Now… my favorite Sonic couple!

Chapter 3

Hedgehog Love

The sun had risen from the east, showing a new day. Its beams of light shined upon earth, even in sealed home. Despite having shades down, the sunlight successfully beamed into a bedroom. Sonic the Hedgehog, now 21 years old, was disturbed in his sleep when the warm sunbeams shined on his face. His apple-green eyes had opened and were rubbed by the blue hedgehog's gloveless hands. When he turned his head, and saw a digital clock reading, 9:15 away from the sunlight, he smiled and saw a rosy-pink hedgehog in a purple nightgown. Amy Rose was now 20 years old and living with her heroic boyfriend. They've been together for over four years.

With growing up, Sonic had no choice but to stop wearing his favorite red running shoes, but soon got another pair that looked the same just for his current size. His blue quills grew longer. Amy was beautiful in Sonic's eyes, and became more so when growing up. She started to show her womanly figure, her rosy hair grew longer, pass the shoulders, and even though they knew Amy was in a relationship, other animals had their jaws drop when they saw her passing by.

Sonic had sold his old home to make preparations for the future of his strong relationship with Amy. He bought a white, two-story house. Inside was all that he could ask for: the living room, kitchen, three bathrooms, a room for Amy's dancing and Sonic's workout, and three bedrooms (Just in case of going all the way).

Sonic was more than glad to be in love with the crazy fan-girl, who had been chasing him since childhood. Their relationship had grown strong, thanks to an act Sonic had once did to protect Amy; something quite worse than . The blue hedgehog leaned his head close to Amy's and kissed her cheek. Amy jade eyes had begun to flutter and smiled at her boyfriend. "Good morning, my sweet rose." Sonic greeted and wrapped an arm around the rosy hedgehog, who blushed. "Morning, Sonikku." She greeted and gently pressed her lips to Sonic' to form a passionate kiss. They leaned their foreheads to each other and gazed eye-to-eye.

"We've got to go to work today." Amy said. Sonic shrugged and showed a small smile, "But it'll show that we're working hard for each other." Sonic said. Without warning, Amy pinned her blue lover to the bed and narrowed her eyes. "And when that's over…" She said seductively, "…we'll have our own fun…" Sonic gave a cocky grin and said, "I like the sound of that." They got ready for their jobs by showering together. While doing so, they pleasure each other. It wasn't the first time the hedgehog couple made love. But if hadn't been for Sonic's pure intentions when he and Amy were younger, their first time would've been disastrous. When Amy grew 18, she was now legally an adult, meaning they cold mate now. But Sonic, thinking of his lover's health, wanted her to wait a little longer, until Amy was 19.

After their romantic shower at 10:00, the hedgehog made their breakfast: sizzling bacon, warm cinnamon rolls, and sausages with juice. Sonic, knowing he was growing older had a job: he worked as a mailman. Instead of driving a truck like most mailmen do, Sonic would travel by the way he knew best: running at the speed of sound. He would go far beyond his home just to deliver ever magazine, package, or envelope. Amy was proud of her lover to go such long distances to make his pay. Even though he found his occupation fitting, Sonic believed his girlfriend's job beats his. Amy had danced when she was young, so decided to become a dance instructor. Sonic found Amy's dancing very mesmerizing, being hypnotized by her gracefulness and beauty.

At 11:00, Sonic was then dressed in a mailman's uniform: light blue shirt and dark blue shorts. He soon saw Amy, without her gloves, in the proper clothes for her dance class: a light blue short-sleeved leotard that showed her drool-making posture, white footed tights, hot pink legwarmers and dance shoes. Sonic had seen Amy in such dancewear before, and thought she looked beautiful and hot. Before he could take his lover to work, Sonic wrapped her arms, making Amy's cheeks go rosy, and whispered into her ear, "You look so sexy in that, Ames." Amy giggled and knew Sonic like her in her dancewear, and she enjoyed wearing it, too. "I'm glad you think so, Sonikku." She said and kissed him on the cheek. "And you look sexy as a mailman. I'm ready to go to work." She said. Sonic lifted Amy bridal style, and sprinted out the do at the speed of sound.

Sonic soon skidded to a stop and arrived at the dance studio, where Amy's class in held. Sonic set his girlfriend down on her feet. "Alright, Ames. Have fun with your class." Sonic said. The hedgehogs pecked each other's lips. "You know I will." She said as she stroked her hand across the hero's cheek. She turned and began to walk into the studio. Sonic looked to her back and took a glimpse of Amy's toned rear. He gave a chuckle and said to himself, "I just know we're gonna have fun tonight." He sprinted off once more, but this time to his own job.

After traveling through several hallways, Amy soon faced a room of other girls a few years below her age and some in the same dancewear. "Hey, girls! Let's dance!" The rosy-furred instructor announced. With pressing a remote button, dance music had begun to play. All the girls started with warm-up dances.

Now that he had all his mail to deliver, Sonic rushed off. He sprinted from the streets of Station Square, to the jungle of Mystic Ruins, to every zone he venture into when her was younger. It took the fast-footed hedgehog not so long to deliver the mail, and doing so meant that he could, with his boss's approval, return home early. As he sprinted off to pick up Amy, something caught his eyes. He stopped and heard laughter. He turned around and saw, at a nearby park, children playing with their parents. Sonic thought they seemed so happy with each other. His thoughts were interrupted when he remembered how much Amy wanted to the mother of his children. Now that they were together, they can make it happen.

At 5:15 P.M., Amy Rose was still in her dancewear and was just in time to see her favorite ride approaching. "Hey, Ames. Ready to go?" Sonic said with his cocky grin. "You bet." She said as she was being scooped into Sonic's arms. They were instantly off.

The hedgehog couple arrived hove in record time as they left. Amy switched from her dance shoes to house slippers. For nearly an hour, Sonic had wondered why Amy hadn't taken off her leotard and other dancewear. As they watched TV, the curious male hedgehog asked, "Hey, Ames…" He began. Amy turned her attention from the TV screen to her boyfriend with a smile. "Yes, Sonic?" She replied. "Do you mind me asking why you're still in your leotard? Not that it should matter." He asked. Amy's smile shortened and crawled close the heroic hedgehog, pecked his cheek, and slung her arms around his neck, with her breasts pressing to his body. "Like you said, I look sexy in this. So I'll just wear it for a while longer." Sonic smiled as he remembered and they kissed.

After their dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with a side of breadsticks, Amy asked, "Sonic… could you come with me to my room? There's something I want to show you." Sonic obeyed and followed his sakura lover upstairs. When they came to Amy's side of the bed, where a nightstand resided, Amy had begun to pull out a drawer. "What is it?" Sonic asked. Amy smiled as she drew out a folded piece of paper. "Something you gave to me years ago." She said and unfolded the paper. When she handed it to her boyfriend, his eyes grew surprised and saw that it was a letter he wrote to her.

Dear Amy,

By the time you see this letter, you'll know that I left your

house. Please, don't get the idea that I'm breaking up

with you, but when I got the message of you seducing me,

I had to leave. I didn't turn down you offer because I never

loved you, it's because I care about you and wouldn't want

to hurt you; about your health, your safety, and your future.

Even with a condom or you taking the pill or not I still

wouldn't lose my virginity at the improper time. If I

let my urges get the better of me, I would've gotten you

pregnant, or worse an STD. If that happened, I wouldn't

forgive myself, ever. I hope you understand, my sweet rose.

With sincere love,


The blue hedgehog smiled as he remembered how he saved him and Amy from underage mating. He turned to face Amy eye-to-eye. "You kept it?" He asked in surprise. "Mmm-hmm. I kept that letter as not only as a reminder of you, but just in case the same situation happened again." Amy said. Sonic moved his hand to Amy's and gazed deeply into her jade-green eyes. "Before we get it on, could I ask you something Ames?" He asked. His lover nodded. "I've been thinking about wanting a child. I mean, with Eggman behind bars, I can relax or even settle down…" Sonic said as he smiled and stroked Amy's cheek, "…and I can't think of anyone better to do so with than with my favorite pink hedgehog." Amy blushed at the stroking and asked, "Sonic…" She began with a tear of joy streaming down her face, "…I've wanted to have a family with you for a long time. We can make it happen now?" "If you're ready." Sonic said.

(Warning! Lemon scene! If not at least 16, skip to the end!)

Instead of relying, Amy wrapped her arms around Sonic and brought his down with her lying on her back. Their event of passionate lust for each other has begun. The hedgehogs began to kiss with tongues entering their mouths and wresting. As they kissed, Sonic's hands worked their way up to Amy's chest and brought down the leotard part that showed her cleavage. When he pinched her nipples, Amy released muffled moans. As their lips parted, she moaned in ecstasy, "Yes, Sonic, tweak and lick my tits." After several more moments of nipple-pinching, Sonic brought his face down and mouthed Amy's right nipple while still pinching the left. Amy moaned more and held Sonic's head in place like the nursing baby he was. "Ohh…yes…yes…" She moaned. Sonic switched nipples and started to lick Amy's left tit. The beginning of mating felt so good, that both hedgehogs wished it could last forever.

"Alright, Sonic, you can stop." Amy said and the blue hedgehog parted from her breasts. Sonic stripped himself of his mailman uniform, but Amy didn't of her dance wear. "Are you still hungry, Amy?" Sonic asked and revealed his 8.5 inch member being long and hard. "'Cause I got some meat for you." Amy had an idea of how to pleasure each other at the same time. She and Sonic got into the 69 position with him below and her on top. "Alright, my love, you start eating me out," Amy said, "…and I'll start sucking your long…hard…meaty cock." As she began to licks his member, Sonic began to moan softly and moved the lower region of her leotard away and saw that her tights had a long gash that exposed her damp flower and anus. The blue hedgehog let his tongue out and it slithered around the petals of Amy's flower. As she began to take her lover's appendage into her mouth, Amy gave out muffled moans from the licking of her flower. Sonic's work increased as he began to kiss Amy's flower and let his tongue find her G-spot. His rosy girlfriend increased the sounds of her muffled moaning. They gave their blowjobs vigorously and Sonic announced, "Amy…I'm gonna…I'm gonna cum!" Amy took Sonic's member out of her mouth and shouted in ecstasy, "Me too, my love!" After several more seconds of pleasuring, Sonic was the first to be stunned with his orgasm being shot into Amy's mouth. "AMY!" Amy's flower sprayed its juices onto Sonic's face, she would scream but was busy taking her boyfriend's seed. "MMMMM!" Amy dismounted Sonic and swallowed his load in one loud gulp that her boyfriend does hear. When Sonic saw her face, she had a smile and said, "Your seed is so think and warm, Sonic. It was delicious." Sonic chuckled, "Glad you think so, Ames. You taste just as good. And your rear looks so hot."

Amy rose up turned away from Sonic and got on her hand and knees with her rear facing him and her tail in the air. She looked over her shoulder with a pouty face. "I love your cock so much, Sonikku." She said, "I want to feel it in my rear." Sonic grabbed a plastic bottle of lube and rubbed it upon his still-erect member. He made his cocky smirk and said, "You want my cock? Then beg for it." Amy maintained her pouty expression. "Please, Sonikku, fuck my ass. Make me scream in pain and pleasure…" Sonic squirted a drop of lube on his lover's anus and rubbed it around. "Let me think…" He said. "Please, Sonic! I can't live without you ass-fucking me!" Sonic positioned on his knees facing Amy's ample rear. He drew the lower leotard region away again, aimed his member and his shifted the tip into her anus. The feeling of anal penetration made Amy shudder, "Ohh…Sonic… more…more…" Sonic obeyed, took hold of his girlfriend's hips and made his member go further into her backside. Amy moaned out, "Oh…oh…OH…" Sonic began to thrust back and forth and made the rosy hedgehog shake in motion with her dangling breasts jiggling. "Yes…yes! Faster…harder." Amy moaned. Sonic increased his speeding thrusts and made Amy shout, "Ah! Ah! Yes! Yes!" The blue hedgehog's ears heard the music of Amy's loud voice and wanted more. He slammed his rod into Amy's firm rear with all strength. Amy's eye widened by the slamming and screamed in ecstasy, "YES! FUCK THAT ASS, SONIC! HURT IT LIKE HELL!" With sweat forming at his forehead, Sonic maintained his fast and hard thrusts and his hands went to Amy's supple breasts. He rubbed and squeezed them, and pinched her nipples. All at the same time, he licked the back of her neck. As the insane mating continued, Amy made her announcement, "Sonikku! I'm gonna cum!" "Then do it, babe." He said. Amy released herself onto Sonic's legs and screamed, "SONIKKUUUU!"

Amy's head and arms crashed onto the bed. She and Sonic gained breath from their mating. "Want another round, my love?" Sonic offered. Amy raised herself up and winked to her boyfriend, "Yes. Keep pounding my ass 'til you cum in it." Sonic and resumed thrusting at his recent rate, making Amy scream, "AH! AH! OH FUCK! SONIC, THAT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD! KEEP FUCKING ME!" Sonic spanked Amy's lower cheeks so hard, it brought her head up, screaming, "YES, SONIC! SPANK THAT ASS! SPANK IT HARD!" The blue hedgehog obeyed and gave her rear more slaps to her rear. He went to Amy's face and kissed her. Their tongues were violently wrestling and enjoying it. After a couple minutes, Sonic felt his climax being imminent, "Amy! I'm gonna cum!" "YES, SONIC! CUM INSIDE ME!" Amy screamed. When his climax erupted, Sonic squeezed Amy's lower cheeks, "AMY!" and his seed streamed into her rear.

With drainage of energy, Amy collapsed onto the bed. With Sonic still in her backside, he joined her. They breathed heavily from mating. Sonic had the strength to move to Amy's head and kissed left blushing cheek. "I love you, Ames." He whispered into her ear. Amy smiled, "I love you too, Sonikku…" He pulled out of her rear that left a trail of his seed. After a couple more minutes of catching breath, Sonic offered, "Want to be on top?" "You bet." She answered. With restored energy, Sonic moved onto his back while Amy crawled on top of his erect member. Lowered herself down and could the tip of the positioning cock enter her. Her pleasuring moans started low and raised in volume when all 8.5 inches of his rod entered her. "Oh Sonic…" With Sonic's help of hold her by the hips, Amy began to bounce up and down on her lover's shaft, with her breasts joining her. "Oh yeah…I love riding on your cock, Sonic!" She shouted. The rosy hedgehog leaned forward and her face met Sonic's. He grabbed her breasts and connected her nipples together and licked them. "Lick those tits, Sonic! I'm close!" Her lower region resumed slamming onto Sonic's member. "Sonic! I…I…I…I…I'm…I'm cumming! AHH!" Her juices flowed onto Sonic's appendage and the rosy hedgehog collapsed onto Sonic.

He relaxed her by rubbing her leotard-covered back. Amy lifted her head and met Sonic's eyes. "Now for you to cum in me and begin my pregnancy." Sonic smiled, "With pleasure." Amy's eyes widened as she was raised up and was dropped onto the bed with her head on pillows and under Sonic. "Beg again." Sonic demanded. Amy looked to Sonic with her pouting face, "Please fuck me, fast and hard as you can. I want your baby." With that, Sonic kissed Amy and began to slam himself into her. "MMM! MMM! MMM!" She muffled during the kiss. Sonic eturned to his nursing position and liked her breastsWith the fast and hard thrusting, Amy finally heard the announcement she has wanted to hear from Sonic, "Amy! I'm gonna cum!" "Me, too! Please cum inside my hot pussy!" Amy screamed. The rosy hedgehog was the first to unleash herself and scream her lover's name, "SONIIIC!" Sonic's member rocketed his white lava of life. It went deep into Amy to perform its work. "AMYYY!" He screamed and collapsed.

The hedgehog couple departed and looked up to the ceiling, breathing beyond heavily. "That…was…amazing…" Amy gasped and wiped her forehead of her excess sweat. Done with mating, She concealed her breasts the way they were. Sonic turned his head to Amy, "You know what else is amazing?" He asked. He placed a hand on Amy's flat, covered stomach. "That we'll e a family in no time." The hedgehogs went under covers. Amy turned away from Sonic and he pressed himself on her back, with his member pressing at her rear. "And I assume that I'll soon be called 'Mrs. Hedgehog'?" Sonic brought his head close to hers, "With this…" And he brought his hand over Amy's waist. Amy looked to see a small bow agape with a gorgeous, sparkling, blue and pink jewel-encrusted ring. Amy responded by taking the holding hand to her chest. Her life-long dream has begun to come true. Within herself, her heart screamed like crazy. "…it'll be very soon." Sonic finished. "Yes…" Amy said with tear of happiness flowing from her eyes. "…very soon. I love you, Sonic." She received a kiss upon her cheek, "I love you too, Amy: my future wife." The hedgehog couple fell asleep and dreamed of their future new life.

The story does not end here! Repeating: The story does not end here! Stay tuned!