(Inspired by /post/9228238909 at teenwolfconfessions on tumblr) Just a little ficlet, not sure if it'll go very far, that's why I'm just leaving it open.)

"Oh, come on, Danny! This is exciting, my first boyfriend." Stiles wrapped his arm around the taller teen's shoulders as they walked down the downstairs hall of Danny's house, thoroughly ecstatic that he'd get to try something new, with someone fairly new. Him and the older classmate's friendship had just started to form more than them having random, short conversations, and one of them blowing the other off after.

"It's only for today, so that my grandparents see that I'm making friends after I came out. That's all, Stiles." He replied, trying to shrug him off, but to no avail. This was a one day thing, for sure. His grandparents had already met Jackson, so he couldn't have asked him to pose as his boyfriend, even though Jackson would have probably said no. He wasn't sure. So, Stiles was all he had left. They had been getting along for a little while, so it just seemed okay seeing as the kid was wondering if he found him cute. His parents didn't know him very well, other than when he came over to study that one time, and when he'd tell them he was going to see him on account of them being lab partners… All year long.

"Well, I'm glad I could help. I can't wait to meet them. What are you gonna say about me? I'll tell them we're on the lacrosse team together, and that we make out all the time in your bedroom, and that's where we just were." The smaller teen joked the last part, but Danny looked down at him with an incredulous expression, he had to add, "I'm kidding, jeez. Just trying to lighten your mood, babe."

"Babe? Really?" Danny raised a brow, watching the other teen smile.

"What? We can't have cute nicknames? I want cute nicknames." Stiles had a more innocent expression now, like he actually wanted them, making the older lacrosse player cave instantly at how adorable he looked.

"Fine, we can have nicknames."

"Yes!" He jumped a little out of victory, leaning up on his tiptoes and planting a kiss to Danny's cheek; too busy silently celebrating to notice the heat that rose to the other's cheeks as they walked into the living room, parents and grandparents looking up at them and smiling at the display of affection. He wrapped an arm around Stiles' waist, and pulled him close into his side. This is a one day thing. This is a one day thing. This is a one day thing.