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The Bullies- Boys Like Us Don't Cry

From a small home, two kids' screams were heard. Inside, two little boys, one with black hair and one with brown hair, held each other, crying. Three large shadows, which belonged to three criminals, loomed over them.

One snickered. "What should we do about these kids, boss?" he asked the one closet to the children.

The other one had an evil look in his eyes, as he says, "I say we kill them now… They're nothing. They don't even matter, since their parents are dead." He motioned to the four lifeless bodies of both of the boys' mothers and fathers.

The leader sighed heavily, glaring at his lackeys with pure anger. "Fools…" he growled. "They're everything! Everything!" He kneeled down in front of the two boys, who shivered in fear. He continued, "They are the heirs of two of the most famous, and rich, families in the world… Although I heard they were adopted… of course, they matter!"

The younger boy with brown hair said in his shaken baby voice, "W-weave us… Weave us a-a-awone!" He was furiously shaking, pulling on the red bandana around his neck, and swallowing hard, his tears falling to the floor.

The leader leaned closer to them, cracking an evil grin. The older boy with black hair, slightly older, glared at the man with a sudden burning confidence. "You heard him! Leave!" He adjusted the blue goggles on his head, proving his point by huffing out a breath.

The lackeys chuckled sinfully at the boys.

The older boy blinked at them, anger washing over his face. His raven black hair suddenly started to rise, waving in the air. His ocean blue eyes flickered from their original color to a bright neon green, and then reverted back to normal. He glared at them in pure anger, gritting his teeth. Then, there was a sudden flash of light. His hair was now snowy-white, and his eyes were a bright green again. His goggles were now green as well.

The leader jumped back in shock.

The older boy stood, much to his friend's protests. "Leave… NOW!

Outside, screams were heard before an eerie green light engulfs the house. Then, there was silence again.

Inside the house, the three criminals lay on the floor, painfully bleeding to death. The now white-haired boy held his head, his eyes wide at the scene before him. He fell to his knees, as his altered features gradually changed back to normal. He turned his head a little, seeing his shaken friend. He crawled over to him.

The younger boy gazed at him in wonder, as he asked, "Are you alright? You're not hurt anywhere?"

The young boy blinked at him, his brown hair falling in front of his face. "How did ya… do dat?"

The older blinked in surprise. "What do you mean?"


He peered over his shoulder to see the criminals sprawled out on the floor, now completely dead. "I dunno, but…" He placed his hands on his friend's shoulders, staring at him, his face serious. "Look… um… look… we can't let anything like this happen again, okay?"

"Ya mean dat?" the younger pointed behind his older companion.

The older boy sighed, not looking back, while shaking his head in worry. "Yes…" he spoke sadly. "Look at me…" He saw that his friend was gazing at the dead people, horror again on his face. He shook his friend's shoulders, snapping him back to attention. "We're in this together. We're brothers now, and we have to stick together, got that?"

His young friend nodded.

He put his arms down on his knees. "We have to be strong… And for this not to happen—" He gazed solemnly back at the bodies, before turning back again. "—we can't get at-a-attached to people… That means we can't like anyone, got it? We can't."

"But—" The younger started to cry, tears flowing down his round face, his small buckteeth quivering.

The older put his hand up, reaching for his friend's small face. "And another thing…" He gently whipped away a tear. "Boys like us… don't cry. Don't…"

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