Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. Mick/Gina fic.

I do not own this at all. Or else I wouldn't let anyone ever cancel it, and Gina would have more lines.

Hmmm the only warning so far would be slight language. Anyways here it goes.

Chapter 1.

Mick's POV

God... it was only suppose to be a fast normal tip follow-up. Get there, knock on the door, ask the normal questions, find normal things, and get out. Right now I should be on an aeroplane home, sleeping, catching up on paper work – anything but this. Feeling like rubbish in another strange hospital. Thinking things over a billion times a minute. I can't believe I ever let this happen.


"That's odd. The door is open. Shall we take a look love?" I whispered to Gina. As soon as she nodded I quietly let us in. With our guns drawn, we started to scan the the average guy's perspective the house looked normal. But the place had an particular disinfectant smell to it. Like cleaning products. There were dishes with food on them at the dining table near by. Half eaten pasta and wine. Someone apparently left in some sort of a rush. Gina and I made our rounds through the front half of the house, finding a load of clothing going through the washer, and another one in the dryer. Everything seemed like what you would find in a regular household, except people decided to leave in the middle of everything. We made our way to the stairs, and she pointed me upstairs. My heavy boots pounded on the staircase while she walked further to clear the rest of the house.

The first bathroom was clear. Hallway was empty. On the second door to the right, I picked up noises. Feminine whimpers muffed by a rag or a hand or something. Uneven shadows escaped under the door. Standing back I quickly kicked the door back. "FBI" There was a young girl maybe 20 to 25, brown hair, five foot four or five maybe. Probably brown eyes but she was blindfolded. Scared out of her wits. Just like the ones that have been missing. A man in his mid-30s stood behind her, holding a gun. By the looks of it he did not expect us here as much as we expected to find him. Crap. Can't shoot him because I would then have to shoot through the girl. But of course he can get to me. Also, it is just my luck Gina and I weren't expecting to find anything. This was just a tip. It is one in the afternoon, so Coop will probably think we took a lunch run too after this. I made a mental prayer to Gina to call for backup. If we are screwed then we are screwed with no backup coming.

This guy means business. His body spread out and lowered, and looking straight at me. If I didn't do something soon, his body language said he would attack. "Drop your gun or I shoot." The man roared. "Sorry mate. Can't do that until you drop yours." Ha. Like I have never heard that line before. I talked about how he doesn't want to do this, drop the gun, made him feel powerful blah blah blah. While doing so, I inched closer trying to get a shot. I love catching the bad guy, but this is a little early in the case. I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. We haven't even gotten started on the profile or anything. Suddenly a gunshot shoots through the air interrupting my rambling thoughts. Darn, too late.

Hello peoples,

CMSB seems to be lacking so I decided to finally write my first fic. Of course it is my favorite Mick and Gina. Hope you like this chapter. The story is probably going to be a short one. Maybe 3 or 4 chapters at the most? Anyways thanks for reading so far. Reviews are welcomed!