Chapter 7

Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. Mick/Gina fic.

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"Now you do know love, that you are never to do that ever again." I smirk but say quite seriously. "I do appreciate the gesture of course, but you know I'd rather myself die, then let you take the bullet for me."

Now it was Gina's turn to blush.

"Thanks Mick. That's sweet." She said softly, looking away. We then both stay there awkwardly for a minute.

"So anyways," I started, quickly trying to change the conversation. While I liked our little chat, I am not really a heart to heart type of person. "we caught the guy that shot you." Cringing, I muttered a quick "opps" and told her the girl we saved was okay. That was probably the wrong thing to say.

"That's nice." Gina said, raising an eyebrow. "I'm glad we got them." It is a good thing that she knows me.

"Beth, Prophet, and Coop were here." I also mentioned, trying to make up for the last awkward comment. "Coop made them both go home. We have a little vacation thanks to your little danger spree love. But they will be back soon."

She smiled at her little nickname. "That's good Mick. I'm glad you guys are all getting vacation out on my expensive." She teased back.

"Looks like you're good for something other then giving the team gray hairs and heart attacks eh?" I laughed back

"Thanks." She smiled. Shifting in her bed a bit, I saw her wince in pain.

"Eh you alright Gina?" I asked very concerned. I still couldn't help but think that this was all my fault.

"I'm fine." Gina said, mocking me. "Just a little bit sore. And don't look at me like that. It's just one shot…"

"and it was to the abdomen. Where you could of died." I butted in from my seat.

"and," Gina stressed, "I didn't die. And again, it's not your fault." She whispered softly, digging at me with her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah I know love. How can I not when you look at me like that. I'm glad your okay." I let out a small chuckle, smiling at her.

"Anyways I got you something, let me go get it." I walked quickly out into the waiting area and grabbed the gift where I left it. As I went back into the room, Gina giggled at my gift.

"Don't make fun of the bunny.' I teased. "Its name is Floppsey."

She giggled again. Subconsciously I decide that I really like her little laughs. "Wow for me? I never knew you had it in you." She mocked me.

"Love, you wound me." I laughed back, placing Floppsey next to her on her bed.

She reached a bit and grabbed it. "Thanks Mick."

Laying back down, she tried to stifle a yawn.

"Eh love, if you are tired, go to sleep." I lectured sternly.

"Well…" She tried to fight back.

"No arguments love. I'm going to be the most annoying partner the next couple of weeks so you better get used to it." I said harshly, while trying not to grin.

"Okay." Gina said softly, already falling asleep. Our whole conversation tired her out I guess. I looked at her, with her blond hair streamed down to one side of her face. Her bandages were still wrapped around her abdomen, but she had a bit more color to her face. Machines were still hooked onto her, but they were muted so you could barely hear them. And sitting by her side was the huge, purple Floppsey. While the next couple of days were going to be rough, and I knew that she would hate physical therapy and being out of the field for a couple of weeks; she was going to be okay.

After watching Gina sleep for a while, I slowly get up out of the chair and quietly leave the room. I feel a bit bad for leaving her, even if it is just for a second. However, I do go outside, rushing quickly so I could get back in there. The last time I left something big happened. Breathing in some fresh air, I get some kind of odd, giddy feeling, and pause to see that I am grinning idiotically. Even though I know I should be relieved that Gina is alive, I scold myself and get back to business. Taking out my phone, I dial it and it rings about three times before someone picks up. "Hey, Coop. She's okay."

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