A Painted Story

Chapter 7: An Artist's Beginning.

Tim woke up to Jethro curled up around him and the sound of voices coming from his living room, his brows furrowed as he tried to figure out why he was in his bed in the first place, because the last thing he remembered was being at work.

"We have no choice Jimmy, we need to tell them, they can keep him safe"


"Are you saying I can't?"

That was Jimmy, for a moment Tim wondered what his Team's reaction would be if they heard the growl that came from the normally stuttering Autopsy Germlin.

"No we're not, we're just saying that it'll be better if you had extra help"


"What was….no" Tim paled as he remembered how he had lost it at Headquarters, how the walls he built had broken, "nonononononononono!"


Tim jumped when a hand came to touch his shoulder.

"Tim, are you alright?"


Raven smiled at him, before sitting on the bed.

"Are you hungry?" she asked, "there's a lot of food, Victor's been cooking up a storm since he's been here"


"Three days, you had a fever"

"Three days?! Oh god, my Team—"

"Know you're sick" Raven reassured, giving a soft pat on the man's shoulder, ignoring the flinch the action caused.


Tim looked at the doorway to see Jimmy standing there with a concern look on his face.

"Hey Jimmy" Tim greeted, he moved to get out of bed, swaying slightly when he stood.

"Maybe you should stay in bed" Raven suggested when she help steady him.

"I'm fine" Tim reassured.

The tired smile reassured neither Jimmy nor Raven.

"Up already?" came a deep but gentle voice behind Jimmy.


Victor smiled, petting Jethro who had hoped off the bed and demanded the man's attention.

"Ya hungry Tim?"

No, he wasn't but didn't want to burden the three anymore then he already was.

"Sure" Tim said.

Victor stared at him, before nodding and going to the kitchen, Tim followed with Jimmy and Raven hovering behind him. A bowl of broth was placed in front of him when he sat down.

"It'll be easier on your stomach" Victor said when Tim looked at him, "and you don't have to eat all of it"

Tim nodded.

Gibbs stared at the e-mail; a part of him hoped that it would give him all the answers to his long list of questions that had started since yesterday's incident.

He knew better.

Rereading the e-mail again Gibbs looked at the rest of his team, Tony was staring at his computer eyes going to the elevator every time it dinged opened, Ziva was reading a report, Gibbs had a feeling she had been reading the same line since she started.

"McGee won't be in today" Gibbs then said going back to his e-mail, he closed his current one and went through the rest.

"Does…Does it say why?" Ziva asked softly.

"Sick" Gibbs answered simply.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other, then back at Gibbs who was now glaring at his computer.


Tony never got to finish, as Abby came bouncing in.

"Gibbs! Gibbs!"

The Goth practically tackled the Agent as she rushed over to his side.

"What's wrong Abby?"

"Why didn't you tell me about Tim!?" the Goth demanded.


"Oh my god, please tell me he's not in a hospital"

"He's not, Abby calm down"

Gibbs gently sat the young woman down, he waited until she was calm before explaining.

"I don't know what happened, but McGee….McGee wasn't feeling well" he suppose that was the best explanation he could give, "and Jimmy took him home, I just go an e-mail that says he'll be out sick today"

"What kind of sick is it? Is it the kind sick that just needs rest and lots of Oj or the kind of sick that needs a hospital? Oh! It's not his sister again is it?"

Gibbs paused, for once without an answer.

"Abby" Ziva said coming over, "McGee is fine, and will be back soon, so please do not worry"

Abby nodded, though her hands were still fidgeting, "Okay"

She stood up from the chair, she then hugged Gibbs then Ziva, she made to go back to the lab when she stopped.

"I almost forgot I got a print and a match for your new case."

Gibbs nodded (their previous case was passed onto another team via the director's order and for once Gibbs didn't argue) and followed her down to the lab, when he got there on the large screen was a man with blonde hair and green eyes, for some reason the man remained him of McGee, but then again so did this morning coffee.

"Meet Jason Hardison" Abby said.


Jimmy stood at the edge of the Pen; he said nothing for a moment before speaking again.

"Can we talk?" he then asked indicating to the elevator.

The two Agents shot up from their seats and all but ran into the elevator, pushing aside an Agent that was about to get on. After giving an apologetic smile to the Agent, Jimmy stepped onto the elevator, once the door closed Ziva flipped the switch.

"Okay Gremlin, talk" Tony demanded, flooding his arms across his chest.

"It's a long story" Jimmy sighed, "but to make it short, Tim is in danger"

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