This will be my new story after Dark Galaxy. Enjoy the opening and the scenes. I don't own them except the transformation, new Battle card, new allies, new characters, and the song for each characters.

Outdoor of Seika High School, Tendou was walking to school with the cool wind flowing. When he saw a beautiful black-haired girl named Misaki Ayuzawa passing by him, his eyes widened. Misaki turned and widened hers, seeing a handsome boy she just passed through.

Megaman StarForce: Tendou's story

Neiki yori sotto yoake ga kuru (Dawn comes softer than a sleeping breath)

Tendou walks to the cafe with his partner Draco, and saw his kaichou (Class President) in her maid outfit, blushing lightly.

Kimi no yume wa ima mori wo kakeru (Your dream runs through the forest now)

That night, Misaki was on the ground, injured by fighting four Noise Jammers alone. She was scared until a dark blue hero appeared in front of her, startling her.

Mezamete akari wo sagari shigusa (You wake up and stir to find the light)

After Megaman (Tendou) defeated four Noise Jammers , he offered his right hand to the injured Misaki. She complied as Megaman pulls her up to her feet; she blushed, being rescued by the hero, Megaman.

Nakushita nara mitsuketeageyou (If you've lost it, I'll find it for you)

Tendou laid on the grass, relaxed. He turned and saw Misaki standing next to him, but a soccer ball bashed behind Tendou's head. Misaki giggled lightly like he has bad luck.

Kimi to boku no mirai ni kakureteiru (It's hidden in our future)

In the Student Council Room, Tendou and Draco helped Misaki and her classmates. The whole member began to chat about Tendou after work.

Saa koko he te wo tsunaidara (Now if we joined hands)

Tendou's eyes closed, holding his Hunter-VG in a pose, then opening them. Behind him was DenLiner, passing by.

Hodokenai yo kimi to tooku he (we would go far away without letting go)

In Maid Latte Dance Day, Tendou, in his dark blue tuxedo, held out his right hand, offering Misaki to dance. Misaki smiled, holding Tendou's hand as they danced. Misaki's maid friends smiled at them.

Haruka na hi no kioku ni saita (In the memory of a far off day)

One night, a tall enemy in a black cloak stood atop of the Seika High School, wanting to get rid of Megaman for good. His red eyes lit up.

Aoi kuni no miru story (the story of the blue country bloomed)

Draco bid farewell to his master; his body drops and turns into white sands in front of Tendou. Tendou widened his eyes in shock.

Kagayaku hitomi (Shining eyes)

He picked up some white sands as tears shed from his eyes.

Sono utagoe (Your singing voice)

Tendou and Misaki held hands, smiling at each other.

Tsuyaeyou (Let's share it)

Tendou moved closer to her; Misaki slowly closed her eyes as their lips connected.

The opening for this crossover was Spice and Wolf II opening - Mitsu no Yoake. Hope you all like this! Please review or comment.