed his satchel and smiled at us before leaving quietly, probablly to check out this 'list'.

HErmione gathered up her books and shoved them into her bag. She watched me as she done so.
" I'll see you guys at the Mixer." Neville said before running off again.
" Ron, you're in my Charms class right ?" Hermione smiled. She stood up and I copied. I nodded. It was just me and her now. I nodded again. "O-kay!" She giggled. "Well, would you like to walk me there ?" She asked. I laughed quietly like achild until I found my voice.
" Sure." I said. We walked down the towering towers. Beside eachother the whole way until we got to the courtyard.
" Damn!" She cursed as she lifted her bag over her head. She forgot her robe. The snow was heavy and thick. People were struggling to walk in it. I slipped my robe off and handed it to her. She refused.
" C'mon! It's fine. What are friends for right ?" I laughed. I was standing in my thin grey v-neck, my tie madly flapping about in the wind.
" Thanks, Ron." Hermione said, beginning to walk with the robe grazing the deep snow. My robe was about 4 sizes to big for her. " This is usually Harry's job. Walking me to classes." She laughed. I joined and Seamus wolf-whistled at us.
" Oy oy !" He laughed with the rest of the Slytherin guys.
" So immature !" She cursed, taking the hood down as we got into the dry. I sniggered and she handed me back my robe.
" Back to the subject- I like it better when you walk me. We actually converse. Not just the occasional mumble." She finished.
" Thanks, I guess ?" I sorta asked, walking into the large, dark classroom. I took my rightful seat infront of her, in the back corner of the room. Right infront of the door but right next to one of the many bustling fires. Professor Flitwick stood at the head of the class, all the way down at the front.
" Swish and Flick. Show me your swish and flick !" HE demanded, revising quickly with us. I hesitated before picking up my wand.
" Swish..." I muffled, moving my hand witht the first movement, "And Flicker" I said, completing the move. I repeated a few times and there was a loud boom. I had accidentally blown up the empty desk infront of me. Thank God it was empty in the first place.

Everybody turned and looked at me.
" Sorry !" I said quietly, leaning back in my chair. Slouching. HErmione tapped my shoulder and I turned. "What ?"
" You're an idiot, Ronald! A babbling idiot!" She chirped, scruffing up my hair with her wand-hand. I smiled and felt like a puppy getting clapped.
" Mr. Weasley !" Flitwick said, inviting me up to the front. I Sighed and Hermione nudged me onwards. "Since you're being remarkably good a the Swish and Flick, I want to try something else with you." HE stated as I strolled casually down the large empty aisle to the front. He was propped up on several book and he indicated next to him. I stood next to him and he sighed.
" Wand." He demanded. I grunted and gave it to him. He inspected it carefully before throwing it to one of the students in the front row. "Now, this will only work if you are in a good mood. Good vibes and stuff." He began. I nodded and already had something in mind. "Think of the best thing you've ever seen or heard and keep it there." He reported. His hands went up to my eyes and closed them, leaving me in complete blackness. Her laugh replayed over and over in my head.
" One, two, three !" HE almost yelled, followed by a students voice.
" Animagus !" The student yelled. I Felt myself change. I kept my eyes closed and her voice still streamed through my brain.
" Open your eyes, Ron." Flitwick said. I done so and opened them. I was at ground level. I was a Beagle puppy. If only I could blush. I could of been a dinosaur or a bloody shark but no. I was a puppy. "Now, with the sound you have been thinking of in your head will play when you bark. Give it a try." HE insturcted. I quivvered and my tail went between my legs. I began to whine.
" Don't be shy, Ron !" Hermione shouted from the back. I was mentally smiling. I plucked up the courage and barked. Her laughter went through the room. I barked again and sat on the floor.
" Animagus !" The student repeated. I eventually stood back up and my face was red hot.
" Good work." Flitwick said, patting my arm. "Off you go." He smiled. I sighed heavily and walked around the side, brushing against the wall as I walked. Hermione pulled out the seat next to her and I grabbed my bag, putting it under the empty desk next to her.
" I'm so embarassed !" I sighed, putting my head onto the desk.

Hermione POV
I kept looking at the front, not even listening to a word Professor Flitwick was saying. Ron was clutching my bottle of water against his red hot forehead.
" Are you going to the Three Broomsticks tonight ?" Ron asked me. I looked at him with a smile and shook my head.
" No. I don't wanna drink tonight." I sighed, looking back to the front.
" C'mon. Don't have to drink alot." He persuaded, tapping a rhythm on his thigh. I stammered and spoke again.
" I thought you were staying here ?"
" Well, Wolverine wont be going anywhere !" He smirked, making me quietly laugh. I nodded and smiled back.
" OK. I'll get you there at 7:30 or 8?" I asked. I bit my lip as he ran his hand through his messy ginger hair.
" 8. If that's OK with you ?" He said bcoming very considerate. I nodded and the large bell went from the courtyard, signalling 4:30. End of Season. We stood up in sync and walked outside. the snow had stopped but was just gently and rarely falling. We walked up to our new dorms in the thick of conversation. "After you." He smiled, letting me go into the new room first. He threw his bag onto one of the beds and I threw mine too. Right next to his. I didn't want him to get any hints. I opened up my wardrobe which was inbetween our beds and pulled out clothes. Dresses and skirts and shirts and jeans. He just watched in awe. He opened up his on the opposite side and pulled out a jumper and jeans. He didn't have to decide. I hesitated and took my tie off as I thought about what to wear.

Outside the pub.
Still Hermione POV

I rubbed my hands together and breathed into my pale grey scarf. I pulled my bobble hat down even further and rocked back and forth on my heels.
" Hermione ! Sorry we're late !" HArry pleaded, running up to me, Ron slowly tagging behind. "We were at the gym and got too involved!" HE laughed. I crossed my arms as he gave me a sweaty, BO filled hug. " I'll get us a drink." He smiled before he walked inside. Ron panted and sighed as he reached me. I giggled and he hugged me.
" Yeah. Sorry we're late." He said, letting out a relieved sigh. I held him longer than Harry, just relishing the moment. I actually enjoyed the sweaty smell from him.
" Are you guys coming in or what ?" Luna asked ask she opened up the door. I snapped from his hold and nodded. I walked inside, grinning to myself like a little girl. I sat next to Harry at the bar and sipped at the toxic tasting drink he had got me.
" IRish Coffee. Hot Baileys." HE laughed, drinking his own. I nodded and took mine in almost one gulp.
" Yay ! We're getting fun Hermione tonight !" Ron laughed, sitting on the opposing side of Harry. I nodded then shook my head.
" I'm always fun." I stated.

A few hours later
Back in their dorm.

I sighed, unable to sleep. Too many nerves about the game tomorrow.
" Hermione? Are you awake ?" I whispered, rolling onto my side, looking at the bed across from me.
" Yeah. I can't sleep." She said, rolling to face me.
" I'm scared about tomorrow." I admitted. She looked up at me and smiled.
" Me and HArry, Luna and Neville will be there. Ginny, Fred and George too. It'll all be OK. I promise." She said.
" Don't worry about it, Ron. It doesn't matter if you lose this." Harry jumped in from his bed. I sighed and put my hand at my forehead.
" Hey, Ron ? What happened today in Charms? Why did that happen ?" HErmione asked me. I stuttered and hummed to myself coming up with the worst lie ever.
" Well it wasn't going to be Harry, was it ?" I joked.
" What happened in Charms ?" Harry asked, sitting up in his bed, supporting himself with his elbows.
" Well, I was transformed into a dog and we had to think about something good that we've seen or heard..." I started off, pushing myself to do this. "And I replayed Hermione's giggle into a bark." I admitted. He burst out laughing and was having a good old chuckle. "It was really embarassing!" I defended with a sigh. I turned on my back and closed my eyes, trying to go to sleep.