Title: Cookie Dough
Fandom: EastEnders
Rating/Warnings: M - sexual references.
Christian and Syed aren't always well behaved - but they're always tasty. A series of slightly naughty drabbles.

A/N: This was borne out Cookie-Crumbles insatiable desire for more smut. I was provided with prompts that didn't quite fit into what I was trying to do with Love Is Prevailing, so I decided to set up another set of drabbles - a collection of naughtiness. Some prompts have also been provided by MadWorld_NES.

Title/Prompt: Drunk
Rating: M
Summary: Syed doesn't approve of Christian's drinking. Well, most of the time.



As a rule, Syed didn't approve of Christian drinking.

He tolerated it. Because he loved him.

But he didn't approve.

However, as Christian pinned him to the wall - fumbling uncoordinatedly with his belt as he mouthed messily against his neck – Syed felt that tolerance wasn't quite the right word.

Fingers found their target; gripping, working with a frantic, uninhibited rhythm; teeth scraped at his pulse; guttural, slurred moans vibrated through into his skin as a tongue lapped wetly at his throat…

Syed bucked .



And, as he came – hard – approval didn't even begin to cover it either.

I hope that worked for you, Cookie, and everyone else out there!