My phone buzzed on my side table, it woke me up. I reached over and felt around for it. I found it. I flipped it open. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light the tiny screen gave. When I could read the words I could see it was from Him, I read the message: Happy Birthday Lovi! I looked at the clock on my dresser it was 12:01 on my birthday. I closed the phone and set it on the table, rolled over and went back to sleep. I had just fallen asleep when my phone buzzed again. I read the new message: If you're awake come out front, I want to give you your present! 3! I got up tiredly and trudged down the stairs and to the door. I unlocked it and went out to the driveway. His car sat there, I walked up to It, the ground warming my feet through my socks. I pulled the door open and plopped my butt in his passenger side.

"What do you want, I was trying to sleep." I said tiredly ruffled.

"Sorry Lovi, I just couldn't wait to give you your present." He said "oh mi dios, you are the cutest when you're angry!" he pulled my face toward him. And kissed me with the Spanish passion he was known for. "Your present has two parts. "Uno, this" and he handed me a report card I opened it and inside I had an A+ in his class and at least a B in every other class.

"Gracias" I said and waited expectantly for part two.

"The other part," he maneuvered so he was straddling me, "Is birthday sex." He kissed me again his hand crawled up the side of my shirt. Our mouths separated and he trailed kisses hotly down my neck his fingers fumbled with the front of his pants, I held his hands in mine, stopping him. I looked up at him.

"I'll get that later." I said flatly

"Why?" he asked visibly upset.

"I'm too tired, it won't be any fun."

He hugged me and smiled into my hair chuckling lightly

I shrugged and looked up at him "Oi, bastard, beseme."

A smile curled the edges of his beautiful mouth that was soon to be mine. He adored when I spoke Spanish, I think it seriously got him off. Our lips came together in a supernova of sexy Student/teacher forbidden love affair.

"Oh Lovi… I love you, Te Amo, Te Amo." He said after we'd parted

"Whatever," I said uncaringly into the warm niche of his neck

"Oh Lovi" he said disappointedly "can't you tell me you love me… just this once?"

"Love you too." I said forcefully "now can I go to fucking bed? We both have school in the morning."

"Would it kill you to say it like you mean it?" he sighed, jumping out onto the sidewalk

"It might," I mumbled before snatching the report card he'd given me off the floor of the car.

He snickered, "Lovi, can I come in with you?"

"No." I said, Feli and my grandpa were both home I couldn't risk them seeing him and asking questions.

"Why? … You still didn't tell them? Lovi…" he had begun following me toward the front door, he pinned me against the door and kissed me again hotly, passionately just like my sexy Antonio. I wiggled free and opened the door to the house. Feli was standing there expectantly.

"Who's outside Lovino? You smell like a brothel." If I could have lay down and died, I would have been quite happy to. Damn Feli for drinking soda at dinner. Damn him to the furthest Depths of hell! well maybe not, or I might have to spend eternity with him.

"Nobody." I answered simply, "I was, uh, sleepwalking, I should be fine now," I was not the best liar, I knew, and he knew just as well.

"That's funny, because I could've sworn I heard someone," he had an annoying way of seeming so innocent that you feel you have to tell him everything. I decided to play like my bullshit story was true.

"Really? Maybe you heard me, I heard that if you sleepwalk, you might talk in your sleep, as well."

"Maybe," Feli pretended like he believed me. "Are you going back to bed now?"

I nodded and hurried up the stairs, suddenly embarrassed anger flooded to the front of my brain, "And Feli…" he looked up at me in the middle if the staircase from his place on the first floor, golden eyes gleaming with innocence.

"Yeah Lovi?" he said in an expectant prodding way.

"Stay the hell out of my motherfucking business!" I hurried to my room so I didn't have to deal with the after math of my outburst.

I slept peacefully I wasn't haunted by the guilt of not telling my grandpa and Feli that I was gay for my Spanish teacher. If someone asked specifically why I was hesitant to tell them I would say, that Feli and grandpa are both perfectly fine with me being gay (they both are as well) however, I didn't think they'd be okay with me fucking my teacher to get a better grade. The report card that lay under my pillow proved that I was pretty damn good at fucking. (It didn't really say anything about Spanish, but…)

I woke up with the urge to pee, and wandered to the bathroom. I pissed and then came back to my room I found my phone buzzing.

I answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hey Lovi! I just wanted to let you know that I had a wet dream about you last night,"

I hung up. I got calls like that every once in a while, I've had wet dreams about him too, I don't call him up telling him. After I was dressed I went to school. I went through my classes in order. There wasn't much happening, it was a few days before graduation. In the class right before Spanish we took a pre-test. I was kind of looking forward to Spanish it was my last class and I was waiting for a birthday fuck.

Once the bell rang my heart jumped a little and I began to trot out, when the teacher called me back in. he asked me what my next class was I replied "Spanish, Carriedo," He smirked and watched the other students leave. I examined the teacher, he always seemed like a weirdo. I'd seen him hitting on some of the girls in my class, I don't know why nobody ever took his teaching license away. He had the most stupid accent dumber than mine and way dumber than Antonio's. I had actually begun to find Toni's voice exceedingly attractive. "What do you need Mr. B?" I asked in a very Feli- like way, after every kid had left and he was walking around the desks and pushing chairs in.

"Mr. Vargas" he addressed me in a dumbass way, "Mr. Carriedo told me what's been happening,"

… Oh shit…

My face was inflamed as I stuttered back, "Wh- what did h-he tell you!"

"That you have an F in Spanish… but you have an A+ in sex." He stated, very matter-of-factly.

"F-fucking bastard!" I slammed my fist into a desk.

"Don't take your anger out on school property." He said, but I wasn't listening, I was focusing on not letting the embarrassed angry tears fall. "Anyway, that wasn't the point. Point is, I want in. you aren't bad in my class. However, that B could easily be changed into an A."

What the fuck was he implying? "A-are you, asking me t-to…?" I let the question drop.

"I just want a taste, I would rather enjoy your plush lips." He laughed. I felt fucking helpless. I placed my hand on the handle of the door, to pull it open. But he stopped me, placing a hand over mine covering the whitening knuckles. "Leaving wouldn't be a very good idea." And for some reason, I didn't know how to protest.

I was scared.

"Fine." I resigned. "What do you want, you sick fucking son of a bitch?" I said as deadly as I could, in my embarrassed, angry, helpless state.

"Your lips," he sang accompanied by a touch to the body part in question. "Here," he continued with a touch to his zipper. I dropped my bag roughly to the floor and fell to my knees. My hands went to his belt as he relaxed slightly onto a desk. I pulled the pale flaccid cock from his pants. No time to care or be coy I stuffed the foul smelling thing into my mouth. I didn't do anything fancy, but I certainly had skills. There was no fucking doubt about that. Within a minute or two I had the messed up motherfucker, close to release.

My head bobbed strangely, he was somewhat some-what smaller than Antonio. Not only was it fucking nasty to have this foreign cock in my mouth, but it was so different from what I'd become accustomed to. I swirled my tongue expertly, and started to feel his cum spattering the inside of my cheeks. I pulled my head back and spat out the sick stuff. His voice sang out the pleasure. I stood, picking up my stuff, and strutted out the door with as much dignity as I could possibly muster. I threw over my shoulder, "I want an A, Mr. Bonnefoy." Normally I would've been trotting to Spanish class five minutes before. I instead walked purposefully out the door and away from the school.

Once I was a safe distance away, I let the tears that had been stinging the edges of my eyes fall. I clenched my fists so that only the bite of my nails into my palms kept my hands from going numb.

Why was it, that the only person I wanted to comfort me right now, was Antonio?

I wiped my face and started back to the school. I charged inside and shoved the door open, once he saw my face he rushed us both into the hallway.

"Lovi? Lovi, where have you been? What happened? Are you alright?" His hands grasped my shoulders fervently and he shook me slightly with a horribly distraught expression on his face.

"No." I said deciding to answer only his last question.

"Lovi! Whats the matter? Did someone hurt you? Who was it? I'll kill them! ¡vengence para el un amor de I!" he shouted triumphantly. I felt a tear fall down my face without my permission. The tear ended up soaking into the fibers of his shirt. "oh mi dios, Lovi, I've never seen you cry! What the hell happened? Please tell me!"

"M-Mr. B-Bonnefoy… h-he-" I began to sob into his shoulder that felt utterly like home. Warm, soft, safe and it smelled simply like Antonio.

"That miserable piece of shit. Tendré su cabeza en un palillo." He said venomously, with a face that could make grown men shit their pants. "Stay." He said turning on his heel and practically sprinting toward the antagonist.

I completely disobeyed him chasing after him. He bashed the door open and charged inside with a swinging fist. His first punch landed in the blonde bastard's face, his second in his stomach, followed by a knee to the groin. When the sonofabitch was groveling Antonio spat like a snake, "Don't you dare touch my Lovino again or I'll kill you. Usted pedazo de mierda." After he'd said this, as if to prove that I was his, he took my lips vehemently.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A few weeks later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'd been packed since the day after my birthday. Right after I'd graduated, Antonio and I were running away together, and the rest of the world could suck my shit. After the Graduation ceremony, which couldn't have gone on longer. Feli, grandpa and I all were on our way back to the house where my gorgeous Spaniard was waiting, leaning against the door.

"Mr. Carriedo?" Feli asked, his face looking even more shocked and stupid than normal.

Toni, nodded a smile playing about his lips, before he snatched me and kissed me as if to say, "here we are, love us or hate us, here we are." Feli stepped back, smiling shocked. "Go get your bags Lovi, we've got a plane to catch." I skipped upstairs ignoring the wayward glances of my family, and I came back down the stairs, a suitcase under each arm. I crammed them into the trunk of my Lover's car. Waved to my family and sat in his passenger side, ready to be out of here. He hopped in and we zipped off.

On the airplane, Toni's roaming hands earned him a slap on the wrist and a few choice words. Soon, we stood in front of the house. The beautiful villa in home- Italy. He dragged me inside and smiled while I scrutinized everything I could find the slightest fault in.

"So what do you think overall, besides your petty criticism?" he stated proudly.

"I think it's beautiful." I said with a hint of childish shyness.

"Wanna break it in?" he asked seductively wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me, in a way I wouldn't want to resist. He kissed my neck warmly before humming in my ear, "I love you, Lovino Vargas. Te amo tanto.

I finally realized why I wanted him to hold me when I cried, laugh when I was happy, calm me down when I was mad, tangle my sheets with me, and never leave me… I loved him, I loved him from the bottom of my heart. I loved him forever and always. I needed him forever. I needed to tell him I loved him… right now. "I love you too Antonio. No lies. No jokes. I love you. I'll love you forever. Ti amo così tanto."

So yeah, there it is, if you want to kill me, please reconsider. Trust me I wanted sex! But I just could not figure out where to put it. But all in all I think it sounds good. Not how I wanted it to but I felt like I made you all wait long enough! Thank you!