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Bella couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Charlie had asked her to come and sit down, gushing about how he had some important news to give her and he thought this would be a great opportunity for them both. Charlie was more animated than Bella had ever seen him, his eyes twinkling enthusiastically. Charlie rarely got enthusiastic over anything these days.

Bella's stomach was in knots, and she instantly feared what he was going to tell her. He had been offered a six month transfer with the police department in Seattle with a huge pay increase. Okay, well, that wasn't so bad, Bella thought as Charlie continued to convince her that at his age this was the best thing to happen to him, how he'd gotten stuck in his humdrum life in Forks, and hey, he wasn't complaining – after all, Renee had left him because of his love of this humdrum life, but yeah, even Charlie Swan had gotten a little restless.

Bella congratulated her dad and agreed that this was a great opportunity for him. He had a few years left still before he retired – Charlie wasn't old; he and Renee had Bella very young – and it wasn't going to be a permanent move. Charlie didn't want that, no, sir; he'd come back after 6 months and continue in his position as Forks Chief of Police.

Charlie beamed and chuckled as his only child threw her arms around his neck in a warm embrace.

Then came the shocker.

Charlie cleared his throat, and unwrapped his daughter's arms. Looking at her seriously, he proceeded to tell her that while he'd be away, he had arranged for the house to be renovated. Bella frowned, and her mind started whirling. She thought of school; she was in her final year, just turned eighteen. She had assumed she'd stay in the house while Charlie was away. Bella's smile waned. She couldn't stay with Renee and Phil; they were constantly travelling.

Before Bella could voice any concerns, Charlie soldiered on, telling Bella how the house needed fixing up and he was looking at it as investment potential. He explained how one day it would belong to her to do what she wished with, and it would be worth more money this way.

Bella nodded in agreement but still couldn't get her head around where she would stay.

Charlie could detect the distraction, and taking her hands in his, proceeded to tell her that his good friends Billy and Sarah Black had a spare room at their place, and they would love to have Bella stay with them while the house was out of bounds.

Bella looked aghast at Charlie, snatching her hands back from his grip. Seriously, how could he expect her to stay there? Sure, Sarah and Billy were good people, friendly and caring, but they also had that moronic, arrogant, overgrown ape of a son. Memories flashed through her head of Jacob Black pulling her hair, throwing worms, hiding her books, constantly teasing and laughing at her when the tears threatened to spill onto her reddened cheeks. He was mean, spiteful, and cocky then, and as far as she was concerned, he hadn't changed one bit.


Jacob Black sat at the small dining table as Sarah and Billy explained to their son about Charlie Swan's temporary transfer and the planned renovation of his house. Jacob wasn't paying much attention to their words; he was watching the clock. He was meeting his girl in fifteen minutes, and if he was just a minute late, he knew he wouldn't be getting any tonight. Yeah, Lauren could be a bitch, but then so were most of the girls he hung out with. But Lauren gave Jacob what he wanted, and usually when he wanted it; so yeah, Lauren was cool. She'd do, anyhow, for now.

Tapping his fingers impatiently on the table, Jacob continued watching the clock with a bored expression plastered all over his face. So Charlie was an okay kind of guy; Jacob had known him for years as his dad's best friend. But why the hell would he be interested in Charlie's job or house plans?

Jacob's focus suddenly came back to his parents as they proceeded to tell him that they had offered Charlie's daughter, Bella, the twins' room. He spluttered out a profanity, which earned him a swift clip around the ear from his mother and a stern word from his father.

Rubbing his sore ear, he looked at his parents resentfully as he remembered the little mousy bookworm who always seemed to manage to rub him the wrong way. He couldn't explain what it was about her that he found so annoying, but he felt she was put on this earth to torment him. Jacob laughed at that thought – yeah, right – from what he could remember, he was the tormenter. She just took what he dished out though and never cried, even though she was always on the brink. Fuck, that annoyed him even more. He wanted to make her cry; then at least Charlie would have stopped bringing her around. But no, she didn't tell anyone how mean he'd been to her. She just took it, so Charlie carried on bringing her. Couldn't he just have left her with a neighbor? Why'd she have to visit every single fucking time? He had sisters for fuck's sake; he didn't need another girl hanging around the place. Now he'd have to put up with her living under the same roof. Fucking great!

Sarah and Billy looked at their son disapprovingly as he stood so abruptly his chair fell backwards, crashing to the floor behind him. Jacob ignored their demands for him to pick up the chair and sit back down as he made his way to the front door. He grabbed his leather jacket off the coat rack and turned to face them slowly resting his hand on the door handle. Narrowing his eyes, and with as much venom as he could muster, he told his parents he wouldn't speak to her, they couldn't make him, and Little Miss Perfect better not try to speak to him.

Jacob yanked the door open and sauntered down the path to his Rabbit, running a hand through his hair as he cursed under his breath. What was it with that girl? Even the mention of her name got his hackles up and now this. Fuck, eighteen years old, and he still couldn't get away from her. God, she got him so mad; she was too fucking perfect. His thoughts went back to a few weeks ago to a party at the Clearwaters' place. Leah and Bella got along well and chatted easily; even Seth joined in on their conversation, and Bella giggled and blushed over something he said. Jacob stood on the other side of the room, brooding and watching her. He didn't want to; he just couldn't help it, and that had pissed him off too. But the thing that really got him mad that night was her total contempt at his presence. She totally ignored him; even when he got her on her own in the kitchen, ready to tease her about Seth. She refused to meet his eyes and had the audacity to walk past him, nose in the air, into the other room. She always managed to piss him off – always so polite, getting good grades, cute little Bella. Everyone loved Little Miss Perfect.

Jacob climbed into his car and slammed his hands down on the steering wheel. He remembered the pretty dress she wore that night too, and how her blush had travelled down her neck and across her chest. Jacob took his hand off the steering wheel and grabbed himself roughly through his jeans, wondering how far down her slender body that blush went. Feeling himself harden rapidly, he threw his head back and thought of something else he could do to Bella Swan. It certainly didn't involve talking, and fuck, he wouldn't even have to look at that cute little face; no, he'd just bend her over, fuck her hard and make her scream his name and beg for more.

Jacob groaned and was tempted to just undo his jeans and relieve the ache, there and then, but fuck no, that was Lauren's job, he thought as he started up the engine. He wasn't waiting tonight; shit, he needed her lips around his cock now. He quickly flipped open his cell, and when Lauren picked up, he spoke briefly, telling her to wear his favourite, red 'hooker' lipstick and meet him in the trees at the back of her house in five minutes. Jacob smiled to himself as he flipped the cell closed and pushed his foot down on the gas pedal. Yeah, his baby would know exactly what he needed and he felt his cock twitch uncomfortably in anticipation.


Bella knew there was no getting out of the situation. She couldn't rent a place on her meager wage from her part time job at Newton's Hardware Store, and Charlie had just put aside a large amount of cash for the renovation. There really was no way out; she would have to take up Sarah and Billy's kind offer of a room.

The thought of living under the same roof as him caused her gut to twist painfully. She'd seen the way he watched her at the Clearwaters', like a predator ready to pounce. She was always amazed at how a lovely couple like the Blacks' could have raised such an asshole like Jacob. When they were kids, his teasing could have been blamed on sheer childishness, even though he was relentless in his efforts to hurt her. She often wondered what it was about her that riled him so. She tried to avoid him, but he came looking for her just to make fun and tease. But then, he was just a kid, a bully, not much taller than herself and pretty harmless. Now, however, he was a huge hulk of a man – over 6' in height and solid muscle. She always tried to avoid looking at Jacob for fear of catching his eye and igniting some demon that she believed existed inside him.

When she'd watched him from afar, she could see how he could definitely be appealing to girls, even women since Jacob looked quite a bit older than his eighteen years. Bella shuddered at the thought; she would never find him appealing. She would never be taken in by his dark, brooding looks, his tan skin, the sunny smile that showed rows of perfectly straight, white teeth or the smile that was never directed at her. She was always on the receiving end of his sinister smirks or his glare, which had changed over the last few years. He used to look at her with a loathing, as you would at something disgusting you'd stepped in; but now, his look had changed. It was still hard and hateful, but dark, his eyes black. But she only observed this from a distance; she would never look at him in the eye up close.

So resided herself to the fact that she would be living with the one person who had tormented her and loathed her, but she would not let him break her. How hard could it be to avoid him? They were both still at school during the week, different schools, thankfully. They both worked part time on weekends; he helped out at the local auto garage in La Push. He had a girlfriend too, whom he would surely spend any spare time he could with. So, all in all, Bella was feeling pretty confident; even though they would be living under the same roof for a few months, she would be able to avoid Jacob most of the time.

Jacob sat at the table with his parents. They were talking; he wasn't listening. Instead, he stared into space, thinking about how hot Lauren's mouth looked with that bright red lipstick on while she was sucking him off. Fuck, it felt good too. God, she was so fucking dirty; he loved it.

Then he heard that name – oh, yeah, they had to go and mention her again, didn't they? Well, it got his attention. She was definitely staying; she accepted their offer. Was she fucking insane? Jacob thought. He listened while his parents laid down some rules – rules that had always existed in the Black household, but rules that Jacob tended to break frequently. He smirked and nodded as they reeled them off one by one. He guffawed when his mother said that he would need to be more considerate now that they would be having a young lady as a guest around the house. She continued, ignoring his laughter and telling him it would mean no walking around in just his underwear, no barging in the bathroom or bedrooms without knocking first, and always locking the bathroom door if it was in use. Jacob rolled his eyes as the list continued. Then he leaned forward on his elbows and, in all seriousness, asked his parents if it was okay for Bella to wander around the house in her underwear because he really didn't mind that at all.

Sarah got up from the table with an exasperated sigh. Why was Jacob like this? What had she and Billy done wrong? She shook her head as she heard Billy raise his voice at their son. She wondered whether they were doing the right thing inviting Bella to stay with them, but things had been arranged now, and there was no way they could let Charlie down at such short notice. Jacob got up and walked over to his mother. Wrapping his arms around her, he apologized, adding that he guessed he could try to follow some of the rules, but not for Bella, for his mom. Sarah reached her hand up to cup his cheek and whispered, "That's all I'm asking for, son."