She sat and watched them play. All four of them.

Her back garden, once a haven for adults, was strewn about with tricycles and dolls, bats and balls, and what seemed like a never ending stream of plastic somethings she couldn't even begin to place.

Amy smiled.

He might not have been able to give her back her own child, but he seemed determined to make up for it in grandchildren.

A small figure darted past her.

"Hey, mister," she called after him.

He skidded to a halt and spun round. "Yeah?" he asked around the chunk of apple in his mouth.

She pointed toward the apple clutched in his hand. "Finish that first." He scowled but climbed up into the empty chair she indicated.

They sat in silence for a minute, the crunching of his apple as he bit into it the only sound between them. After a minute she spoke again, indicating the apple. "Did your father do that?"

He pulled the fruit back and looked at it. "Nope. Mummy did." He took another bite.

"My mum did it for me when I was a little girl."

Amy turned to find River standing behind her, smiling down at her. "Smart woman, your mum."

River's smile grew wider. "I always thought so." She lifted her son up and sat down on his chair, pulling him back down onto her lap. She nuzzled her face in his hair for a moment before looking up to smile knowingly across at Amy. "Still a bit clueless about some things, though..."

And it was only right at that moment, watching her grandson biting into an apple with a face on it, that Amy finally really understood.

He hadn't failed at all.