Kirby: Adventure Royale



Hey, Everybody! I'm back! This is an idea that was bubbling in my brain for so long: my favorite VG franchises together in an X-over: Kirby/Mario/Sonic!

If you like any of the concerned franchises, you'd like this story.

If you support the couples, SonAmy, MarioXPeach, and KirbyXRibbon, and LuigiXDaisy, you'd like this story.

Just a reminder, the characters of the franchises will coexist with one another. After all, it worked in such titles like Looney Tunes: Back in Action, maybe the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Sort of).

Disclaimer: I do not own Kirby, Mario and Sonic.

Now then…



Darkness Emits

A shared world is what all living things reside in. A shared and immeasurably enormous world. So many creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors thrive everywhere. The strangest fact is, they all seem originate from different worlds; precisely three. And in the same number, there were three famous regions: the peaceful and bubbly Star Region, the many-exquisite-environments region of Spiral, and the adventurous Mushroom Region. Each Region was bustled with its own magic and wonder.

Unfortunately, there are the dreaded forces of evil that dare to taint the regions with corruption and conquest. Inhabitants would flee in terror, would be taken prisoner, deprived of possessions, even forced against their will for the enemy. Contrarily, the malevolent plans will be crushed and will haunt the villains when they encounter their worst nightmare: active heroes… The rebels would charge valiantly to the enemies. The villain's soldiers would retreat or endure the worse fate of the heroes' power. If more than one villain collaborates, under a far-more superior force, the heroes perform the same tactic.

And this tale is no exception…

Within the Star Region, there was a calm kingdom that was renowned for certain reasons: Dream Land. But not where the story begins. Instead, it all begins beyond Dream Land's fields, Northeast. There, in that direction was Bland Canyon: a desolate, desiccated, ominous-clouded desert where the sun had an invisibly slim chance of showing. With no sun, the temperature would 80 degrees Fahrenheit and decreases between 25-30 degrees at night.

Just hovering above the enormous fissure itself, were five airships in different designs. One vessel was carried by a tan blimp that was decorated with fierce orange eyes and a sharp-teethed smile that stretched across the lower front. At the balloon's back end was her name in red and looked as if splattered, "Kaboola". The fear-striking balloon was harnessed below by the deck, which was designed as a three-leveled sea battleship complete with cannons. Three more wore in a fleet, all designed as 18th century vessels, powered by propellers, and armed with six large guns. At the bow, the figure head was a fierce creature with horns and fangs. The final airship was even larger. It was bulky and dark grey. At the sides were unusual symbols: a round head with blank eyes and a mustache that spreads out like pine trees.

At once, the hovering vessels submerged into the wide-open canyon. Shouting from the airship fleets and Kaboola echoed as the crew prepared for landing. The clamor ceased and the only sound that was made was the wind whispering up sand. Afterwards, a gangplank was lowered from Kaboola and was bent into a bridge when a large figure set foot down. It was a blue penguin-like bird, having a blunt yellow beak, mitten-like hands, and feet in the same color. He was dressed in fine clothes of a red robe, trimmed in white, red cap encircled with a gold headpiece, and had a wide, colorful band that stretched across his round gut. He had a massive wooden hammer in his right hand and it rested on his shoulder. This fancy-dressed bird was gentle Dream Land's incompetent and selfish ruler: King Dedede. An elevator chamber shifted down with a passenger. His physique was round like an egg, supported by slim legs and topped with a small head with goggles over his eyes, shielded with blue glasses. Like the symbol of the vessel he emerged from, he had a mustache, but more unruly coming from his large nose. He was dressed like a scientist with a red coat, white gloves, and black pants. This was the crazy scientist, Dr. Eggman. Instead of being elevated down, an enormous, turtle-like creature jumped from the fleet, and landed on his feet. He was so large; he could've caused an earthquake. His shell was green and armed with 10 spikes. His body was bulky and yellow with black, spiked bands on his upper arms and wrists. Above his muzzle of an ox that was set with sharp fangs, he had fire-red eyes and thick eyebrows. At the sides of his head was each a curved horn. The monstrous figure was Bowser: the treacherous koopa king.

The verbal silence was still strong, not even the sounds of the feared, if not occasionally looney, villains' footstep could be heard as they approached each other. They've rendezvoused at this dismal land for a reason. As villainous as they were, would it be to plot a project of collaboration? For a moment, each leader eyed one another.

Breaking the silence, Dedede finally spoke, "So… us three have finally meet."

"Hmm… likewise…" the scientist sounded.

"You two got a lotta guts showing your faces in my presence." The horned koopa snorted. "Especially in this place, where resources are scarce and you all couldn't last a day here."

After eyeing each other once more, the villains began smiling. Bowser snickered lowly while Dedede and Eggman chuckled at the same depths. A moment later, the levity raised more as chuckling could be more audible. And so, the leaders burst into laughter. The loud levity could echo out from the Canyon. "Yeh-ha-ha-ha-ha!" King Dedede laughed, "It's about time us crooks met in person!"

"Ha! Despite your brains, this is the best location you've selected, Dedede!" Eggman stated. "

Gra-ha-ha! Yeah! And no good-for-nothin', nuisances called heroes in sight!" Bowser bellowed in delight.

As nightfall began, so did a party; a get-together away from home and constant humiliating defeat. Minions danced and stuffed themselves of an incredible buffet. They entertained themselves by performing the skills they've inherited. Sir Kibbles juggled blades, fire bros. swung flame- tipped batons, and robots shot fireworks into the dark sky. Speaking of robots, there were two small characters in particular; Eggman's aptly-named sidekicks, Orbot and Cubot.

"WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!" Yellow-colored Cubot exclaimed excitedly and quick, "Can you believe this party, Orbot? I mean, this is the bomb!"

"Oh yes." Red-topped Orbot agreed, "With a party around, we won't need to work." He leaned on his red-gloved hand and wondered as he held a sub sandwich that was over a foot long. "But I can't help but think of what this dish in for?"

CLANK! CLANG! The two robots were hit by eating utensils. They looked to see their leader, tapping his fingers impatiently.

"Oh yes, of course." Orbot remembered as he hovered to the reserved table for the leaders themselves. Even they were enjoying the celebration. Some of the goers would play tricks on each other; specifically, several the Koopa King's son: Bowser Jr.

Like a plan, the koopaling dropped, on the ground, a super-slippery banana peel; so slippery it can make a person slide far off. Just dancing like the rest of the minions was whisker-muzzled Escargon, Dedede's snail servant. As he danced, his feet came to contact with the set peel and he slide fast out of the party, screaming in fear. He crashed into a cliff of the canyon. Surprisingly, as Escargon was splattered by the cliff, a portion of the rock formation cracked around him and he fell forwards.

The sound of the breaking rocks caught the partygoers' attention, including their leaders. As everyone neared the crash, Bowser asked demandingly, "Hey, slug! What's going on here?"

Escargon stood up and replied while pointing and glaring at miniature Boswer,

"That good-for-nothing turtle twerp just made me…aauughh!" the snail choked as Bowser hauled him, by the neck, to his face.

The snail saw the horned koopa's piercing red eyes as he growled, "It's not polite to point, pal… And that turtle twerp just so happens to be my son! So you'd better…"

"Hold up!" Dedede called out as he neared the rocky hole. He saw two oil-filled pedestals and turned to Bowser, "Hey Bowser, use your fire-breathin' to light up those things.

The bulky koopa dropped the snail. He didn't know what where his brother villain was going with this. Yet so… he roared a torrent of flames into the hole and stopped. The pedestals were now ignited.

Cha-ching! Money symbols appeared in the bloated bird's eyes. He hauled out a torch and dipped it into the other flames.

"Come on!" He shouted as he entered the cave.

"Hold on!" Eggman rebelled, "Why are you going in there, Dedede?"

"Because… a cave like this one should have a cavern-load of treasure!"

"Treasure?" Bowser drooled loudly. He darted as fast as his large feet to take him and shoved Dedede from his path. "Outta the way, penguin!"

Dedede went back up to his feet and started to run after and shouting, "You ain't gettin' that loot before me!" Eggman, with the bad sense of greed, hustled along, with a band of minions following after.

At first the cave seemed very straight-forward. That is… until Bowser, distracted by imaginary mountains of gold, tumbled down an unexpected staircase. When Dedede saw the horned kooped decaend painfully down, he skidded to a stop, just below the first step down.

He looked down, the illuminated stairway and saw Bowser, still tumbling down below. He sighed with relief and said, "It's a good he went first. Heh heh…"

He turned around and his eyes widened as he saw his united pack stampeding on. He held out his hands and cried out, "No wait!"

But it was too late… CRASH! Everyone, including Dedede, tumbled down like a giant ball. The staircase descended a hundred feet below. And when everyone got to the staircase's bottom, the pack ball melted down. Everyone was dizzy and groaning in pain.

Dedede got up to his feet. He looked out and saw the most un-expecting thing. He was in the same, enormously huge and illuminated cavern as an underground fortress. Everyone else got their strength back and glanced at the stronghold. Around the whole underground battle-based establishment were dark violet decals. The bloated bird looked straight forward as saw a statue. He grinned widely at what the sculpture had in its hand: a staff. It was decorated. Dedede laughed, to his own greedy delight and raced to the statue. As he neared, the king got a better observance of the staff. The shaft was fiercely decorated in dark gold and black in a diamond pattern and was topped with a violet three-dimensional diamond. Dedede rubbed his hands and knew he had to have that mysterious treasure. He grabbed the staff with his hands and started to pull up. But there was no avail. He attempted the same tactic and received the same results. He did this over and over, again, and again, and again. He was then panting like a dog. His brain hatched another strategy. He hauled out his massive hammer and aimed below the staff's shaft.

After a few seconds of preparation, the king lifted his weapon up and sung it down. With the force of the hammer so strong, when it hit the staff, the treasure fired out off the statue's hand. "Yea-ha!" He cheered at his success.

As the staff began to bolt down, Dedede, below, moved around to catch his freed treasure. Just when it was just inches above the king's hands, the staff stopped falling, and not into the bird's hands. "Huh?" He gasped at the sight of a ghostly hand surrounded by a dark violet aura.

"Gah!" shouted everyone else. The hand returned the statue, where the staff was once held. Suddenly, piece by piece, fragments of the statue fell down into only chips of stone and revealed a cloud of pitch black smoke. Dedede hurriedly retreated to his united pack as the cloud expanded. Everyone, most of them frightened by the occurrence, just started and hoped nothing bad will happen. The fierce sound of dark laughter echoed through the cavern.

"D-d-d-dad…" Bowser Jr. stuttered as he clutches his father's leg, "What's going on?"

"Uh…I-I don't know, Jr." Bowser Sr. replied. He glowered at Dedede for causing such event. He stomped over to the quivering bird, groped him by the neck of his robe, and hauled him up.

"Hey! Hey!" the bird protested as he kicked his feet, "Watched the robe, Bowser! This here's my favorite!" "Shut up, ya fat blue dove!" Bowser barked, "What the heck did you just do?"

"I'll tell you what he's done…" a deep voice called out. Everyone felt surprised by dark voice. Everyone continued looked into the darkness and finally saw an unidentified figure in the smoke. As the figure neared, it exited the clouds. Just, now, standing in front of the pack seemed like a sorcerer. He was dressed in a burgundy robe, masked around the face, and hooded. Upon his shoulders was a dark metallic shoulder-piece encrusted with dark-red rubies. In his grey, pointed-fingered hands was the staff that Dedede broke free of grasp.

"…That kind bird released me from my imprisonment. For you reward… you all shall serve me for the rest of time."

Everyone was scared like babies, except Bowser. He snorted steam from his thick nostrils and scoffed, "I, Bowser, the future king of the Mushroom Kingdom, serves no one. And I'll show ya!" the bulky koopa breathed in deeply and exhaled a stream of fire to the robed figure. The sorcerer held out his hand and absorbed the fire until it shrank into nothing. Bowser seemed impressed by his opponent's power, but not impressed of being enslaved.

He pointed out to his enemy and ordered, "Koopa Troop, have at him!" Nothing happened. He repeated the order again and still no reply. This made the koopa king angry. When he turned around to yell, he saw everyone retreating to the staircase. With the flick of his wrist, the sorcerer's staff flashed. Everyone smeared over a magic barrier that sealed the only exit, now inaccessible.

"Now…" the sorcerer began and advancing forward with Bowser retreating backwards, right to his pack, "…since I've got you…"

"Trapped?" Escargon guessed.

"No. I would not say you're all trapped; more or less, prevented you from going nowhere." The dark figure said.

"I'm sure that is trapping…" Orbot reminded.

"You will stay silent!" the sorcerer demanded as he aimed his staff at the spherical robot.

"Sorry…" the round machine whimpered.

"As I was saying… I am Cigam Kcalb; dark enchanter and your master. My goal is to spread darkness throughout the world until it becomes mine to command! If anyone foolishly dares to rebel against my power, they will be plowed by my power and aid my side." The wizard eyed his newly-captured slaves, who just shivered and squatted by his fear.

"Of course, obedience has its own rewards." Cigam reminded. The skaking of the pack ceased when they heard the sorcerer speak and advert to him. Even Bowser raised a bushy eyebrow. "Rewards?" He asked with curious interest, "Go on…"

"If you so cooperate under my authority, I'll aid you in all your personal affairs." Cigam offered. "Personal affairs" rang through the mind of Bowser, King Dedede, and Dr. Eggman. The held leaders only imagined their banes as they caused them to fail in their pasts. They believed if Cigam was true to his word, the humiliation will cease. Nasty grins crept on their faces.

They were soon disturbed by the sorcerer, who asked, "Do we have an accord?"

The villains looked to the robed character. One by one they said, "You bet! Deal! Agreed!"

Cigam nodded. He raised his staff and the jewel sparked. It then seeped out purple fog and it crept next to the pack Everyone else looked and wondered what was becoming. As the fog cleared up, the now semi-leaders' eyes widened as they saw creatures stomping out from whence they came. "Just wait until you've seen them in combat." Cigam mentioned. The villains' grins grew more wicked, thinking their problems would end.

Unbeknownst of the event, was a small speck of light that appeared out of nowhere. After a moment it disappeared.

Uh-oh! This doesn't look good. First you think Bowser, Dedede, and Eggman just met up just to team up, but instead throw a party. And now Dedede awakened a dark wizard that desires world conquest. Wow! All in one chapter. And what of that speck of light? We'll soon find out! Stay tuned. Later! :) Do be so kind as to read and review, please? Thank you! Oh… and I bet some of you are thinking that Cigam's name sounds like another certain word, but that's not where his name comes from. That's for you to find out for yourselves.