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Ron&Hermione Pairing 3

(She is Love by Kevin Lien.)

The One-Shot which is actually two Head canons.
(AN/ I just couldn't stay away. I had to write this)

Headcanon 1:
Alone on Valentines Day.
During the Horcrux hunt.
In the tent, three days before Ron stormed out. (AN/ sounding familiar?)
14th February.

Harry sat outside in the blistering cold with the yellow locket firmly around his neck. He was alone on Valentines Day. Ginny was at Hogwarts. Oh, how he just wanted to give her a big kiss and a cuddle. Hermione had just served him up hot tea and toast. The plate of toast sat in the snow and frost, the tea firmly in his hands.
"Just a few more hours then it's my turn. OK?" Hermione said, kissing the top of his head before going back into the warmth. Ron sat with his empty plate infront of him. "Are you alright?" She asked whilst she took a seat across from him. He nodded with a calm face.
"Fine. Just... Bored really." Ron smiled, slouching onto the table. Hermione nodded. They were in the same boat. The radio crackled and 'Kiss me' came on quietly with guitar plucks and humming. (AN/ Let's just pretend it was out back then and that Ed Sheeran was a wizard.) Ron held out his hand to her and they decided to dance slowly in the centre of the tent. Her left hand rested at his side and her right hand was in his as they slowly turned around and around, hopping gently from foot to foot. Their minds worked miles from eachother but ended up in the same place. They ended up both thinking about the exact same things. In Third year when it was Harry and the hippogriff. The day their hands finally touched.
In fifth year when Hermione had Stupefied Ron halfway across the Room of Requirements. And the one that made them both smile; The Firewhiskey in Hogwarts.
"Happy Valentines Day, Hermione." Ron sighed, ending up spinning her around slowly. (AN/ This is the moment that Harry took the picture of them. That's the picture that Hermione and Rose found.)
"Happy Valentines Day, Ron." She replied in turn.
"RON! Come see this!" Harry had shouted from outside. With a final turn, Hermione let go of him and he walked out to Harry.
"Kiss me like you want to be loved. Like you want to be... loved." Hermione sang along with the song, wiping her eyes and sitting on the edge of Ron's bed. That was then the moment, Hermione knew she was in love with Ron Weasley.

Headcanon 2:
One week after Ron left.
He's in the pub playing chess with an old man.

Ron had never ever lost a game. Not once.
"Knight to D5." The old man said across from him. The chess piece moved and Ron's defeated it again. The score was; well... Ron was hanging on tooth and nail. Ron's mind had been preoccupied. He had ben missing Hermione. Ron had even considered going to the tent when she's on watch and just sit with her. It never happened. He never brought himself to do it. "Oi! Your move, Ginger!" The old man demanded, slamming his hand down onto the side of the hated being called ginger. Ron moved his chess peice without even thinking. The only thing on his mind was if he ever went back to the tent. What would Hermione say? The old man scowled at him before moving his peice.
"Checkmate!" He shouted, clapping his hands together. Ron looked up at him and sipped his butterbeer.
"You win- Wait... Oh fuck!" He almost shouted. The old man collected some of the money from the side of the table, took his firewhiskey and walked out of the pub. Ron heavily sighed and put his head down onto the table. After moments of his brain cogs turning, he got up with memoirs of Hermione fluttering through his head and went up to his rented room. Ron flopped onto the matress on the floor and laughed full on to himself. Loudly. Passionatley.
"Bloody love her!" He laughed like an crazy person. When Ron lost, it was the exact moment when he realized he loved Hermione and couldn't think about anything else.