Mikaela woke up alone in Dom's bed and for some reason that bugged her, so after she hauled her ass out of bed she showered and changed, fully intending to go into the garage and take out her irritation on a couple cars' systems.

She didn't actually make it out the door however, because when she made her way downstairs the entire team plus Mia were parked at the table, apparently waiting for her. She paused, "Um... Hey? You guys hold up breakfast for me?"

Rome chuckled, "Not exactly babygirl."

"Okay," she propped her hands on her hips, "What's going on?"

"You got a package." Dom growled, "From your ex."



She shrugged, holding out her hand for the brown box, "Point me towards a trash compactor then."

She met Dom's eyes squarely, annoyed that he was acting like she was encouraging Sam or something. Ass.

Brian deposited the box on the table and as she reached for it, it began vibrating in place and then a familiar RC car exploded out of it and shot across the room, shifting out of his alt-form and cowering in front of her, "Please, Warrior-Goddess! Don't put me in the trash compactor!"

Mikaela rolled her eyes and dropped into a crouch, "Wheelie, what are you doing here?" she enquired, lifting him onto the table, where the whole team gawked, "Guys, this is Wheelie, one of the Autobots."

Wheelie attempted to climb over her shoulder to stay hidden but she deposited him back on the table and queried again, "Why aren't you with Sam?"

"I got tired of sleeping in the rain, the blonde bitch doesn't believe in 'bots in the house. It's racism, I tell you!"

She saw the guys crack smiles and Mia smother a giggle out of the corner of her eye, "Let me guess: you'd rather stay with me?" she pursed her lips.

"That would be the idea." he growled and then caught her glare, "I- I mean if it pleases the Warrior Goddess?"

She caught Dom's eye and he nodded, one eyebrow quirked, "I'm sure that'd be fine, Wheelie, I'll find you a free outlet to plug into later."

While the team (mostly Brian and Jesse) were becoming acquainted with the Autobot, Dom pulled her into the other room, "Warrior Goddess?" he asked, smirking.

"Ugh." she leaned into his chest unconsciously, "He's been calling me that since Day One."

Dom attempted to wrap both arms around her and she shoved him away, suddenly annoyed again, "By the way: leaving me to wake up alone, Dom? Fuckin' classy shit right there asshole."

He caught her around the waist, growling in her ear, "Was gonna bring you breakfast in bed, but I didn't exactly get the chance, did I?"

She rolled her eyes, "Fuck breakfast, I'd have been happier with you, though I'm starting to rethink that." she snapped.

He growled and kissed her, bruisingly hard, so she forgot why she was irritated.


A few days later, as dinner with the team was finishing up, Mikaela glanced up, remembering something she'd wanted to ask, "Hey V," the man in question glanced up, "Can you recommend a good tattoo guy for me?"

Mia looked surprised, "What do you wanna get?"

"I'm gonna get the Autobots' faceplate on my leg."

"Absolutely not." Dom growled, as if he was the King they treated him as on the streets.

She cocked an eyebrow at him, "I'm sorry Dominic, did you have something to say?"

"You are NOT getting some stupid tattoo for the Autobots like you're their fuckin' property."

"I wasn't aware what I do to my body was your business." she snapped, shoving past him, "I'm going for a walk."

"No, you're not." Dom roped an arm around her waist and picked her up, "This discussion is not over." he carried her upstairs and tossed her, rather unceremoniously, on his bed, kicking the door shut behind him, "You are NOT getting a tattoo that practically says "Property of the Army"!" he snarled, looming over her and trying to be intimidating.

She shoved his chest, "Dammit Dom! Would you prefer I stamp property of Dominic Toretto across my ass? Would THAT make you happy? Cause that's not gonna fuckin' happen!"

"So you rather be their property than mine?" he growled.

"I'm not anybody's property!" she yelled, shoving him out of her personal space and standing up, "Not the Autobots', not the Government's and sure as shit not yours!"

"Then why do you want the damn tattoo?" he demanded.

"Because they're family as much as you and Mia!" she screamed, "Because I can't visit because that means seeing Sam! Because up until a month ago I had a future and knew where I was going- with them! Because I survived a WAR with them and I deserve to be able to commemorate that!"

Dom looked stunned at her admission, so she continued, "You don't watch people die, soldiers who were trained to survive the same SHIT I went through, you don't watch them die, you don't watch them get blown to smithereens while by some miracle I survived, without wanting to pay tribute to them, and you DON'T get to judge me for that or get jealous about it Dominic, you just don't." she snapped and yanked open the door and Dom winced as it slammed behind her. A moment later the front door slammed as well.


Mikaela ended up walking to the shop to clear her head, and once there she paced, full of both fury at Dom and a crushing wave of homesickness for the 'Bots and the soldiers who had become like family for her.

With a frustrated groan, she yanked her phone out of her pocket and dialed a familiar number.

"Hello?" an even more familiar voice answered.

"Will? It's Mickey." she was surprised to feel tears trickle down her cheeks as she poured out the whole story to him.

"Do you want to come home?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"No." she said firmly, "I love my job and my friends and my life down here, I'm just homesick."

"Well that's easily fixed."

"I'm not coming home, Will."

"I know. Listen, what's the address at that shop of yours? I've got a care package with your name on it, Mickey."

"Really?" she asked, distracted.

"I'm sending it overnight, so expect it tomorrow early afternoon, okay?" she gave him the address and they said goodbye, then she worked on one of the cars until almost 2AM, when she was sure Dom would be asleep, then headed back to the house. She slept til after ten, took her time eating breakfast and getting dressed, then strolled into the garage just after noon where Vince saluted her in greeting and she started back on one of the cars and lost herself for a few hours.

Just before three, she was pulled away but the roar of a familiar diesel engine and rushed to clean up and yank off her coveralls in time to meet the dark grey GMC Topkick as it pulled up to the curb, "'Hide! You here with my care package?" she called, completely aware that Dom and the team had followed her flurry of activity out the door.

"Better." the truck rumbled, as the passenger side door opened and a familiar soldier, though currently lacking his fatigues, climbed down.

"Will!" she yelled, hurling herself at him for a hug.

He grinned and hugged her back, "Missed you too, brat."

"Mind introducing your friend?" Dom rumbled, sounding irritated.

Mikaela pulled away and turned to face the group: Dom looked angry with a side of jealous and suspicious.

She performed introductions and let Vince and Brian corner him with questions about the Mikaela he knew as opposed to the one they knew. Mikaela and Dom disappeared from view and everyone assumed they were trying to work things out like Dom had planned- until they heard Mikaela screaming again, " Do NOT tell me what to do Dominic Anthony Toretto! I'm not Letty and I will NOT just roll over and fucking die so you can feel like a man and boss me around! Fuck you Dom!"

They all heard Dom yelling back, though the rumble in his voice made the words indistinguishable.

"Oh you can get off your fucking high horse you cocky son of a bitch! You are NOT the King of the Streets with me and you can drop that attitude like I'm gonna fall on my knees and blow you for looking at me!"

The team and Will winced collectively and didn't bother to look busy as the office door slammed open and 'Kaela stormed out, making for the exit, when Dom strode out after her, grabbing her arm and tugging her to a halt, "Mickey. Stop." he requested.

She turned and raised her free hand to slap him, but he caught her wrist, "Stop. I'm trying to apologize here and apparently I'm doing it wrong so just wait."

She threw up her hands and stepped back to let him talk.

"It was... Wrong of me to tell you not to get the tattoo. It's your body and what you do with it is none of my business."

She glared up at him, "And?"

"And I'm an asshole and I've treated you really shitty lately." he said slowly.

"And?" she demanded.

"'Sorry!'" V coughed from behind them.

"And I'm sorry!" he burst out as she glared at the peanut gallery.

Her eyes shifted to Dom again and she softened, "Fine. I'm sorry too. For calling you an asshole and a dick and all that."

Dom waved it off and curled an arm around her middle, pulling her close, "We okay?"

"We're good." she smiled softly and leaned into the offered kiss.

"Seriously?" Will muttered, "I drove down here to see this? I was at least hoping to kick his ass for making Mickey cry!"

Vince turned sharply, "He made her CRY?"

Dom had pulled back from their kiss, "Is the peanut gallery right? I made you cry?" he asked seriously.

She nodded and he winced, "I'm sorry about that too."

She quirked an eyebrow at him, "I'm sure we can think of a way for you to make that up to me."

"Oh, definitely." he grinned, picking her up around the waist and carrying her to his car,

" Don't come home for a while!" he yelled at the team as he walked.


Back at the house, Mikaela let out a soft, "oomph!" and Dom tossed her unceremoniously on the bed, but was distracted when he followed her, she shoved his shoulder until he rolled over so she was on top and they kissed fiercely.

As his hands slid up her shirt and started peeling it off of her, she paused and pulled back, "Dom?" His hands immediately stilled and came to rest on her hips as he gazed at her steadily, "I'm- I- I made myself a promise after Sam that I wasn't having sex with someone who wasn't willing to stay the distance with me, you know?" At his nod, she continued, "So, much as I want to jump your bones and screw your brains out… Can we wait? Are you okay with that?"

He looked at her like she'd grown a second head and she started pulling away, "Nevermind. This was a bad idea. I'm gonna go…"

As she moved to climb off him, he caught her around the waist and kissed her softly, "I get it, okay? Don't get upset or think you wrecked things by asking to take things slow. We'll go as fast or as slow as you need, but you don't ever need to worry about me reacting badly to it."

She nodded and pressed her face into his neck, mumbling, "I don't deserve you," into his bared skin.

He kissed the top of her head and they were quiet for a moment, "So… When you say 'No sex'… what does that entail?"

She glanced up at him, "Um. I dunno. What did you have in mind?"

He smirked at her, "Like, if say I wanted to go down on you, would that be thumbs up or thumbs down?"

Mikaela's jaw dropped at how blasé he was about it, "I wanna say thumbs up…"

"But…" He prodded.

"I've never actually had a guy do that for me."

He raised an eyebrow, "Well then," he rumbled, unbuttoning her jeans and starting to slide them over her hips, "I guess you can't turn it down until you know what you'd be missing, right?"

As her panties followed her jeans to the far corner of the room and he settled easily between her knees, she gave him a shakey smile as he pressed a soft kiss to her hipbone.


Later, she shifted in bed next to him as he kissed her bare shoulder, "Good, huh?" he rumbled.

She sighed, "Definite thumbs up."


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