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Nicole's POV

My eyes widen in shock and I speed off, not bothering to breathe just running on adrenaline.

"He saw me, he saw me "I chant under my breath, everything I fear is going to happen, be split up, put in a test lab. I start to hyperventilate and even with my snap I have to gasp for air. I had no idea where I was running to but as I start to walk. My mind starts to slow down.

"It will be okay" I chant slowly to myself but these words don't comfort me. Something is bothering me "his eyes" I realise, they were golden, and I shake my head and look at my surroundings.

Nothing but I follow the panic to an area which is weirdly shaped even with my super sensitive eyes it takes a while to figure it out.

I quickly realise that there is a bunker and that is the place where the panic is coming from, without hesitation I go inside and step back a bit.

The bunker is a mess

Shelton's POV

I reach the bunker right before Tory come charging in "What happened" she demands

I stumble with my words "I flared and ran after Nicole"

"After Nicole…. She saw you flare" Panic is obvious in her voice "What happens now"

"Tor, something's up with Nicole, her eyes went green and she sped off faster than Ben"

We stood in silence anything that was faster than Ben scared us.

"What happened" Ben and Hi come storming right next to us, "We flared and followed you"

"Nicole saw Shelton flare" Tory's voice is sharp and quick

This sends Hi and Ben off the wall "What, Shelton" they yell

"Look I'm sorry, but something else happened to Nicole as well, her eyes they went green" I shudder at the memory.

Tory isn't paying attention her eyes are on the bunker "Something's wrong with Coop" she mummers but since we have all flared we hear it as clear as crystal.

This makes everyone shut up and we all head for the bunker, the second it takes for our eyes to adjust we all gasp.

The only table is lying against the wall broken and some of the boarding has come loose. By the entrance to the tunnel dirt is kicked up and a crouching figure is by it.

"What's down there" the figure asks and the voice that is with it is Nicole.

"A tunnel, it's collapsed" Tory answers quickly, as soon as she finished Nicole leapt into the tunnel.

Tory's POV

We all stared in amazement as she left our sight, a couple of minutes later we heard scuffling and she emerges with Coop being held by the scruff who is biting and growling and her kitten who is hanging off her arm. If it hurt she didn't show it

As soon as Coop see's us Nicole loosens her grip and he comes bounding towards us.


Is the one word which comes from Coop and the others hugging Coop.

"Where are you going" Ben voice rings out across the silent night.

"Back home" Nicole replies sharply her green eyes narrowing

"No you're not, you need to answer some questions" Ben says in the same tone moving quickly in front of the entrance.

"No" she hisses "I'm going where I want and when I want" she turns to face him and stakes up a fighting stance.

We minus Ben suddenly get very nervous as Ben also takes up a fighting stance.

As they seize each other up, I gently probe into Ben's mind.

Ben calm down she's not a danger.

The reply wasn't a peaceful one

Tory get the hell out of my head, she might be a threat we don't know

He screamed all of us flinched including Nicole

"I'm not a threat" Nicole growled

Green and golden eyes stare at each other but off them where about to pounce. The three of us stand there wondering what to do,

Luckily or unluckily for him Shelton decides to step in literally,

"Okay guys" Shelton being skinny manages to fit in the small gap between them "Stand back" Shelton physically pushes them back the strain showing on his face.

Looking at them separately , "Why don't we do it ... normally?"

They both agree reluctantly, I think they both wanted the power, either to feel safer or so they will know they will have an advantage.

I close my eyes and calm myself down and feel it leave me, "so know let's Tal…" I didn't get to finish my sentence because as soon as Nicole's eyes open and reveal a flash of brown her eyelids flutter closed and she collapses.

Nicole's POV

When I wake up I'm leaning against the window sill, my head is pounding and my eyes are heavy, I know what immediately has happened. It use to happen in the beginning every time, but then it stopped but the stress and the running triggered me to faint.

Groaning I turn towards the four pairs of normal eyes and turn back again resting my head against the wall.

"How did you get your" I wave my hand over my eyes "thing"? They give each other confirming looks and start.

When they finish "I'm impressed, how many felonies did you commit" I say with a smirk as they try to count on their fingers.

"A lot" Hi says "Now it's your turn" Ben says a lot less kindly

Scowling slightly, I hate to be told what to do and begin, when I finish they look very impressed.

"You say we committed felonies, Nicole you did way more than us" Hi says grinning wildly.

I nod; I didn't say all of it I didn't want to reveal most of it. I'll tell them later I remind myself.

Ben looking less hostile comes up with a very good idea "Hey, do you want to flare tomorrow?"

"Flare?" I ask very confused

"The ... you know" Hi says waving his hand across his face "What do you call it"

"Snapping" I say sharply

"Why do you call it that, it sounds like a bad thing" Tory asks concerned

"I don't know it's like you're completely different" I say while my mind says "It's because you can lose control at any second"

I rise up from my seat and stare at the people in front of me "Okay guys I'm going home" when I reach the door. Shelton cries out

"1 o'clock tomorrow don't be late"

I give thumbs up and waltz away from the door.

Getting in was quite hard but I managed with some help from myself. Going to my computer I set up Skype, with no doubt the online button was showing. They would have felt it of course.

Clicking the call button the screen immediately morphs into 3 worried faces.

"What's wrong Nicole" Rebecca immediately demands

I didn't leave anything out; I trust them with my life.

"Nicole that was risky" Luke finally says breaking the silence

"I know but we something similar to ours we might be able to warn them" I say, we had hope know and I wasn't going to let it go.

As soon as I said this they shared a worried look, I know they weren't just on about me. They wanted to tell me something.

"What is it?" my voice is hard

"Nicky, it's about Promenthon" Zanna's voice shakes

"What is it?" desperation is in my voice and I dread what happens next.

"He's left Europe" Luke says "and is in Charleston"

Suddenly hope is fluttering out of my grasp and there are tears in my eyes "No" I say softly, but I know they won't lie to me about this.

"You know what I'm going to right" I directly, they all nod

"Be careful" Rebecca at last says "and good luck", I make an affirmative nod. Go to my closet and slip on clothes I thought I would never see again and slip off into the night.

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