Danny's eyes fluttered open, and he yawned, stretching and feeling that morning after pain. He groaned and turned more onto his side. He noticed it was still dark in the hotel room, and he wondered what time it was. He tried to look up, but his eyes caught on something he thought was utterly beautiful ever since the first time he saw it; Stiles was still sleeping, cuddled in next to him, looking completely peaceful. He looked so gorgeous. He leaned over and kissed his lover's cheek, then cuddled in close, feeling his body heat, smelling the sex on his skin. Did it really matter what time it was right now? He and Stiles had made love last night, and he wanted to bask in it for as long as possible. The kid stirred, small noises coming from him as he woke up, smiling at the feeling of arms around him.

"Danny?" He mumbled, blindly reaching his hands out to touch him, finding skin and smiling a little.

"Hi, babe." Danny said softly, nuzzling his face into his lover's neck, letting Stiles' hand travel down his chest. He moved a leg to drape over his.

"Hi," He set his hand over the older teen's heart, not opening his eyes yet, "Can I tell you something?"

"Anything." The taller teen placed a kiss to the soft flesh, loving the warmth and quiet of this moment.

"I think your grandparents are really gonna believe us now," He smiled wider when he felt Danny chuckle against him, "And I really, really like you. Just so you know."

"I like you, too, Stiles."

Stiles walked through the front door of his house, throwing his keys on the kitchen table, stopping when he caught sight of his father. He looked angry, arms crossed and leaning in the threshold where dining room met kitchen.

"Where have you been?" He asked, slightly relieved to see that his boy hadn't been hurt, or worse. Did he really expect Scott to come up with good lies about what they were doing at his house?

"Well, um-" Stiles started, but was cut off abruptly.

"And don't give me any crap about being at Scott's house. I know you weren't there, even before he started stuttering for something to say when I asked him about what you were doing." The Sheriff maybe had gone too far with interrogating his son's best friend, but he was worried, and Scott would forgive him.

"I was with my boyfriend last night."

"Don't lie to-" He stopped short, looking at how serious a bit nervous the kid looked, "...What?"

The teen nodded, "I'm happy with him, Dad. I'm sorry I didn't answer your calls last night, my phone was off."

"Just don't do it again, okay?" Sheriff Stilinski pushed himself off the wall, arms coming down to his sides. He sighed and grabbed an apple from the bowl on the table, then started to walk away.

"Don't see him again?" Stiles was instantly worried.

"No, don't turn your damn phone off again, or I'll send the department's dogs after you." His father shouted back, making him smile. He had to admit, his dad was the coolest.

In the following weeks, the two teens spent lots of time together, in public and in private. Stiles had formally introduced Danny to his father, who seemed to like him and was satisfied with the answers to the typical "So, you wanna date my son" questions. The Sheriff actually let the older teen stay the night, as long as they promise to have no intimate touching on the couch while blankets covered them and the bedroom door stays cracked open. They followed all the rules, although the Sheriff said nothing about the bathroom, which is where Stiles finally discovered that sex in the shower was the best thing in the whole entire world, even if he was sore the next day. They were happy with each other.

"So, you really wanna do this?" Scott walked beside him down the hall, inspecting his best friend. He looked determined, even though a little nervous. He didn't know what he had to be nervous about, though. Danny was just about in love with him as far as he could tell, and he would most likely say yes.

"Yeah, I do. I wanna go with him, even if people stare. I wanna ask him like this, because this is how he's always wanted to be asked. I'm just... nervous." Stiles told him, holding a pink rose in his hands, walking around the corner and seeing Danny at his locker.

"Don't be nervous, he's your boyfriend. Your actual, real life boyfriend. You love him, Stiles." The young wolf patted him on the back.

"I-I do love him." The quirky teen nodded, smiling to himself. He really did love Danny, even though they hadn't said it yet. He walked up to his boyfriend and gave a smile.

"Hey, babe." Danny smiled at him, then looked at the rose in his hands, "What are you doing?"

"I-I just um..." He chuckled nervously, wetting his lips, "I love you. A-And I was wondering something."

"...You love me?" The older teen stopped hearing after that. He repeated it over and over in his mind.

Stiles chuckled, getting down on one knee, "Will you go to prom with me?"

The goalie looked down at him, goofy grin on his face, "You love me?"

"I love you, Danny." He nodded, holding up the rose, "I'll say it however many times you want."

"Yes. Just yes. I love you, too." He chuckled at the expression on his boyfriend's face, and held a hand out to him to help him up. Stiles stood and hugged Danny tightly, whispering those three words over again and feeling lips on his cheek.

"You will go to prom with me right?" The younger teen mumbled against his neck, feeling the soft laugh rumble his boyfriend's chest.

"Of course, babe." Danny let go of him, but decided to keep one arm around him. He pulled the quirky teen into his side, and felt him lean into it, "I'm glad this wasn't a one day thing for us."