"Whoa… nice hair Shige." Seiji commented. Shige grinned, running a hand through his recently dyed black hair. Seiji did the same. "Why the sudden change up? Your female fans might get mad." Seiji commented with a laugh. Shige shrugged. "Well then, and here I thought this made me look even more dashingly handsome then I was before." Shigeki shot back, as he joined in on the laughter. Seiji broke off, when they approached Tatsuya, preferring to bother Akira.

"Hey- Whoa." Tatsuya replied to Shigeki as he approached. "Yo!"

Shigeki replied, with a mini salute. Shige frowned slightly. "Is something wrong, Tatsu-bon?" He asked. Tatsuya shook his head. "It's just… your hair… it's different now…." Tatsuya commented slowly. "Why'd you dye it again?" He asked on a quieter note, as the other players filed by without giving them a second glace. Shigeki shrugged. "Who knows, a wind blew in telling me it was the right thing to do." He said, plastering a fake smile Tatsuya knew all too well. It was Tatsuya's turn to frown.

"So what's the real reason?" Tatsuya asked in a no bullshit way. Shige looked around. "Would it be silly to say I dyed to black once I knew Sho remembered who I was when he came back?" Shigeki offered up, in a way that made it seem like the truth, or possibly a lie. "You were actually worried that he'd forget you?" Tatsuya replied back, dryly, digesting Shigeki's reactions. Shige grinned. "I know I'm pretty unforgettable and all; I mean who wouldn't want to know me, right?-" Tatsuya put his hand up for silence. "So you were worried he wouldn't remember you." Tatsuya replied. Shigeki gave a single nod.

"I-" He stopped, trying to find the right way to phrase it. "It's weird to think about, but I really was worried that Puppy would forget me." Shigeki said simply. "It's stupid since we were such good pals and all, but with him leaving for Germany and probably bonding with all those soccer players, not to mention hanging with Ryoichi all the time I just…" He paused again. "I… I never wrote him the entire time he was in Germany. I know he sent letters addressed to all of us and all, but I never really replied back like you guys did." Shige admitted. Tatsuya nodded not being able to do much else. Shigeki never really opened up to anyone, not even him, so he was taken a bit off guard. "And all he really had to remember me by was my blonde, as you and several teachers said, obnoxious hair." He grimaced. "So until he came back I put off dyeing my hair back." Shige finished. Tatsuya shrugged. "Still doesn't seem your style, I thought you liked being the obnoxious blonde haired one." Tatsuya replied. Shige cracked a grin. "True, but change is good you know?" Shigeki gestured.

"Shige! Tatsuya!" Came a call from the nearby stadium. The duo looked up and saw the one and only wonder boy at the top of the stairs waving. "Come on, warm ups start soon!" He called urgently, as they both raced up.

"He seemed to recognize you well enough." Tatsuya mumbled, as they reached where Sho was. He stared, still slightly shorter then the other two. "I'm surprised you recognized him Sho, it even took me a minute to know it was him." Tatsuya said as the trio continued towards the field. Sho gave a little modest smile. "Shige will always be Shige, no matter what his hair color is." Sho replied, as he waved at another group of friends and was pulled away.

"Seems like that worked out just fine." Tatsuya mumbled, as he joined the others in stretching, leaving Shigeki with his thoughts.