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As far as relationships go, Puck's fairly certain that his and Kurt's is probably really weird when you really get down to bare bones. After Prom -where they totally made out on his front step for two hours before Puck's ass went numb and Burt started calling Kurt to find out just where the hell he was- they agreed that it wasn't going to go straight to sex. They'd slow it down this time, feel things out. Puck's actually a little relieved at that -as much as he wants to get Kurt naked and spread over a bed somewhere, he'd like to go into this with both eyes open. They tell Rachel and Mercedes, and by extension Sam too. But that's it. Kurt's good with that because they aren't hiding but no one is getting involved in their budding relationship to screw things up for them -like Blaine or Santana or Quinn. Puck's pretty sure that Kurt told Finn, but neither of them say anything to Puck about it. "This is utterly ridiculous, you can't even make it go right, there's nothing about this that is remotely accurate." Puck's half sprawled over his bed, laughing his ass off at Kurt's pathetic attempt to play Mario Kart on Sarah's Wii while Babe twists around with Puck on the bed. "It's not funny, Noah. Look, what is that? Why would two babies in a pram overtake a turtle in a bullet car! This is terrible. This game is horrible."

"God, Rachel is better at this than you!" Kurt gets pissed off with it and declares it a total lost cause, switching it all off and climbing up onto the bed with Puck. "Hey, Babe, go annoy Ma." Puck only needs to wave his hand at the door and she's off the bed and bolting down the stairs, leaving Puck and Kurt alone. Kurt just laughs and shakes his head.

"Trust you to train her to annoy your mother." Even with the mild tone of disapproval, Kurt doesn't stop from leaning over to press a kiss to Puck's mouth, pressing against Puck's chest and letting Puck's hand skim over the small of Kurt's back, slipping his up spine and under his shirt. Yeah, they're not having sex just yet, but they both have a pretty healthy appetite for making out and hands tend to wander quite a bit. Puck isn't all that frustrated with it -sure he wants Kurt like last month, but he understands that this is more important than getting off. They aren't usually alone enough for them to really go too far anyway; Sam usually hangs out with them, or they'll go out with Rachel and Mercy in tow -so it's more like Rachel and Mercedes hanging out and their guy best friends coming along (but Puck knows now that he says no when the three of them want to go clothes shopping because that shit is killer), and like right now, with Puck's Ma and sister still in the house, there's no way they're getting carried away with themselves.

For the most part, Puck's worried that Kurt's just there for the sex, it wouldn't be the first time he'd wound up being nothing but a sextoy to someone. He told Rachel first thing on Saturday morning -he was going with her to the JCC bake drive and ended up carrying half of her tupperware dishes. She'd been worried at first -which she explained was because of the speed at which everything was happening. Puck understood, sometimes he was getting a little dizzy from everything. They'd talked through his feelings (seriously, in the truck, on the way to the drive, they'd talked for thirty minutes just about how he felt, it was insane) and Rachel told him that if it was what he really wanted, she'd be there for him. She still read Kurt the riot act and swore vengeance in the form of a mutilated wardrobe if he hurt Puck again. Mercy found out on Monday because Kurt asked if he could have one friend know too -"Kurt, babe, if you want to tell your entire French class, I don't care."- but for the sake of taking things slow, they did limit it to one person on each side -and Sam.

"Noah! Your dog wants out!" And surprisingly, when things start to go in that direction, Babe is a very good cock blocker.

But Kurt heads home and Puck takes Babe out and they spend the rest of the day texting each other and it's so fucking stable that Puck's reeling from it.

"So, like, I'm pretty sure we're serious serious."

"Well, wasn't that the point of getting back together with Kurt? Because you wanted things to be a serious, stable relationship?" Rachel is constantly his sounding board for these things. It's weird, because she doesn't exactly have a stellar track record for these things, but really, he's pretty sure her advice is sound. "I would think this was a good thing."

"It is, I think. But like, I don't know. Am I just being stupid?" Because he's bounced from Finn and Kurt to Dave and back to Kurt and he's never actually stopped to figure out what he wants and just gone with what he's been given and dealt with that. Sure, he and Kurt have sat down and talked things out -they both want a relationship, not sex and hanging out but an actual relationship. They've been to the movies twice, and only once did Rachel and Mercedes demand that they come too, Kurt's been over to his place a few times and he's pretty sure that his Ma knows there's something that isn't just your average 'this is Kurt from glee' going on, but whatever. Sarah fucking loves Kurt too.

"Noah, don't call yourself that." Rachel tends to talk him out of being a retard about this whole thing. "It's understandable that you have reservations, and it's good that you and Kurt have both agreed to take this slow, it'll let you both feel out the relationship a little bit better. You already know that you love him, you just need to be sure that you can still trust him not to break your heart again."

See, that right there was the thing. Yeah, Puck knew that he loved Kurt, he was in love with Kurt, he got it. But he hadn't been with Kurt without Finn and that was where he was getting these nasty little feelings that made his stomach clench. Because every now and then there would be a comment and Puck would wait for Finn to make a stupid reply but it never came, and Puck didn't know if he was the one already screwing this whole thing up or what.

"Yeah, I guess." It's more the fact that this is a relationship, like, for real this time, and he's still not too sure how those things work, but he's really going to try and figure it all out.

It definitely doesn't help that Quinn keeps asking Kurt about Blaine, and couldn't they maybe reconcile? Wasn't there a chance that they might work things out? Hard as long distance was, Blaine was perfect for Kurt. It pissed Puck off most of the time, but Kurt had already explained that he really wasn't into Blaine, that they were only good as friends, and Puck was doing that whole thing where he trusted Kurt and accepted that. The death of Coach Sylvester's sister is pretty wild -in that really sad kind of way, when they get to see this human side of Sylvester and it totally sucks that she had to lose her sister for that to happen. They perform at the funeral and then they all go out for bowling -no seriously, someone thought it would be a good idea if they didn't mope around and did something fun. Some of them can just get into it -Tina is pretty awesome and Brittany is having a blast, but the likes of Finn and Quinn just don't seem to be feeling it -and wasn't this whole thing Quinn's idea?

Puck's on a team with Rachel -who doesn't quite suck-, Brittany -who doesn't even bowl in the right lane half the time-, Mike -who kicks ass thankfully- and Tina. Mercedes, Kurt, Finn and Quinn are on a team, and Artie, Santana, Lauren and Sam are on a team. Things aren't sucking, so that's a plus, and Kurt keeps glancing over at him every once in a while that makes him grin just a little. He's totally tempted to coax Kurt off to the bathrooms, there's this little in shot just beside them that Puck knows they'll be able to slip into and have some private time for a while, but he glances up just in time to see a grin burst over Quinn's face and that just doesn't bode well.

"Oh, look who it is." Who it is, is Blaine. Suddenly, Quinn's little idea is starting to take shape and Puck feels this little slice of annoyance go through him. Rachel leans against his shoulder, squeezing a hand on his neck and Kurt looks over, it's easy to see the apology in Kurt's eyes, so Puck doesn't feel too bad -Kurt didn't know about it, it's just Quinn playing matchmaker and not caring how anyone else seems to feel. Blaine looks sheepish, and he slinks over when Quinn waves her arms enthusiastically, drawing Blaine over. "Play with us, you can join our team."

Mercedes is practically attached to Kurt for the remainder of their games, Sam keeps looking over and glaring slightly, but Puck keeps his eyes averted. He starts showing Britt how to bowl, he puts his frustration into that, and if anyone notices that ever since Blaine showed up he's bowled nothing but strikes, well, no one says a thing. Even with Britt as their handicap, Rachel's team -because that's what they'd been, they'd been divided into Finn's three girlfriends, Rachel, Quinn and Santana- won by a landslide, because Puck and Mike were just that fucking good -Britt started to get the hang of it towards the end and she made Puck promise to show her how to bowl again soon.

"So, where are we going for dinner?" That was the deal, winner picked the place. Quinn and Santana both stared at Rachel, who just turned around and pulled the whole team into a little huddle where they debated the merits of each others suggestions (Tina vetoed any and all Asian places possible) and in the end, they agreed on Frankie's Pizzeria. They did a vegan thing that Rachel liked and they had kosher stuff for Puck and who the hell didn't like pizza? Well, Quinn bitched about carbs and Santana started about her master cleanse until Britt got this pinched look on her face and Puck just grabbed that ridiculous water bottle and chucked it ("You owe me for that, Puckerman," he'd just scoffed and rolled his eyes, "I'll buy your slice, and you'll fucking eat it,") and Britt started to perk up until she needed to pick her pizza.

Puck stayed beside Rachel the whole night. Q kept shooting glances at their hands -which were entwined almost the whole time- but no one said a thing. Things really got interesting when Blaine sort of cornered Kurt by the soda machine and Puck had been too busy picking onions off Britt's pizza and putting them on Tina's to notice, but Quinn was distracting Mercedes and then Blaine swooped in. By the time Puck realised it, Blaine was moving in; hand on Kurt's elbow and stupid smile on his stupid face and leaning in like it was some romantic movie scene they were in. Puck felt his pizza lurch in his stomach until Kurt batted the hand away and side stepped Blaine.

He didn't expect Kurt to march away from Blaine, didn't expect him to storm over to the table that Puck was sat at -with the rest of his bowling team, and he sure as hell didn't expect Kurt to grab his hair and yank his head back before sealing their lips together right there in the middle of the pizza place. It didn't stop him groaning into the kiss, didn't stop him opening when Kurt pressed, didn't stop him licking the taste of Kurt's pizza from his mouth or curling a hand at Kurt's hips to hold him where he was. They didn't part until oxygen was a necessity and Puck's neck started to cramp from the position. Even when drawing back, Kurt's fingers stroked over Puck's 'hawk and the jock leaned into it, it was impossible not to, even with all the stares from everyone.

"I'm spoken for, Blaine. So Quinn, stop trying to get us back together." Puck was stunned, because this was Kurt, publicly choosing himover Mr Perfect over there, in front of all their friends, shoving Quinn's little 'make everything better' attempt in her face and, wow, Puck was still reeling from the kiss. Kurt just placed himself in Puck's lap and Puck had no problem wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist to keep him there and occasionally leaning into murmur something in the little diva's ear and kiss his neck. Eventually, Sam and Mercedes joined their table when Mike and Tina left, Artie rolling over to talk to them and Brittany agreeing to let him walk/roll home with her. They all sort of filtered out one at a time but Kurt stayed right where he was, in Puck's lap.

"So, since I just kind of outted us to all our friends," Kurt's fingers toyed with the ends of Puck's 'hawk, teasing just at his neck, "I was wondering if you'd be interested in family dinner, at my house, on Friday? When I'd tell my Dad and Carole that we were, y'know, dating." Puck didn't know if he should be bothered about the whole coming out thing, or if he should be bothered that it happened just to prove a point to Blaine, or Quinn, or if it's even a big deal at all anyway. Burt's a pretty cool guy, and Carole likes him -why, he doesn't know, but it's probably because she remembers what he was like when he was seven and not only knowing his seventeen year old self- so really, Puck doesn't think it could be too disastrous.

He's half right.

Because there's Finn -and how the fuck did Puck manage to forget about Finn being there- but he'd half hoped that Finn wouldn't be there so maybe it was that. Dinner is pretty good, Carole doesn't give him pork, although he'd totally eat bacon if she put it on his plate -it's rude to refuse- and Burt doesn't kick him out and threaten him with a shotgun when Kurt tells them that they're dating. There is a talk -about responsibility and waiting and being careful and Puck feels himself blush worse than he ever has because Carole is just smiling sappily at them both and Kurt is spluttering out that Burt needs to stop talking. Apparently, it's Kurt's night to do the washing up, and even when Puck goes to help, Carole and Kurt shoo him off. He's told to just go and wait upstairs in Kurt's room ("door stays open, Puckerman") and he's chased out the kitchen.

He's just lying out over that same, ridiculous bed, wondering how he got back here when Finn sort of shuffles into the room, closing the door behind him softly. They don't say anything, and Finn just stares for a minute, kicking his feet against the carpet again. "I didn't know what Quinn was up to." Ah, the plan to reunite Blaine and Kurt -Puck wasn't stupid, Quinn figured that if Blaine and Kurt lasted it out, Blaine might transfer to McKinley and that way they'd have the Warbler's lead for Nationals -if not this year then definitely next year- and that would give them an edge over Vocal Adrenaline and all the other groups. He knew that if it happened, everyone would attribute the reunification of Klaine on Quinn and she'd be all Hail Holy Queen of Glee or something and that would just kill Rachel a little and frankly, he just wasn't surprised by the lengths Quinn would go to now. "We broke up, me and Quinn." Puck wasn't sure why Finn was sharing all this, because he'd pointed out to the guy more than once that they barely spoke now, so why the word vomit, Puck wasn't sure.

"I don't know man, it's like, she's this whole different person and I don't know her anymore. Y'know?" Puck doesn't, really. Because he knows who Finn thinks Quinn is, but Puck's always seen her for who she really is -he seriously wishes she'd stop pretending and just let herself be herself, she'd be way more likeable. "But, it wasn't working, and I broke up with her. I think it's maybe a little why she was so mean today. She called Rachel some names, made sure you weren't around to hear them though."

"She thought I was dating her." It's the first thing Puck's said to Finn that wasn't polite conversation at dinner. It feels strange, talking to Finn about his newly re-failed relationship with Quinn, he's not sure if these two have finally realised that they aren't meant to be together or if there will be a repeat of all this next year, but Puck sort of hopes, for Rachel's sake, that it's not the case. It might be a little for his own sake too.

"I um, I thought you were for a while too." Finn looks all nervous as he shuffles towards the bed, coming to stand just at Puck's knees and Puck's really not sure where this is going at all. "I kinda thought you guys were good together, yeah? I mean, I," he ducks his head, his knee bumping against Puck's, "I got a little jealous, y'know? You were like always hanging out with her and holding her hand, and you let her hug you and stuff. I kinda hated that a little. But you looked happy, yeah?" Puck really wants to tell Finn that he's an idiot, because Puck wasn't happy, wasn't close to happy, he was a broken mess of stupid feelings and Rachel was trying to help him get over it. "But then the thing with Karofsky, and-" Finn shakes his head, pushing his knee between Puck's, spreading out Puck's thighs so that Finn can stand between them, can tower over Puck and there's like no space really. Puck's heartbeat kicks up, his throat goes a little dry and he's really just more than confused. "I got really jealous." Finn's hand slides around the back of Puck's head, gripping his head to pull and Puck's head falls back without resistance, his hips jerking slightly and mouth opening in a gasp. "That kiss, you and Kurt? Fuck, you two are still so fucking hot."

Puck whimpers, he just fucking whimpers, and Finn leans over him and kisses him. Shit but they didn't do this often enough -Finn nips at his bottom lip to get entrance to his mouth, and it's not bumbling or gentle or inquisitive at all. It's demanding and controlling and Puck should hate how hot that gets him but he can't. Puck loves that he and Kurt can just make out, it never needs to go anywhere, because it isn't rushed and needy, they can just press against each other and make out like it's conversation and Puck loves it; lazy and long and just touching. But Finn, Finn kisses like there's something to prove, Finn kisses him like he wants to own every inch of Puck and he's going to. Finn makes it impossible not to want more, impossible not to crave some kind of friction or release or anything really.

Finn pulls away from Puck's mouth to lower it to his throat, teeth nipping in this teasing manner that always preludes to a sharper bite, a more insistent pressure and Puck's back curves to give more room before he even thinks about it -and fuck is he messed up. But he hears the distant chatter, and remembers Burt and Carole and Kurt who he's dating, not just sleeping with or fooling around or whatever, but dating, and Puck's trying to make this work, so he has to push Finn back, get up and move away from him. Finn's a little surprised; mouth swollen and red, eyes wide and wanting and Puck knows he looks just the same.

Puck's already shaking his head, "Dude, I can't, no." He wants to, shit how he wants to, but he really cannot go through all that again. "I can't be something you guys share, I just, I'm with Kurt." He's not sure he could ever actually go back to the way things were for them; being with Finn, being with Kurt, sharing himself between the both of them. It's just too much like whoring himself out, maybe. Too much like cheating with one while the other knows, and really, Puck isn't sure he's got the energy to split it up like that again. Yes, he still wants Finn, his body's reaction pretty much gives that one away, but he's not sure if his heart could handle that again and he's pretty much swore off doing that shit that's just bound to end in agony.

Maybe him and Kurt won't work, maybe they need Finn to make them work, but Puck's not going to be the piggy in the middle. He gets that Finn is maybe a little weird about Kurt, or that Kurt is a little weird about Finn -the whole issue about what Finn said to Kurt back before they were step-brothers is still there, and Puck gets that it might be a little weird because they are step-brothers and everyone just expects them to drop the step part and be brothers for real, so yeah, he gets it. But getting it, understanding why and why not, that doesn't change him wanting it or not. Because if he could have it, if they could just figure it out, he'd have everything and he's not meant to, is he?

It makes Puck just a little awkward for the rest of the night, although Kurt doesn't mention anything while they sprawl out and watch In the Heights, which Puck doesn't hate. They don't see the end though, because that whole making out thing happens again and it actually starts to relax Puck out just a bit. Puck's not sure when it happened, but somewhere between the movie starting and Kurt running his fingers over Puck's mohawk lightly -which is always a sure fire way to get him worked up- Kurt's bedroom door was closed. It means that Puck doesn't even think twice when he presses Kurt onto his back, leaning over him while they kiss, hands trailing over Kurt's stomach and up his chest, fingers teasing over flawlessly pale skin. Kurt's legs automatically part to let Puck lie between them, knees drawing up around Puck's hips and rocking upwards towards Puck, pushing their erections against each other and causing mirroring groans from each of them. They've been taking it slow, being patient about things, it's the longest Puck's been in a relationship, it's been the longest he's gone without sex, he thinks they've probably earned this; because they both know how fucking good they are at this shit.

Which is exactly the reason he runs a hand down Kurt's side, smoothing it down over the curve of his ass and pulling Kurt up while pushing down and thrusting against him, making Kurt gasp into his mouth. They hear Carole laugh downstairs and Puck grins against Kurt's throat when the smaller boy shudders -Puck almost forgot about that insanely sexy exhibitionistic streak of Kurt's. He braces himself on his elbow above Kurt, his other hand easily opening Kurt's jeans and pushing them down enough to get Kurt's cock out his pants. It's fucking amazing, seeing Kurt like this; hair a mess on the bed, cheeks flushed red with a blush, lips open and wet and kiss swollen, eyes blown wide and desperate. Puck fucking missed this. The way Kurt falls apart, how fucking beautiful he looks getting there. Puck leans in for one quick kiss before he shifts down to take Kurt's cock into his mouth, hand holding to Kurt's hips to keep him from thrusting right off the bed. It's been long enough since Puck did this that he's careful, building into it, even as Kurt's hand grips at the back of his head and his hips try to buck up off the bed and, God, those little breathy gasps. Puck's fucking rock hard in his jeans and Kurt's pulling at his hair again, trying to muffle the noises he made against the bed or his hand or just clenching his mouth tightly. Puck groaned low in the back of his throat, swallowing around Kurt and letting the boy buck up twice before he heard the warning of, "Noah, oh sweet, Noah," and Puck didn't even care this time, he just swallowed all he could and hummed and that was it. Kurt's body went tight, muscles clenching and fingers gripping tightly to the back of Puck's head as he came and Puck just took it. There was this contented little sigh from Kurt before he started to pull at Puck's head, urging him up the bed, until they were chest to chest again.

Blissed out Kurt was just as fucking sexy and hot and needy Kurt and Puck groaned at the sight of it, rubbing his cock against Kurt's hip until Kurt licked his lips and slipped a hand between them, undoing Puck's jeans and sliding his hand in to wrap around Puck's cock. One hand down his pants, the other still gripping the back of Puck's head, Kurt stroked to an uneven rhythm, brushing his lips over Puck's while Puck panted and thrust his hips up into Kurt's grip, arms barely holding him up over Kurt. It was when Kurt tightened his hand and squeezed at the back of Puck's neck, nipping at Puck's bottom lip and Puck came with a shudder and a near muffled shout when Kurt surged up to kiss him through his orgasm.

The urgency left them both calm; tangled together on Kurt's bed, foreheads pressed together, mouths meeting for slow, lazy kisses. Puck figured that this was pretty close to perfect.

Right before Nationals, he's hit with just how different him and Kurt are. Kurt declares he needs a New York wardrobe, which, apparently means a shopping spree with Mercedes, Brittany and Rachel and Puck and Sam being dragged along with them. Sam's this total push over who goes everywhere that Mercy goes, and Puck is tasked with keeping Brittany from getting lost in the toy store or going to the gun store again and freaking everyone the hell out, while Kurt veto's anything Rachel picks up that has an animal on it. "Her animal sweaters are kinda cute though." And really, Puck thinks they are. Off the wall on anyone else, but cute on her, just like the socks and skirts.

"Noah, sweetie, please don't encourage her." Puck just shrugs, shooting Rachel a look before noticing that Britt's gone again and he's off to find her -seriously, she's like a bullet, you blink and then that's is, she's off. Mercedes declares that she needs time with her boy -and she's talking about Kurt not Sam, because apparently, Sam is her man and not her boy and that confuses the hell out of Britt. Sam takes the former cheerleader home while Puck takes Rachel home -and her seven bags of whatever the fuck she needed.

"He called you sweetie." He should've known that Rachel would pick up on that. "He called you sweetie and you didn't even growl at it." There was one time, just once, when Rachel called him 'honey' at Temple and he glared at her so hard she could feel it. He didn't do those annoyingly sweet names. He used 'babe' or 'baby' on occasion, yes. But he didn't answer to things like 'honey' and 'sweetie'. But God, he was whipped.

"Shut up." He was irritable though, because they'd just spent the whole fucking day at the mall and why the hell did they need to go into fifteen stores to get a few pairs of pants? Sam and Puck had hit up Old Navy and were done in twenty minutes -and if Sam noticed that half his stuff went through with Puck's he didn't say a word, but the girls -and Kurt, who still got pissy when you called him a girl even if you didn't mean it like that- took literally all day. "How can you stand to do that? Trying on a million and four things just to decide on the one you first tried on." Sure, he didn't mind the little show he got out of it, and if he'd gotten the chance he'd totally be okay with hitting up Victoria's Secrets with Rachel and she could model absolutely everything if she wanted to. But that was unlikely to happen, and Kurt didn't even make fun of shopping; it was super serious. So, Puck was a little glad to be taking Rachel home.

"It's not always like that though." Apparently, going to New York is a big deal, and as such, they are required to have new fabulous outfits -Puck's a little confused as to how Kurt's outfits can get more fabulous, but it's possible according to him. "You didn't have fun?"

"Rach, I was chasing Britt out of the Happy Days Learning Center. How would that be fun?" Although, actually, when they'd been in the trampoline pit, that had been kind of fun, Britt was just so freakin' lively that it was hard not to get pulled into her fun. "A whole day, like, ten hours, in the mall." Not even Puck and Finn could manage to span that long in the arcade never mind in several shops.

"Ah, poor Noah. Do you want to come and watch The Expendables with me then?" So, Mercedes has kidnapped Kurt and Puck spends the night on Rachel's bed with her homemade popcorn and a movie on. They watch The Expendables and she declares it to be 'action night' so she breaks out The Transporter one and two and then laments that she wishes she had the Terminator movies until they get into a heavy debate about the merits of Terminator circa Arnie and the Terminator circa Bane.

"You only like the newest one for the Worthington guy."

"Please, I base my criticism on far more than a good looking male, and the cinematography of the Salvation film versus that of-" he just raises an eyebrow at her and sighs, "Oh fine, Sam Worthington is a total hottie and I wish I could see him all dirty and blood stained." Which just kicks them off again arguing about sexualisation in cinema and before long it's three in the morning and she's refusing to let him head across town at this time. "You've spent the night before, Dad and Daddy don't mind." Someday, he's going to have to explain to Rachel the difference between not minding and tolerating it to avoid a fight. Because Dad Berry likes Noah, he does. But Daddy Berry, not so much.

They're lying on Rachel's bed, because she insists that they are adults and can share a bed, and he's absently playing with her hair when he feels the need to broach a subject they've both been ignoring. "You know that Quinn and Finn broke up, right?" He's pretty sure everyone found out the following day, "He's free meat again." He wonders if she's considered it, if she's been biding her time or what.

"Noah, while I appreciate you bringing this up, I really don't see why." She's using smaller words, which he has figured out means that she's wary or tense or worried -or keeping a secret but the only time that's happened, it was his secret she was keeping.

"Rachel, you still love him, right?" Puck sort of understands it now, Finn is a hard fucker to get over. Even when you know all his bad points, it's hard to just ignore them and get past the good points. He's a freaking pain in the ass.

"Yes," it takes her a while to answer, he's not sure what that means really, "but so are you." He actually figured this out; she was holding off because of his feelings, it was kind of sweet in this utterly martyr sort of way and he really hated when she did that.

"Listen, I have Kurt, okay. I'm not doing that whole thing with them again. Yeah, I'll probably always have feelings or whatever, but jeez, Rach, I don't wanna be the douche that keeps you from having what you want." He really doesn't, because he can't do the whole Finn and Kurt thing, and really, he doesn't like the thought of Rachel getting bitter down the line and hating him because she didn't go after Finn now. "He's single, you're single, that's all that matters."


"I'm not arguing about this. Make a fucking move." They fall asleep shortly after, his nose pressed into her hair and her hands holding his wrists around her stomach. He likes this ease of friendship with her, likes that they've gotten as close as they once were, that he can just let himself into her house and she does the same to his, that they have spare keys, that he can spend the night, that she's worried about his feelings and he's proving that he can be friends with a girl without wanting to sleep with her. Yeah, he'd do Rachel, but he knows it would screw them up so he's never even tried. He's fucking growing up and shit.

He honest to God doesn't know what happens with Rachel and Finn, because there's some stupid comments flying about him and Kurt and frankly, Puck's over it. They've not really been quiet, but apparently, Quinn took exception or something like that and pretty soon the whole school is talking about it. Monday is eventful to say the least. And it sucks, because Kurt was on this happy little cloud over Nationals and New York and they were just a week away from it all. Dave is still fake dating Santana -like that makes any sense at all- and they're still trying this whole Bully Whip thing, even if San is a little less enthused about it since she missed out on Prom Queen (why the hell Santana wanted Prom Queen, Puck doesn't know, but he's fairly certain it all boils down to Quinn and this weird popularity contest they are waging) but there really is only so much two people can do. Puck knows that it starts to get to Kurt pretty quickly; sure he's always been out and proud, but this is the first time he's been in a relationship with someone who was actually at their school. Likely enough, Kurt's getting the raw end of the stick. And Puck's really not down with that.

He's got dirt on at least three guys on the hockey team that he knows are giving Kurt hassle, and while he really hates it, he gives all the details to Lauren and she gives them to Jewfro and then the blogsphere goes viral with that shit. Next up are the Cheerios, and without Quinn or Santana with pulling power it's kind of hard to figure out how to get them off Kurt's back -girls are fucking vicious. In the end, it's Santana that does it anyway, blitzing in with her no-holds-barred type of aggression and the rumour mill changes gears all over again.

They get looks come lunch, and Puck notices Kurt sit on the other side of Mercedes, putting her between them. Mercy looks over at him before looking to Kurt and then shaking her head with a 'Sorry Boo' and getting up to move. Kurt looks a little worried before Puck shifts the distance and wraps his arm around Kurt's waist. "Fuck 'em, babe." He doesn't care what people say about him, he's got one more year in this pit and then he's bailing out and he doesn't even care where he ends up so long as it's not Lima. He's not going to let a bunch of close minded idiots dictate how he acts with, well, with his boyfriend.

"Noah, it's not as simple as," Puck doesn't wait for Kurt to explain why they shouldn't act like a couple at school, doesn't wait for the inevitable 'let's lie' conversation to crop up because he's not interested in listening to it at all. He just leans in, right there in the cafeteria, and kisses Kurt soundly. He doesn't need to turn it into anything heavy, because the point is made, they're right across from the jock table and the Cheerios are all around the place and Puck couldn't care less about any of them.

"Fuck 'em." He repeats it, and Kurt just nods, mouth a little open and eyes wide.

"Woo," Mercy is waving her hand in front of her as a fan, licking her lips and sharing a look with Santana and Tina, "boy you ever feel like doin' that again today, you just make sure I'm within eye-shot, you hear." Chicks are fucking weird.

"I kissed Finn." Rachel just opens with that, right on his doorstep after she's knocked and he's just smirking until she blurts it out in a rush.

"Um, okay. Hi, Rachel, how're you? I'm good thank you, would you like to come in? No really, it's no problem." She's smirking at him even as he tugs her inside the house, smirking back at her and taking the coat she pushes into his arms as she heads into the kitchen to say hello to his Ma and he's just rolling his eyes at her -she's ridiculous, really. Rachel spends twenty minutes gabbing with his mom before she decides to come and explain herself. They head up to his room, he leaves the door open just because his mom his serious strict about that stuff -even though she knows he and Rachel are just friends and he's dating Kurt now.

"So, I kissed Finn," yeah, he got that part. There's this niggle of jealousy in his stomach, but he stamps it down because he was the one who told her to go for it and really, Rachel of all people deserves that shot. "It was nice, it was, it was just nice." He's pretty sure she was hoping for more than that, and really, he doesn't blame her. "I just don't think we're at the right place, or maybe we've missed out shot, you know? Maybe our moment has passed, we've missed that opportunity for our lives to meld and now we're both on different paths." He doesn't know, not really, because she's a little into this whole 'destiny' thing and how she was bound to be with Finn, and now she thinks they've missed their shot. He isn't sure if maybe she's being delusional again.

"Okay, so, what happened?" It's pathetic how he really wants to know -and not just because it's Finn, but because she listens to him so he should listen to her and if it helps her or whatever, then fine. He's turning into a chick. She tells him all about the incident, at lunch time while Puck was kissing Kurt in front of the whole cafeteria (she heard about that), how they were in the choir room and they had a moment and it seemed like a natural progression of things. But when they kissed, she just felt, nothing.

"It wasn't like before, when we kissed during the time we dated or when we kissed before he broke up with Quinn," she gets a sort of look in her eye where she's puzzling that out a little right there, "but we both know that it wasn't right, it's not what it should be."

"Shit, Rach. I'm sorry."

"Oh, hardly. This is good, this is progress." She starts on about how it's a good thing that she knows, she understands now that being in love isn't something she needs, she doesn't need to be in love with someone right now. She can just get on with her own life -it's not exactly what she says, because there are around fifty more words and most of them have upwards of five syllables, but he gets the general idea. "It means I can enjoy New York without a boyfriend."

"You planning an out of town interlude, Berry?" They slip into something easy then, joking and teasing until it comes close to her curfew and she starts to head off. He's kind of glad she didn't hook up with Finn if he's honest, and he doesn't know if it's because he's still half in love with Finn or because he doesn't want to share Rachel, but he doesn't have the inclination to really inspect that anyway.

By the time they're boarding the plane for New York everyone is thrumming with excitement. They're arranged by last names; Artie and Rachel sat up the front, Rachel was given this run down on the emergency procedure and she just assured the steward that she knew everything, thank you very much, Tina and Mike were already gibbering away about whatever right behind Wheels and Berry, Sam and Quinn were so awkward sitting side by side that it was almost comical, except Puck totally felt bad for Sam, Kurt and Finn were completely unaffected by everything, Mercy and Santana strangely found things to talk about while Puck sat beside Britt listening to the philosophy of peanuts and Lauren looked like she was going to choke someone because she was stuck beside Schue -who had a walkman, yes, a walkman, of show tunes to listen to for the flight.

As far as flight buddies went, Brittany wasn't the worst, she fell asleep just after they took off and ended up with her head on Puck's shoulder, so he just let her sleep there while he messed around on his sisters DS that he'd snagged for the flight. Most people had taken the chance to try and sleep, most people were quiet as the adrenaline started to ebb away. Kurt and Finn were probably the only two that were deep in conversation over something. Puck couldn't help but frown, even though it was nothing. They did live together, and their parents were married, it was probably just something to do with that.

The excitement just kicks back up when they land and it's totally no wonder they barely get any work done at all. Somehow they pull something together the night before the competition. It's not flawless, like they could've made it somehow, but it's good, it's awesome, they're pretty great with off the cuff and under pressure that's for sure. They come in at number 11. Rachel takes it pretty hard, but honestly, they're all pretty much thrilled that they made it that far -National level, out of all the choirs there, they made it just outside the top ten (really, think of how they'd be if Schue was actually organised and they had something nailed down before the night of the competition). Some of the guys feel like celebrating, some don't. Rachel tells Puck that it's fine, she's having a pamper night with Tina and Mercedes, so Puck gives her a hug and goes off with Kurt to enjoy a night at the movies, sure it's lame, but it's New York.

There's nothing weird at all until they're returning to the hotel and Kurt starts getting handsy in the elevator. Not just any kind of handsy; hair pulling, neck biting, bruise pushing sort of handsy. Kurt knows that this isn't going to end when they get to Kurt's door, because Puck is sharing a room with Mike, and Tina's doing girls night, so Mike is definitely going to be in the room. And Kurt is sharing with Finn -because they're family, it only made sense. "Fuck, Kurt," but Kurt doesn't stop, not as they stop on their floor, not as they fumble out of the elevator and down to Kurt's room. Kurt's still tugging at the back of Puck's mohawk, fingers tangled with the slightly longer than normal hair, pulling him into another kiss that has just the hint of teeth on Puck's lips and it's impossible not to press Kurt into the door and growl into his mouth. It's a fumble through the door, and Puck's lost the sense of mind to stop and consider Finn, something that Kurt doesn't seem too bothered about either. At least until they're in the room and Puck's got Kurt pressed up against the door again, practically breathing him in and he feels Finn cover his back, hands sliding down and around Puck's hips.

Puck breaks away from Kurt with a gasp, about to say something -he knows he was totally about to say something- when Finn bites at his neck and Kurt starts pulling off their clothes. Finn's hand tips Puck's head back, lengthening his throat and pulling Puck back into Finn's body while Kurt pushes Puck's jacket off his shoulders and then starts on Puck's belt and jeans. The extent of Finn's help is bunching Puck's t-shirt up his chest while his free hand roams over Puck's chest, going to the nipple he got pierced after he got out of juvie, flicking at the bar through his right nipple and biting at his left ear and Puck just hissed out a breath. They finally started to get naked after Kurt got frustrated, tearing the neck of Puck's shirt before finally batting away Finn's hands and pulling them all apart to get the remainder of their clothes off. If he had a clear head, if he wasn't practically desperate for some kind of pay off, Puck thinks he might've stopped things here, at least tried to get an answer to one of the hundreds of questions running through his head. But he doesn't, because his whole being was just desperate to be pressed against either one of them.

Everything just falls into place for them. There's not stumbling, no awkward hands, no bumping into each other, it's all just smooth and simple. Kurt pulls Puck towards one of the beds, wrapping his arms around Puck's neck and dragging him down. Their mouths meet and it's unhurried, just a deep kiss with Kurt's fingers in Puck's hair, stroking from the base of his neck to his temple and back while licking the roof of his mouth and pressing his hips up into Puck's. He does all this at the exact same time that Finn slicks his fingers and carefully presses two fingers inside, drawing it out with the slow press in and Puck shudders as the nerves fire at that remembered sensation. "Fuck, still so fucking tight," Finn's voice is hot against Puck's back, leaning down to press open kisses along the line of Puck's spine. "God, it's so hot, gonna be so fucking good, Puck you'll see, fucking perfect." There isn't anything that Puck can say to that, nothing he can even formulate, because Finn's stretching him like he's intending on putting his whole hand in and Puck should not shudder the way he does at that thought, forehead pressing to Kurt's as he tries to catch his breath.

"We had an idea," Kurt whispered, it was good to note that Kurt was just as affected as Puck, half way to breathless and ridiculously turned on. "It doesn't have to be you and Finn and you and me. It doesn't." Finn presses in another finger, pushing in deep and stroking against Puck's prostate and his arms almost buckle, his body shuddering back into the pressure and a soft gasp and whimper escaping him into Kurt's mouth when he leans up. "We can give you everything you need, Noah. You just have to let us, just trust us to take care of you." He has no idea what that means, he doesn't know what it is Kurt wants him to do or what is it he and Finn are talking about, but right then he doesn't even care.

"Fuck, yes, anything," he really thinks right then, with his blood practically alight in his veins, his heart in his throat and his body thrumming with need, he'd agree to just about anything without question. "Please, fuck, just anything, please." It's probably the first time he's begged them, its probably the first time he's wanted anything this desperately and it doesn't really surprise him that it's them. Kurt surges up from beneath him, pushing Puck up onto his knees with a little direction from Finn. He whines just a little when Finn pulls away, Kurt swallows his noises, hands stroking down his neck to his chest and back, and then Finn's there, pressing against Puck and pushing in and Puck tilts back to make it easier.

He ends up straddled over Finn's thighs, Finn kneeling slightly and pushing all the way and stopping, tugging Puck to practically sit in his lap with a tight grip on Puck's hips and a half-warning bite to his neck. He wants to move, wants to shift, wants something to happen, but Finn just holds him in place and Puck whines in frustration. He's ready to beg again, he really is, when Kurt presses against his chest and nips just lightly against the bottom of Puck's chin. "It's okay, Noah. You'll get there, we'll get you there, just breathe." Puck's a little confused at Kurt's encouragement, right up until he feels the tip of Kurt's finger press alongside Finn's cock and then he practically melts into Finn's chest, arching his back and biting on his lips. Shit, they don't possibly mean that-

"God, it's so fucking good, Puck." Finn nips at the side of Puck's neck and he's going to be littered in marks tomorrow and he doesn't even care one tiny bit. Kurt pressed deeper with his finger, Finn's hips rocking and Puck felt pulled tighter than ever before, everything just screaming between pleasure and too much and holy shit, it was just so fucking good. His head rested back on Finn's shoulder, one hand gripping to Finn's hip while the other carded through Kurt's hair, gripping carefully to those strands as he rocked his hips a little into the pressure. "Good?" Puck definitely has a love hate relationship with that question, word, whatever.

"Yes," it's somewhere between a hiss and a growl, he blames it on this utter desperation that's just bubbling away and Kurt slowly presses a second finger in with the first, stroking with Finn's cock and going so slowly that Puck arches just to get more. "Fuck, please, Kurt." He has no idea if he can take it, but he wants it so fucking bad he can't even think clearly. It's exactly like Kurt says though, Puck just has to trust that they'll take care of it, trust that they've figured this out, because he's not going to be able to say stop, not now.

"Jesus," Kurt fumbles for the lube, getting the condom and slicking himself and Puck's heart is hammering in his chest so hard he can hear it. "Spread his thighs a little more." Finn follows the direction, shifting his knees slightly and Puck's muscles protest just a little at the pull, but his body shakes as he slips further down on Finn's cock and a groan vibrates through his chest. The head of Kurt's cock nudges just beside the base of Finn's and even the quarterback shudders at that, hand tightening on Puck's hip as Kurt carefully pushes in.

Shit, it is too much, it's too much and too good and too thick and Puck just gasps as his head tilts further back until Finn turns his head and pulls Puck into a kiss just to stop his brain for two seconds. Kurt is careful and slow and rocks himself forward in small increments and Puck gasps at every millimetre of it. One of Kurt's hands holds to Puck's hip, Finn's hand on his other hip and Finn holding a hand over Puck's throat, stroking down the front of his throat as he swallows, fingers pressing against a few of the bites there.

"You're okay, it's okay," Finn nuzzles against the side of Puck's head, pressing an open kiss to the hinge of his jaw, just under his ear while Kurt runs his free hand up Puck's side and Puck swears to God he could die from this. "You need to tell us, Puck, c'mon, you gotta tell us." How the hell do they expect him to say anything? He can barely remember his own name right then.

"Move, please move, fuck it's good, it's fine, just God, please, I- just move." It's like they choreographed it; Kurt presses up when Finn pulls back and Puck is just there to ride it out. There's enough lube that it doesn't stick, but the feeling alone of being stretched so wide, of the dual stimulation against his prostate, the fact that they're both right fucking there. Puck can barely take it. He knows that his muscles are cramping and clenching and fuck he's going to ache tomorrow, but in such a good way.

Kurt leans up to kiss him, it's hardly a kiss, Puck's not that coordinated right then and Kurt just gasps into his mouth, leaning against Puck's forehead before Finn growls something and suddenly Finn and Kurt are kissing, right there by Puck's head and he totally understands what Finn's talking about when he says Kurt and Puck are hot together. It honestly doesn't take much of anything to get Puck off, Finn's hand wraps around his cock and strokes while Kurt flicks the bar through his nipple and tugs his earlobe between his teeth but honestly, its the snap of both of their hips upward at the same time time, pressing into him with almost too much pressure and Puck shakes apart with a cry that he doesn't even hear himself.

It feels like everything in his body tightens, from his toes to his jaw and Kurt thrusts a few more times before groaning against Puck's neck and following over. Kurt pulls out carefully, hissing slightly as he takes care of the condom and presses up against Puck, even as Finn bucks up, chasing his own orgasm and Puck presses back to the thrusts as best as he can with everything feeling heavy and tired. When Finn bites hard on Puck's ear lobe, Puck jerks just a little and then Finn's hand tightens as he groans out something that sounds like both Kurt and Puck's names.

Puck's sure that he loses some time, between Finn coming and everything slamming back at Puck, he's moved from one bed to the other and is held tightly to Finn's chest, with Finn's arm around his waist and Kurt lying on his side, facing Puck with a small, satisfied smile. Kurt raises a hand, stroking over Puck's hair line and Puck just presses into it, like a cat following the affection. Finn sort of laughs into Puck's throat, kissing it lightly. "We can make this work." Kurt whispers it, like anything too loud will break them or something. "We can manage it, I know it." And Puck's selfish enough to just nod, because they want to try again, and he isn't masochistic enough to stop them.

"I hear they have waffles on the menu for breakfast." Puck doesn't bother stifling a yawn at Finn's words, just wrapping his arm around Kurt to pull him closer and pressing back into Finn.

"That's nice, but unless they do them at lunch, I'm missing out." Because he sure as shit is not getting up before noon.