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"Artemis, do you want my lollipop?" Beckett inquired.

Artemis looked down in surprise. He had not even noticed that his brother had come in the room.

"No Beckett, I do not want your lollipop. Especially since it has already been in your mouth."

Beckett pouted. The little boy had taken the treat without permission and was hoping his brother could help him destroy the evidence.

"Why do you hate lollipops?"

Artemis was taken aback. He had not expressed his dislike for lollipops since the siege. He could not, however, deny his extreme abhorrence for the candy.

"They are nothing but pure sugar that provide no nutritional value and will rot your teeth out."

Beckett stared at his brother incredulously.

"Have you ever even tried a lollipop before?"

Artemis paused.

"No, I have never eaten a lollipop," he admitted grudgingly. Beckett shook his head slowly, a tragic expression upon his face.

"Artemis, there is no hope for you." He left the room still shaking his head, Artemis watching him go with one eyebrow raised.

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