To all my readers: I have been away from writing due to a number of personal issues. Some of you know what I've been through in recent months, most do not. Upon my return to writing, I now find a battle ground. I may of may not continue this story. I may or may not continue even being a reader on Fan Fiction dot net. This is what I've come across in the last week:

Recently, there has been a movement to crack down on adult oriented material on this website. Admittedly, I have and do write explicit scenes. I refuse to apologise for that. I am an adult, and I make every reasonable effort to ensure that I warn for anything that may be objectionable to others. My warnings include religious/spirituality, sex, bullying, taunting, slurs and language. And that is merely the most recent chapters.

My position on the matter has never changed, and is quite unlikely to change. Simply stated, what one reads, writes, views in the privacy of one's home is no one's business but the reader/writer/viewer, provided he or she is of legal age to do so. If you are not of legal age, if you live in a region where such material is unlawful, if you have a problem with other people having a life, kindly do everyone including yourself a favour and read "Winnie the Pooh" or the Oz books.

Fifteen years ago, while I waited peacefully for a bus after a long day at work, several people approached me. I was verbally harangued for nearly twenty-five minutes while more than a dozen people watched and said nothing. My offence? I was reading a book that was not the Bible. Once again, someone is targeting those who dare to read and/or write material that does not meet their standards. And this time, they are after everyone. Fifteen years ago, no one spoke up for me. The ball has kept rolling, and this is unacceptable. If the adults who read and enjoy the material on this website do not wish to endure censorship or loss of membership, then stand up and tell the site administrators that they can either make a few minor changes to this site such as the addition of an "MA" rating and require membership to comment, review or post mature material or they can lose membership and ultimately money. It is that simple. I personally will not allow myself to endure yet more persecution. I am 48 years of age, I am a gay man, and I have had enough of this nonsense.

I urge everyone who reads fan fiction on this website to make a stand. Sign the petition at www(dot)ipetitions(dot)com/petition/lemons-for-fanfiction/, and if necessary, boycott this site until the administrators come to their senses. While it is arguably the best and easiest to use, I personally will endure a great deal more inconvenience than having to hunt for the stories I wish to read on sites that do not have such conveniences as alerts, story filters and character searches rather than face having a story removed simply because some hateful, stupid people wish to control what I have to say and what I read.

Until this issue is a thing of the past, or until I find a better site, I am done here. Thank you to all who have read my story, and my deepest and most sincere thanks to all whose amazing stories I have enjoyed. I hope we will meet again.

Jason Dragon